Norwegian Tall Ship Christian Radich returns.

Christian Radich Tall Ship in Funchal again

The Norwegian school ship Christian Radich arrives today in Funchal for the second time this year for a short one-night stopover and brings on-board 38 trainees. The three-masted sailboat was built in 1937, and in the last decade has functioned as both a “school ship” and a training ship for the Norwegian navy. During the winter period, it is currently occupied by Norwegian Navy trainees. In summer the ship is used for school and academic trips. The photo was taken during its previous visit on 24th November this year, when it was rather incongruously moored next to the brand new MSC Seaview cruise ship.
With a main mast of 37.7 metres, the Christian Radich is equipped with 27 sails making up a total of 1360 square metres of sail area and almost 9,000 metres of cable, which makes it almost unbeatable in Tall Ship races – the vessel is a regular participant in the official Tall Ship Races and has been first on several occasions.
In 1958 a documentary filmed aboard the same ship placed Madeira on the big screen in the then famous movie ‘Windjammer’. The documentary produced by Louis de Rochemont shows images of Madeira, port of call of the sailboat that same year and shows the course of 17,500 nautical miles (32,400 km) from the school ship since it loosened  moorings in Oslo to its destination, Bergen in Norway, via Madeira Island, the Caribbean, New York and Portsmouth.

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