737 Max 8 leaves Madeira empty.

Boeing takes off with crew only

Boeing 737 Max 8 leaves Madeira Airport with only crew on boardThe Journal reports on the departure of a Norwegian Air plane from Madeira Airport with only the crew on board. This was due to the ban imposed by the European Union on the Boeing 737 Max 8 model operating EU airspace. This is the model which has been involved in two crashes in the last five months – the latest resulting in 157 fatalities on an Air Ethiopia flight on Sunday.

The decision was taken by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) after countries around the world banned the plane in their airspace.

The decision to ban the aircraft from flying in European airspace results in the isolation of the American aviation regulator (FAA), American airlines and the manufacturer, who insist that the Max 8 model is safe.

6 thoughts on “737 Max 8 leaves Madeira empty.”

  1. Don’t think so, as risking the lives of crew and whoever the plane lands on !!! Maybe the plane beat a time deadline or went to a destination where no restrictions existed.

  2. Too true. Do we know where it was destined ? Still think it was in breach of European regs unless it beat a time deadline or breached the regs. If the latter would probably be uninsured.


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