Marmeleiros hospital. Ronaldo. Classic cars.

Hospital dos Marmeleiros €1m revamp

Marmeleiros Hospital exteriorPicking up on a comment on the previous post by Maurice, the Diario has published a sequence of photos showing the rather dilapidated  (to say the least!) condition of the Marmeleiros Hospital. Not all readers may be familiar with the name, but most visitors to the island will have noted the building, which has a prominent position in Monte – clearly visible from most of Funchal, but particularly so when approaching the city on the Rapida. Originally known as the Hospital da Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Funchal (Hospital of the Holy House of Mercy) it was built in the early 1930’s and by the looks of it has not seen a lot of work since.
Marmeleiros Hospital interiorRegional authorities have announced rehabilitation works that will take place in two phases. The first starts on 11 June and will focus on the exterior structure of the building. The second phase will takes place in the first quarter of 2019 and will involve the entire interior. The work represents a Regional Government investment of more than €1 million. Facilities at the hospital have been criticised by users and visitors for some time, with the structure letting in water regularly, and the equipment and furniture being outdated. There are more photos here.

Ronaldo aims to add 5th Champions League triumph

Cristiano RonaldoFox Sports report that Cristiano Ronaldo has responded to his worst run of domestic form at Real Madrid with a record-smashing scoring streak in the Champions League. And in tonight’s final the Madeiran can join the club’s iconic forward Alfredo di Stefano on five European Cup triumphs. Ronaldo, now aged 33, leads the competition’s scoring charts for a remarkable fifth year in a row and a goal against Liverpool in Kiev will see him surpass Di Stefano and become the only player to score in four European Cup finals.

(Saturday night: CR7 duly added to his tally of medals as Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3 – 1 in a match where Gareth Bale, coming on as a sub, eclipsed his team-mate, and the Liverpool goalkeeper had a howler).

The annual Madeira Classic Car Revival takes place today and tomorrow in Funchal. Around 600 vintage and pre-1990’s vehicles including cars, motorbikes and bicycles will be exhibited at the event with prizes being awarded for the quality of each vehicles restoration.
Tomorrow,  Sunday 27th, the Classic Car Race or ‘Rampa dos Barreiros’ will take place starting at 11:00 with competitors driving through Funchal. The race finishes at approximately 13:15 with the winners being announced later in the afternoon. This race is historically important as it commemorates the first major race, the ‘Rampa dos Barreiros,’ that was held on the island in 1935.

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