26 flights cancelled. Blog changes.

26 flights cancelled

Airport - emptyThe Diario reports that the strong winds yesterday caused a total of 26 flights to be cancelled at Madeira airport. Once again we have first-hand experience of passengers swearing that, whilst the love the island, they will not return. Some regular visitors were on their second such experience in just five months. Ironically Miguel Albuquerque, President of the Regional Government, was unable to travel to Porto Santo to attend the Porto Santo Day ceremonies.
To quote directly from a previous post earlier this year there is a partial solution to a problem that is not going to go away:
Obviously nobody can “fix” the weather, and equally it is unlikely that safety restrictions will be loosened to allow planes to land in stronger winds. But equally you have to accept that  cancellations inevitably discourage potential visitors to an island that relies almost exclusively on them. The second possible outcome, which has already been mooted by regional politicians, is that airlines will be less inclined to fly here if their schedules and finances are adversely impacted by the chaos that ensues from the airport being out of action.
What is required to allay these fears is a “Plan B” in the event of the closure of Madeira airport to reassure both visitors and airline operators that there is a chance of arriving at their destination. The only feasible one has been promoted here before and, at the risk of overdoing it, is repeated again: Increase the capacity at Porto Santo airport by constructing additional stands and adding more tarmac – easily and cheaply done. Use the Porto Santo ferry to move passengers from Porto Santo to Madeira, possibly docking at Canical to allow coaches to take over and allowing the ferry to return more quickly for the next trip.
In 90% of the instances when Madeira airport is closed by cross-winds from the mountains, Porto Santo remains open due to its flat topography, just 50 km away.

This morning (Wednesday) everything seems to be coming and going at the airport on schedule.

Blog changes

Blog clip artPlease be patient as a major overhaul of the blog is implemented and the website could misbehave occasionally. This is not from choice, but is required in order to remain compatible with WordPress, which has been used here for approaching ten years. A huge upgrade to this software, due to be released shortly, has enforced changes in order to maintain search engine results. As a first step the layout has changed to two-column instead of three, meaning that a number of links have moved to the right and the bottom of each page.

6 thoughts on “26 flights cancelled. Blog changes.”

  1. Hi having visited the island well over 30 times and had delays several times, the worst option is to be put on the ferry- This happened to us last year, we were taken to the ferry in very rough seas with lots of passengers being ill, only to find that we then had a free for all to get on to coaches and instead, as we thought being taken to our plane we were dumped at a small hotel for the night- next day planes were landing in Funchal so we could have stayed in Funchal and out plane picked us up the next morning. Our daughter with another airline just spent another night in Funchal.
    In March this year we were on one of two jet two planes that landed on that day in a force 45 gale-well over the current recommended limit, how the Captain got us in I don’t know, but not an experience I would like to have again.
    I am happy to have to delays and spend a night extra waiting for a safe flight- we will certainly be continuing to come to Madiera but not if the ferry is an option or the planes allowed to land in higher winds than currently allowed

  2. I wish they would listen to people like you Tobi. Or maybe they are, who knows ?

    I’m sorry to say I am one of those frequent visitors for the past 11 years who has been following the chaos and was directly involved in it a few months back, who is now reluctant to book again.

    We do have a timeshare in December so we are committed to that for a few years yet, but I don’t think we’ll be booking any other holidays in Madeira till something is done. And by then we we will probably be going elsewhere.

  3. Madeira has only half it money to build new hospital and it much needed. 10 years waiting for knee op and I known people waiting 5 years on a back op. The airport when it was extended the old part half owned by the government the new other half was with private money. Even this blog said suggestions of using money from hotels. Portugal as well as Spain etc has bring in Tourist tax to improve standards. Portugal been sensible their tax is low. You cant compare Islands to Main land as money is tighter as well

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