July events. Traditional Canoe Regatta.

Flights diverted

The strong wind yesterday afternoon prevented the landing of three flights at Madeira Airport. Two planes from Paris and one from Katowice were diverted to Porto Santo and waited for weather conditions to improve before returning. Porto Santo copes well with just a few aircraft due to the limited capacity. A TAP flight from Lisbon and that should have landed at 17:05 returned to its origin.

July events

XXXIII Regional Festival of FolkloreThe Regional Government of Madeira yesterday awarded nearly €60,000 to four events during the month of July in the parishes of Porto Moniz, Santana, Ponta do Sol and Paul do Mar. The support is given annually, in line with a policy of incentives to stimulate local economies. Paul do Mar, in the west of the island, received €7,500 to finance the XIII Lapas Festival, whilst Ponta do Sol, was awarded €16,300 to organise the XVII Regional Banana Show. Santana received €27,000 for the XXXIII Regional Festival of Folklore (this weekend – 8th/9th – program here) and finally Porto Moniz was given €9,000 towards its 62nd Agricultural and Livestock Fair, which took place last weekend.

Regata de Canoas

Traditional Canoe RegattaThis weekend (9th July) Funchal bay hosts the annual Regatta of Traditional Madeiran Canoes (fishing boats), an event organized by Funchal’s Town Hall and the Madeira Regional Canoeing Association, in collaboration with the Madeira Sports for All Association.
This race (12.00) has a 2.5km route, starting and finishing at the dock of Funchal, goes all the way to the beach of Barreirinha, in the city’s Old Town.

Golden Gate (continued)…………….

Golden Gate downstairsThe Diario reports that the famous ‘corner of the world’ has begun “a new phase that seems …. to be prosperous” – a word that could be applied to the clientele judging by the comments posted about the pricing. On the third day open to the public, the Golden Gate Grand Café has traffic “within expectations,” says director José Fernandes, who highlights the satisfaction of customers when they encounter the ‘new’ space. “People did not expect to find something like that, they were very surprised,” he says (photos from Skyscrapercity).

Golden Gate upstairsThe Golden Gate employs around 70 staff, working over two floors and the terrace outside, which is slightly larger than before. The top floor is a restaurant as previously. Employees are Madeiran, Portuguese-Venezuelans, plus two from Mauritius. He added “We give everyone the opportunity, provided they have a good training and can speak several languages”,

6 Responses to July events. Traditional Canoe Regatta.

  1. Vida Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 13:27 #

    The surprise is probably down to the price list!

  2. Ann Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 19:33 #

    The GG doesn’t look that much different from before! We’ll see what it’s like when we’re back later in the year.

  3. Jayne Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 19:42 #

    I have just returned from a long stay in the UK – what a relief to be back. The people I have known for years are so miserable and hard done by, even if they have a comfortable life, it’s all me, me me. I think social media has a lot to do with it. The Brits have become a nation of moaners. The high streets are full of coffee chains charging exorbitant prices and charity shops. I will be happy to go (not very often!) to the Golden Gate just to enjoy the location – location, location, location… It is also important any investment being made -better than being derelict even if I am only buying the odd coffee!

  4. Vida Friday, July 7, 2017 at 19:23 #

    Jayne – the news from the UK seems to have been all bad recently. Social media should be banned for persons in office – unfortunately Trump seems to be encouraging imitators on Twitter. Unfortunately the quality of social media here in Madeira is similarly childish, but is being run by people who think they rule the world because they have 1000 followers listening to their ill-formed opinion – which is only aimed at getting them to 1001 followers.

  5. Maggie Friday, July 7, 2017 at 19:29 #

    Some of the social media content when you google Madeira is very childish – as Vida says it is all about getting page views rather than quality

  6. Davidd Sunday, July 9, 2017 at 18:58 #

    Sorry your visit to the ‘Old Country’ was disappointing Jayne I would hate for people to think everything and everybody here is as miserable as those you were unfortunate enough to come across. I live in Kent with a wide range of friends and acquaintances who are neither miserable nor ‘hard done by’
    I am sure even the paradise that is Madeira will have a few miseries though I have been lucky enough not to have met any in our happy breaks there.

    Those people in Calais and beyond still desperate to come to the UK may find more of the people I know than the ones you refer to

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