Algarve loses 250,000 UK tourists in 2 years

Algarve loses 250,000 British tourists in two years

The Portugal News reports this week that the Algarve has lost almost 250,000 British tourists in two years, according to the Algarve’s main hotel association AHETA.
Brexit, coupled with the devaluation of the pound are being hailed responsible for the drop in Britons in 2017 and 2018. The Algarve Tourism Board has said it will be reinforcing its investment in attracting the British market.

“Madeira suffers tourism blow”

The same newspaper headlined “Madeira suffers tourism blow with Germania Airlines bankruptcy”, reporting

Madeira has suffered another blow to its tourism after Germania Airlines declared bankruptcy Tuesday.
The Berlin-based airline became the third airline flying to Madeira to fold since 2017, taking with it 106,000 annual seats to the island.
The regional government has responded by saying, “naturally, it’s not good news” as the airline operated seven weekly flights to Madeira.during winter.

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  1. Don’t panic Portugal, the UK had its best summer since 1976, the British will be back, especially as you’ve been so decent about after Brexit arrangements and not indulged in the scaremongering that other EU countries have used.
    The people in the UK want Brexit, but are also worried, as all the negative reporting of Brexit and talking down of the country by the Government and the media to try to get people to change their minds, have had an effect on people’s spending.
    We still love Portugal very much 😍


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