Tropical Storm Leslie latest.

Tropical Storm Leslie latest. are predicting a wet and windy weekend ahead for the island, with Saturday currently looking like the worst day. Meanwhile the forecasters at the National Hurricane Centre are having problems predicting where Tropical Storm Leslie will end up – indeed in the latest report the forecaster complained last night:

clearly drew the small straw in having to make Leslie's forecast
tonight because this situation is resulting in one of the largest
guidance spreads I have seen, about 1000 miles on day 3 and over
2000 miles at day 5

7 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Leslie latest.”

  1. He has my sympathy! Leslie has been ‘ the joker in the pack’ as far as predictions go.

    ECMWF are still showing him passing over us Sunday but the UK Met Office and NHC are both agreeing on the Saturday ‘U’ turn and decay so at least we are starting to see a bit of consistency
    I’m off to find a new pine cone and piece of seaweed !!

  2. Nice to have educated comments – Jamie M you sound like you know what you are talking about. Always amazes me the number of different spellings for Leslie- we also have a male and female versions… will that mean there’s a new spelling per strom; Lesly for example?

  3. On a separate point, went to Curral das Freiras today. Nice new tourist info office opened by Uncle Bertie 2 years ago has closed down!

    Noticed that the very high clouds were moving at quite some speed. I guess the storm approaching has something to do with that.

    Hopefully we will get away on Friday eve, fingers crossed.

  4. I’m not sure any of us know what we are talking about with Leslie Jayne he’s a storm capable of creating a Michael Fish moment on an hourly basis. Already today he has gone from doing a handbrake ‘u’ turn on Saturday to more like an icy road skid – taking a side swipe at us on Sunday. names_history.shtml has all the facts about storm names. Apparently it’s a very strict protocol based on a six year list rotation.

    Maurice have a good flight I’m due in as you depart (Sw’ly 10 kts fingers crossed)- dare I risk saying ‘the calm before the storm’ !!

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