Airport updates.

Airport back in action after visibility problems

madeiraisland.newsFor those wanting to keep up-to-date with the situation at the airport – or any other on-going news issues – the best way is to visit This automatically and immediately publishes any news feeds associated with the island. All the reader has to do is chose their preferred language.
Whilst the blog has manually published as many updates as it can, for those needing the very latest news this is another option – already today more than 50 news stories have been published on

3 thoughts on “Airport updates.”

  1. The best way to keep up-to-date with the situation at the airport is actually to go to the Arrivals and Departures web pages at the airport site.

    As that gives the picture at exactly the time you look at the page, it must, surely, be better than for those specific pieces of information.

  2. Mike – the airport website doesn’t tell you which cancelled/diverted flights have gone where. The news-feeds can tell you more information. In situations like today most people are looking at the incoming flight that corresponds to their outgoing flight, so really do need to know where that plane is.

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