15 year-old girl assaulted by gang

Girl assaulted by youths outside Funchal school

Madeira Institute of Transportation and Logistics (IPTL) at Levada do Cavalo in Santo AntónioThe Journal reports that a 15-year-old girl was assaulted yesterday afternoon by several other youths. The violent attack took place near the Madeira Institute of Transportation and Logistics (IPTL) at Levada do Cavalo in Santo António. If I am not mistaken this is the building just beyond the Repsol fuel station as you head up to the Rapida on the dual carriageway above the main hospital in Funchal.
Contacted by the Journal, the director of the IPTL confirmed the assault on a minor student, and assured the newspaper that all due diligence was being followed. The young woman was apparently violently beaten with punches and kicks that caused several bruises on her body, especially to the head and torso. She was taken to the Emergency Department of Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital.
“It is something we regret, of course, but that is a bit beyond our control, because it was a situation that happened outside the school, in the vicinity of the Institute, and not in its interior” added director Paulo Moura. “Never inside the IPTL have we had cases of violence, and even in the immediate vicinity this is something that had never happened”.

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  1. You’ll think I’m crazy but I’m on holiday here as every January and today I saw in ground floor area of Marina Shopping 2 turtles possibly mother and baby in a small tank, the baby trying desperately to get out, out of a tank with nothing to provide a reason for living. The woman in the cafe says she feeds them, they belong to her boss. These turtles belong in the sea. Is there any organisation that can enforce this? A group of us were watching and found it upsetting. Can you help?

  2. Hope the bairn is alright. How awful to read about this in Madeira. We expect it where we live but not in our beautiful, safe bolt hole.

    Hope Madeira doesn’t lose its safe and secure atmosphere.

    Main concern is that this young bairn is alright.

  3. The youngsters in Madeira are subject to the same influences as kids in the UK. The same human emotions and social problems exist all over the place. Generally family ties seem stronger in Madeira because a) it’s a small island and b) the strength of people’s faith.

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