Airport problems. Emergency admissions. Porto Santo demand.

Airport problems

Complications at the airport this morning with in the order of 30 km per hour affecting landing operations. There are three planes that have turned around and five have already diverted to alternative desinations. So far only two flights have landed, both from Paris. The northerly wind is expected to continue throughout the day and is forecast to increase in intensity from 11 o’clock. A slowdown is expected from midnight, according to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere. There is a link to the airport website on the Useful Links tab above.
Midday: things look to be returning to normal, with flights landing in the last hour. In the meantime their have been a number of incoming fights cancelled, notably a couple of easyJet flights from Gatwick  – easyJet always quickly cancel at the slightest hint of any problems in Funchal. Must be particularly frustrating for passengers stuck there knowing that had they taken off they would have made it.
Tuesday evening: all fine

Emergency admissions rise in the heat

Emergency admissionsBoth the Diario and Journal feature prominently reports that the number of emergency admissions to “A&E” at the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital, has increased in recent days due to the high temperatures. The main hospital on the island registered  more than 1,200 emergency consultations between August 3 and August 6,. Most were people over 65 years of age with signs and symptoms associated with the heat, which is set to continue – a yellow warning remains in place for the whole of the island. Below is the latest outlook from IPMA:

IPMA forecast for Funchal

Additional trips to Porto Santo

Porto Santo Ferry - the Lobo MarinhoToday is officially “Porto Santo Day” with various events being held to celebrate the occasion. Coincidentally Porto Santo Line have announced additional sailings for the Lobo Marinho, just for tomorrow, 8 August, “due to strong demand”.
Extra trips will take place at the following times:
Funchal – Porto Santo: 8:00 am and 15:00 pm.
Porto Santo – Funchal: 11:30 am and 8:00 pm.




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  1. I think the extra sailing this evening is partly due to stranded passengers from the Manchester flight who spent the night in the airport before transferring this morning to a hotel and being advised they were to be ferried to Funchal this evening.

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