Heavy rain reaches “Red” level. Video.

Heavy rainfall reaches “Red” level in Monte

Heavy rain reaches red level in MonteThe Diario reports that so much heavy rain was recorded across the island this morning that it ended up reaching the “red” warning level at the Monte meteorological station, where it exceeded 60 litres per square metre within a six hours period. The rain was incessant since the middle of the night, with peaks of severe intensity, and ended up reaching very significant quantities all over the island, but particularly in the highlands above Funchal. Here, between 4 am and 10 am, the automated weather station at Monte saw the highest levels, registering 60.3 mm / 6 h. Of the 18 localities equipped with automatic meteorological stations on the island of Madeira, Monte was the one with the highest amount of precipitation, followed by other high stations located nearby and along the mountains of Funchal, notably Pico Alto.
Peter sent in a link to a video on YouTube, captured this morning by Rubina Coelho, of Rua de D. João, in Funchal, as levadas overflowed above:



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