Airline behaviour. FC Porto.

Transavia dump passengers

Transavia planeA rather alarming story is coming out of the latest batch of flight cancellations at Madeira Airport. On April 24th three French travellers arrived at the Airport, to find that their scheduled Transavia flight from the island back to Paris via Porto had not managed to land. They expected to be put in a hotel by the airline but were told by the handling agent that the next flight back to Paris would be on the Friday, and that they should organise their own accommodation at their own expense until then. The situation was complicated by strikes in France at the time, but it is the first instance I have come across of airlines not accepting responsibility for passengers whose flight has been cancelled. Combined with the number of flights that have been affected this year, it is another alarming trend that if widely repeated will deter tourists from visiting Madeira when arrivals and departures are so uncertain.

Porto fans celebrate in Madeira

Porto fans in FunchalFC Porto fans in Madeira celebrate last night after their rivals Sporting and Benfica tied 0-0 in the Lisbon derby, handing the national league title to Porto, who have been without any trophies for four years. A YouTube video shows them celebrating on the Avenida do Mar.

Nacional promoted

Still with football, Nacional of Madeira today secured the 2nd Division (II Liga) title, in addition to promotion to the premier division next season, which had been technically secured by the defeat of rivals yesterday. Their game at was watched by many of their supporter at Praça Amarela in the centre of Funchal. They will join Maritimo of Madeira in the top flight next season.

4 thoughts on “Airline behaviour. FC Porto.”

  1. In the recent 3 day delay from FNC to STN involving hotels-and the Porto Santo ferry all mr out of pocket rxpenses such as taxis and train fares have been reimbursed in full by Jet2 just a few days after submitting copy receipts.

    The airline and its staff did their best.

    Unlike the airport whose arrival and departure boards were either wrong or had flights missing.
    The announcements were given once and again inaccurate and on one occasion security preventing us going through Passport Control despite us being called to the Gate
    There were insufficent seats and phone charging points The latter were only available if you sat on the cold hard floor
    Piss poor airport managemt

  2. The Porto fans weren’t quite so jubilant when they lost 5 – 0 at home to my team in the Champions League – but good luck to them.

  3. Having suffered myself at the airport in December when we also tried to get through security when the message boards announced our flight had finally landed, I can also remember security denying this was correct.. And they were right as the plane had not been able to land.

    It seems that those in control simply are not up to the job when things go wrong.

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