Britons in EU “abandoned” in Brexit deal.

‘We are being abandoned’: Britons in EU on the Brexit deal vote

As newspapers continue to show their positions at the start of a critical week in Britsh politics, the Guardian runs a story on Britons in the EU, their problems, fears and concerns run the gamut, from the practical to the emotional and the existential to the deeply personal.
In advance of the Commons vote on Tuesday, some of the estimated 1.3 million British citizens living elsewhere in the EU worry they will lose their livelihoods because they will no longer be able to work across more than one country, or their professional qualifications may no longer be recognised.
Others fear they will have to refocus and rebuild businesses they have built up over decades, or are concerned they will not now be able to look after ageing parents in the UK. Emotionally, many feel a part of their identity is being amputated. Full story here, with examples of those that could be affected.

The UK enters a historic week with no idea how it will end

CNN carry the above headline, together with one of the best quotes on the subject: “We are going to live through an extraordinary week, writing an extraordinary page of our history, and not one of us knows the words on that page, what we will be reading on that page, in seven days’ time”.

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  1. (Background: I applied for Finnish citizenship within months of the referendum)

    When I read this I noted that, with the exception of two people who hadn’t been long enough in their respective countries to qualify for local citizenship, all the people interviewed were either still considering applying for local citizenship or had only just done so.

    Many of them had businesses or jobs that relied upon their EU freedom of movement.

    In other words, these are people who shouldn’t have taken the position that “everything will be alright”. So they are easy fodder for an article like this which, as usual, ignores the many people who did take precautions.

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