More fires in Serra d`Água

Fire overnight in Serra d`Água

Fire overnight in Serra d`Água

The Journal reports that a fresh fire threatened houses in Serra d`Água overnight. The commander of the Firemen of Ribeira Brava had initially stated it was not threatening residences, and that any fresh outbreaks had been quickly identified, addressed, and by the end of yesterday were dying out.
However photos from a JM reader show that the fires descended from the uninhabited zone during the night and approached some houses on the edge of Serra d`Água. “There are frightened people” is the quote that accompanies the photo.
19.00: The Diario reports tonight (Sunday) that Ribeira Brava Volunteer Firefighters are keeping the fire in the Serra D’Água under control , using 3 vehicles and 9 firefighters

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  1. mauricereed Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 14:32 #

    Have we got a pyromaniac on the loose again?

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