Airport latest as flights cancelled

Airport latest: 2 flights cancelled, 7 diverted

Passengers wait at Madeira AirportMadeira Airport latest: The Diario reports that so far today, two TAP flights, to and from Lisbon, have been cancelled, and seven planes diverted to Porto Santo, all from different companies (Transavia, from Amsterdam, TAP coming from Lisbon, Condor from Munich, British Airways from London, Condor from Hamburg, Norwegian and TUI, both from Copenhagen). I was not aware that Porto Santo could accommodate so many planes?
All of them, with the exception of the TUI from Copenhagen, eventually diverted after long waits in the air in holding patterns. This was on account of the predicted strong wind that prevented them from approaching Madeira International Airport – the photo of delayed outgoing passengers is from the Journal.
The arrivals board only seems to show six planes diverted?

Madeira Airport arrivals board

Update 16.00: No improvement, still nothing landing. Another 7 flights diverted/cancelled since the 14.1o above.

Update 18.00: Still no flights landed, therefore none taken off, rather obviously!

Update 19.30: Flights beginning to land now, so looks better – at least for now

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  1. Head lines from JM madeira

    The wind begins to slow down early this evening and the situation in the area of ​​Cristiano Ronaldo Airport is expected to normalize at dawn.

    Predictions indicate that the weather will get worse and the wind will blow again strong during the afternoon of next Sunday and dawn on Monday.

    The forecast was announced by Vitor Prior of the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal.


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