70 rescued after Azores ferry crash

Azores ferry drama

Azores ferry crashThe Daily Mail reports that 70 passengers had to be dramatically rescued after the passenger ferry Mestre Simao ran aground at entrance to Madalena port on popular Portuguese holiday island of Pico in the Azores yesterday. The 300 capacity ship, operated by Atlantico Line, was travelling from Horta on the island of Faial, another of the nine islands that make up the Azores archipelago north west of Madeira, roughly 1600 kilometres from mainland Portugal.
The alarm was sounded at 9.30am when the ferry was pushed towards rocks and water began seeping into the ship after the hull was badly damaged. Wetahe conditions in the area are believed to have been poor.The 61 passengers and nine crew were evacuated from the stricken ship using a raft that was towed to shore by a semi-inflatable dinghy. Coastguards and marine police were immediately mobilised and ambulances put on standby. The rescue operation lasted around 30 minutes.

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  1. This looks like it could have been more serious. The weather can be a problem in the Acores – they are well and truly stuck in the middle of the Atlantic, exposed to the elements.

  2. We’ve done that run! Holidays in Horta and popped over to Pico and back on the ferry one day. Only a short distance to go but lots of rocks to avoid during the crossing.

  3. Garry, according to Madeira-Web the dates are:-

    Madeira Flower Festival – Celebrations 4th-21st (6th Parade “Wall of Hope”, 7th “Flower Parade” and Auto Parade 14th) May 2017

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