Brits in France hold back on residency

Expats hold back on French residency

Thanks to Peter for sending a link to The Local in France, reporting that with only a few weeks to go until Brexit, Britons in France are being urged to apply for their residency permits to secure their status and to avoid a bureaucratic bottle-neck later down the line. However, many are reluctant to do so.
The French authorities and the British Embassy have been pressing UK residents living in the country to gather the paperwork and send in their applications to their local prefectures. And in recent weeks, the growing prospect of a no-deal has created an even greater sense of emergency: if Britain stumbles out the EU without a deal, Britons in France will only have one year in which to obtain their residence permits.
There has been even more worry after a new law — covering the rights of Britons living in France in case of a no-deal Brexit — was passed in France last week.
The law said that a the required level of minimum resources Britons would need to meet in order to qualify for residency permit in France will be set in an upcoming decree. That has sparked yet more concern.

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