Ronaldo tax settlement includes suspended sentence. New bust.

Ronaldo accepts suspended sentence

Ronaldo new bustAccording to El Mundo, Cristiano Ronaldo has reached an agreement with the Spanish Attorney General to solve the problems he has encountered with the Spanish tax authorities. The Madeiran has accepted a suspended two-year prison sentence, which will be replaced by a fine of €18.8 million.
The 33-year-old, currently starring in the World Cup, is unlikely to serve time in jail, however. In Spain, a sentence of under two years for a first-time offence can be served on probation.
Ronaldo, who is accused of evading €14.7 million in taxes, has previously denied all the allegations through his agents. This amount pertained to the period between 2011 and 2014 and relates to image rights. If he did not reach an agreement and was tried in court, a real conviction could follow. According to El Mundo, the amounts claimed by the Spanish Treasury would then increase, and, in the worst case, reach €100 million: more than six times the amount claimed by the Treasury. On the other hand, if the footballer were declared criminally innocent by the court, the Tax Agency would still continue to try to recover the missing taxes through administrative channels, in which case more than €30 million could be involved. Either way, Ronaldo had every interest in getting a deal.

Mystery new bust appears at airport

Ronaldo with old bustMeanwhile social media is in fits over a new bust (above) that has appeared, largely unannounced, replacing the controversial original (pictured here with the player).
The Diario reports that after so much criticism surrounding the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo at Madeira Airport, a new one was suddenly in place on Friday morning from another, apparently Spanish, author.

Meanwhile, Hugo Aveiro, the brother of Cristiano Ronaldo who runs the CR7 Museum, said that this new bust is better than the first, which became controversial because it is not like the best player in the world. “This bust is better than the other, is what we think, he and I [Cristiano Ronaldo]” he said. He revealed that the first bust, which was removed from Madeira Airport, will “be stored in the museum’s office”.
Regarding the fact that Emanuel Santos, the Madeiran sculptor, had not been informed about this replacement, Hugo Aveiro told the Diario that “they had nothing to report”, because the bust belonged to the family.”He did the work, was paid for it and as a Spanish sculptor offered this new bust that was well done, we decided to change. If he was caught by surprise, it’s his problem”, he said.

The President of Madeira has also become involved, pointing out that the management of the airport is administered by Vinci, and that  the French company should clarify what has happened with the withdrawal of the work of Emanuel Santos, the Madeiran sculptor of the original.

Emanuel Santos, featured on the blog here, together with a link to a video interview, said this morning that he had not been informed of the withdrawal of his work and was saddened by what had happened. After learning about this replacement, the sculptor went to Madeira Airport to verify with his own eyes what had happened. Love it or hate it, the truth is that anyone who passed through Madeira had to take a photograph next to the infamous original (watch the video on the link above – you really feel for the guy!).

A public petition for the return of the original bust has been started ans has already received 500 signatures.

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