Porto Santo beach controversy.

Green Party condemns beach reclamation

Porto Santo beachPorto Santo beach: The Diario reports this morning that the Greens Party have issued a press release condemning the work being carried out in the dune belt along the beach in Porto Santo. “After the sea storms that have strongly affected the dune strand of the beach of Porto Santo, dragging a substantial part of the beach sand and the primary dune into the sea, what remains of the line of dunes is now being threatened by a disastrous intervention, (by), according to local sources, a hotel group on the island ” it says.
It appears that the Green Party have been alerted by local ecologists, and have not only strongly condemned what they describe as “an environmental crime” but demanded that it is halted immediately. The party goes on to say that it will require “explanations for the protection of the environment, through the Parliamentary Group of CDU in the Regional Assembly of Madeira”.”The beach needs recharging with sand, but this can not be done at the expense of the string of dunes which require intervention, through the placement or retaining of inert structures, to restore the primary dune,” concludes the press release.

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