BA expects growth. Car hire. Cookies.

BA to expand presence in Madeira

BA to expand in MadeiraAccording to RTP Madeira, BA will maintain their five weekly flights this summer, delivering 30,000 tourists to the island.  As of winter,  the TV station’s website says that British Airway’s “expectation is to carry 20% more passengers, totalling 42,000 seats put up for sale” (not sure about the maths here?).
RTP note that this is at a time when overnight stays from the British market fell by 9.5% (although their source for this figure is not given). They report that the decline is recorded across all regions of Portugal and is presumably attributed to Brexit, a weak pound, and the demise of Monarch meaning fewer cheap seats being available. This is on top of declines of as much as 13% recorded in 2017 in the Algarve in particular.
I notice one of the political parties here during the last week has been saying that the tourist  authorities in Madeira have not noticed, or reacted to, an unexpected downturn in the tourist market recently.
Interesting article on the FlightGlobal website, detailing no less than 37 airlines that failed world-wide in the first 8 months of last year (co-incidentally 39 new airlines started up).

7M car hire

7M car hireSomebody else who has faith in the tourist market expanding is local businessmen Roberto Silva, who yesterday opened a new car rental agency on the Estrada Monumental opposite the Forum Shopping Centre in Ajuda. Open 7 days a week and nearly 12 hours a day, the agency will initially employ 4 people which “is likely to grow up to 10  in a short time”. 7M plans in the near future open a point near the airport, and ‘will have a van to transport customers to the point of hire’. At the moment 7M has at its disposal 42 cars, some of which have been in evidence around Funchal recently, and next week another 18 arrive. The business will also have 30 bikes and 30 – 40 bicycles.


cookies iconApologies for the “Cookie” notices that have started popping up on this website – all part of the strict new European requirements governing data privacy. Bit of a nuisance, but most visitors should only have to click once on their first visit. On the plus side we hope to finally implement a major development that has been taking place here over the next few days.

4 thoughts on “BA expects growth. Car hire. Cookies.”

  1. 42,000 seats. 85,7% occupancy rate. (1 in 7 empty – hope the mental arithmetic is right!) = 36,000 passengers which is a 20% increase on the present 30,000 people they take to Madeira.

    Of course it could just be someone who thinks of a number (here the increase) and doubles it …

  2. About the cookies: the notification here is discreet, no problem. Some sites have a cookie notification that fills the whole screen.
    About the privacy rules, we are now in a hotel in Rotterdam and wanted tp give our passport to the receptionist, but he said, No, we cannot touch passports anymore, look at them if we feel we have to, but take them, no way. Because of the new privacy rules.
    So I wonder how Portuguese hotels will handle that, they have always been keen on taking them and making a copy.

  3. That seems odd. All establishments who provide accommodation to tourists have to send passport details to Fronteiras within three days of guests arrival. Passport number, date and place of birth, nationality , current residence .

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