Porto Santo ferry stop? Better weather.

Porto Santo seeks Armas ferry stop

Porto Santo ferry stopThe Journal reports that the movement “Mais Porto Santo” has challenged the Regional Government to add the smaller island to the ferry route in 2019 and 2020. In a statement it said the objective was to “minimise the collateral damage it is causing to the tourism and economy of Porto Santo”. The More Porto Santo movement claims that the ferry inherently promotes the larger island at a cost of €25,000 per week to regional taxpayers (that figure seems very high?). They do not make it clear whether the dock in Porto Santo is capable of receiving the Naveira Armas ferry, but in principle it could attract more tourists to the island as a two destinations package could be promoted.

Holidays more expensive post-Brexit

The Mirror has an alarming report that Brexit could drive up cost of overseas holidays by more than £200, say experts. New analysis from the People’s Vote campaign today reveals that the average cost of holidays to Brits’ favourite destinations will increase by up to £239 because of a disorderly and chaotic Brexit.

Good weather to continue

After a relatively disappointing July, with a lot of cloud covering the Funchal area in particular, the weather seems set fair for the next week – at least according to the BBC:



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  1. Who are these so called ‘experts’? Prices are driven by supply/demand and not costs – at least that is what I was taught many years ago. Just another scare story without accompanying evidence.

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