Fire risk elevated. New hospital. Atlantic Festival highlights.

Fire risk warning

Fire risk - fire fighting equipment on standby It’s getting to that time of year again!
The Journal reports today that IPMA, the Portuguese Met Office, has placed the municipality of Santa Cruz at a very high risk of fire. They have also classified some areas of the municipalities of Machico, Funchal and Porto Santo as presenting high risk today. On the mainland, 30 municipalities have also been placed at high risk of fire.
The fire risk determined by IPMA encompasses five levels, which  vary between “reduced” and “maximum”. The calculation is based on the values ​​observed at 13.00pm each day relative to air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and amount of precipitation in the last 24 hours. The general weather forecast for the Madeira archipelago today has periods of overcast sky and weak to moderate wind from the north quadrant, being from the west quadrant in the highlands. In Funchal and Porto Santo temperatures will range between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

New hospital – plans accelerated

Artists impression of new hospitalThe same newspaper reported yesterday that the Vice President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Pedro Calado, has revealed that the executive will accelerate the expropriations for the construction of the new hospital, which is why he included an extra €5.5 million in the budget. Pedro Calado was speaking at the Commission on Economy, Finance and Tourism on proposals to amend the “Program of Investment and Development Expenses of the Autonomous Region of Madeira for 2018 “, to be debated by the Legislative Assembly on Thursday.
He justified the presentation of the Budget for 2018 with, among other things, the “need to introduce the multi-annual charges that have to do with the construction of the new central hospital of Madeira”. “We will increase the value of the expropriations in a further €5.5 million, which is very positive,” he added.

Atlantic Festival highlights

The exellent Manuel Henriques, of TurTV Audiovisuais e multimédia has posted a “highlights” video on YouTube, incorporating the best of the four firework displays held in June.

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