Trees in the Fonte Largo have not been thinned for a long time
 The Diario newspaper reports that the large trees in Largo da Fonte in Monte have not been thinned “for a long time” according to the chairman of the Junta de Freguesia do Monte, the local authority presiding over the area. Idalina Silva told the Lusa news agency that requests for remedial works had been submitted to the Funchal City Council. The president of the Parish Council was speaking this afternoon, when the removal of the tree – initially reported as a banana tree, but they don’t grow that big? – was still underway after it fell on the crowd waiting for the procession of c (Our Lady of the Mount), the patroness of Madeira, just after midday. Other reports later had the tree as an oak.

In the Largo da Fonte there were also some street-traders who had set up their stalls at the site where one of the largest religious occasions in Madeira was going to take place, and who witnessed the moment of the tragedy. Domingos Perestrelo was recording a video via mobile phone, live for his account on the social network on Facebook, when the tree fell. “The first sensation was of small branches hitting each other, but then it accelerated and hit with a big bang on the floor,” he told Lusa.