December temperature reaches 27 degrees

Hottest December day for 150 years

temperatureThe Diario reports that, as correctly forecast here on Monday the weather has improved considerably today. The temperature has already exceeded 27ºC – in Lugar de Baixo, it reached 27.3 ° C, whilst in Funchal, temperatures recorded at the Meteorological Observatory peaked at 26.9 ° C. These figures mean that Madeira has enjoyed the hottest day in December for the last 150 years.
It appears that the “Sao Martinho Summer” traditionally associated with the festival of the same name at the start of November has arrived late, fuelled by winds from North Africa.
When the blog first picked up the forecast on Monday this week, one reader checked on Weather Underground and sent me in a screenshot of their forecast for the day!

7th Dec update:

There is a new historical record of the maximum temperature registered in Funchal during the months of December. At 13:50 today (7 Dec) the air temperature at the station of the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal reached 27.1 ° C, which is the highest ever in the Madeiran capital since 1864. Before, at noon, already the record reached this Wednesday had been matched (26.9 ° C).

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  1. My wife had last year been talking to Finns who had visited Madeira for many years Nov/Dec. They advised against being in Madeira any later (that year we left on 5.12 – weekly flight) than we were doing because it was always colder from around then.

    So she gave me my instructions accordingly.

    Greetings from a miserable, dark, drizly, +3C Helsinki!

    To quote Ken Dodd ”How lucky I am”.

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