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Madeira demographics

Demographics graphicMany thanks to Mike who sent me a link to an interesting article published earlier this month detailing the breakdown of the demographics of the archipelago. The Jornal Economico headline reads “Madeira represents 2.5% of the population of Portugal, Region loses inhabitants in six counties”.

The population of Madeira represents 2.5% of the population of Portugal, with its 255,650 inhabitants. The most populous municipality is, by a wide margin, Funchal (105,188) followed by Santa Cruz (43,976) and Câmara de Lobos (34,147) says the study that is referred to in the study they refer to, Retrato da Madeira do Pordata. Between 2001 and 2016, six of the 11 counties of the Region lost inhabitants.

Between 2001 and 2016, only Funchal, Santa Cruz, Ponta do Sol and Porto Santo registered an increase in the number of inhabitants. Of note, the Santa Cruz region had a remarkable increase in its residents. Ribeira Brava maintained its number of inhabitants practically identically, whilst the remaining municipalities had losses in their number of inhabitants.

Porto Moniz is the municipality with the lowest population of 2,404, followed by Porto Santo (5,174) and São Vicente (5,178). Above the 10,000 inhabitants are Calheta, Ribeira Brava, Machico, Câmara de Lobos, Santa Cruz and Funchal. The article also looks at population density, with Funchal leading with 1,381 inhabitants per square kilometre, followed by Câmara de Lobos (655) and Santa Cruz (540). Porto Moniz (29), São Vicente (66), Santana (73) are on the reverse side of this table. Only Funchal, Santa Cruz, and Câmara de Lobos are above the average of the Region, which is located at 319 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The demographic study shows that Madeira represents 1.5% of the foreign population resident in Portugal with 6,049 inhabitants. The majority (3.661) are in Funchal. In four municipalities (Funchal, Porto Santo, Machico, Câmara de Lobos), between 2001 and 2016, saw a drop in the number of the foreign population.

Authorised burning causes alarm in Monte

Smoke in Monte viewed from FunchalThe Diario reports that intense smoke that occurred in the parish of Monte yesterday causing some alarm locally. The smoke was visible throughout most of Funchal, and some thought it was a uncontrolled fire and raised the alarm. However, several elements of the Firefighters Sapadores of Funchal were already in attendance as the smoke came from an authorised burn which they were monitoring.

Jet2 flights available

Jet2 logoJet2 flights to and from Madeira are now available to book right through to November 2019 – the company seems firmly committed to the island as a destination, and presumably is doing well since the demise of Monarch last year.

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