Helicopter manoeuvres. Terrorism warning.

Merlin helicopter manoeuvres

Merlin helicopter at Madeira AirportThe Journal reports that an EH-101 “Merlin” helicopter belonging to the 751 Squadron of the Portuguese Air Force is currently conducting manoeuvres at Madeira Airport. They are part of a training and simulation exercise for the crew. This Merlin is usually stationed at the Porto Santo air base, from where it undertakes various rescue and surveillance missions off the Madeira Archipelago. The same crew and helicopter are also responsible for the transport of patients between Porto Santo and Madeira.

Journal headline : Ronaldo 4; Messi 0

The same newspaper reports that the aggregate score now reads Ronaldo 4; Messi 0 after the Madeiran scored the solitary goal in Portugal’s  2nd match in the World Cup earlier this week, adding to his openings match hat-trick. Messi’s Argentina lost 3-0 to Croatia, thereby leaving then reliant upon other results to progress to the knock-out stages.
Portugal’s next match, and final group game, is against Iran next Monday evening – it will presumably be aired on the large screen in the Praça do Município in the centre of Funchal (can’t confirm this 100%).

Mainland Portugal at “moderate risk” of terrorism

Tourists in LisbonPortugal continues to have a moderate risk of terrorist attacks, but the US embassy in Lisbon has issued warnings to Americans residing in Portugal or those who travel as tourists to Portuguese territory to be beware of possible attacks.
Experts confirm that there are real threats, even though Portugal presents fewer risks than other European countries. The embassy recommends redoubled attention in the busiest areas of Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve. Public places like schools, hospitals, churches, tourist places and transport hubs are cited as the most vulnerable points.

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  1. What is the weather like in Funchal right now – I have been in touch with a friend there who says it is disappointing for this time of year, and another who says it is great? We arrive next week.

  2. Hi Kathy

    The weather has been cloudy at the airport today. The weather in Porto Moniz was stunning – clear skies, Funchal mixed. I think the weather has been confused and generally slow to pick-up this year.

    Hope this helps


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