Cheaper & faster internet. Jardim tribute.

New submarine cable

Internet cable mapFaster and cheaper internet: The Diario leads today with the news that the archipelago will enjoy cheaper and faster internet connection with the signing this week of a €13.6 million contract for a new sub-marine fibre-optic cable connecting to the continent. The newspaper suggests a saving of €200 on an annual bill. No idea on the timescale for the installation, or the likely introduction of the reduced internet charges.

Painted door honours Jardim

Alberto João Jardim

A newly painted door is joining all the others in the Old Town, this one paying homage to Alberto João Jardim. The painting is on a door in Rua de Santa Maria, at “Maracuja da Poncha”, and will be completed later this month. Not sure if this might be tempting fate, as the former President was a controversial figure, and political opponents might be tempted to embellish the artwork.

Flower Festival ends

Flower Festival endsCristiano Ronaldo’s sister has shared a photograph on social media showing the floral decoration installed in front of her brother’s “CR7” hotel. The Journal reports that Katia Aveiro thus joins her brother in promoting  the charms of Madeira, on the day when the Flower Festival ends 2018. “My island is beautiful,” wrote the sister of the player in the description of photograph.

9 thoughts on “Cheaper & faster internet. Jardim tribute.”

  1. As far as I can see (from the photo), our Admin is stretching things a bit too far when he writes that the floral decoration is “in front of” the CR7 hotel.

    “near” or “close to” might be more appropriate!

  2. I am (or was) a computer guy …. “pretty much” doesn’t satisfy my Yes/No (1/0) requirements as far as “in front of” goes 🙂

  3. The announcement of a new cable to improve the reception of Madeira
    Broadband, if it follows the same path as the “mythical Ferry” we might get an improved telephone reception as well, but in what century……

  4. Alex we’ve just converted to 120 Mb in Madeira. We could have had double that speed. I only get 40 Mb in England. Our villa is in Estreito da Calheta.

  5. I think the “mythical” ferry will be used to lay the cable!

    Joking apart I had heard that new fibre optic links were to be laid.

      • Yes you are right, the Ellalink cable was supposed to have a spur diverting fibre-optic cable access to Madeira. What this new one is doing I don’t know, and what is even stranger is that EEM is the one that is signing the contract for a fibre-optic cable when it is not even in the communications market. I think the Diário must have got its cables crossed again.

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