LBGTI “exodus” from Madeira. Astronomy more popular.

LBGTI insecurity in Madeira.

The second “Funchal Pride” event took place at the weekend, attended by differing numbers of people depending on which report you read. Interestingly, spokesperson Emanuel Caires, quoted in the Journal, complained that transsexuals were being discriminated against in the archipelago – not by the community at large, but by the public authorities. Their treatment “is not happening in the best way” in the autonomous region, because the public service of endocrinologia “is not working as it should”, which forces transsexuals to use the private health service for the care they need.
In addition to the difficulties of access to medical care by transsexuals, Emanuel Caires warned of the “exodus” that affects the LGBTI + population in the autonomous region, especially the youth, due to “prejudices” and “insecurity”. “We know that there is a great tendency for LGBTI youth to settle in other cities in Portugal, outside Madeira and Porto Santo, so that they can be themselves, because there is, in fact, great insecurity in the region, an insecurity that is familiar, social, professional, an insecurity that is everything and anything else, “he said, adding that” more support “is needed from the official entities.

Summer Astronomy Program success

The Associação de Astronomia da Madeira has released a report on the activities of the Programa de Astronomia de Verão 2018, revealing that Madeira is increasingly interested in observing the stars. During the summer of 2018, 13 observation sessions were held, involving a total of 1,617 participants – 800 more than the previous year, with an average of 124 participants per session.
The eclipse of July 27 was the astronomical phenomenon that most people attended with around 800 people.

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