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Pay for EU citizenship post Brexit? Il Gallo d’Oro. Golden Gate.

Brexit negotiator Verhofstadt

EU citizenship proposal could guarantee rights in Europe after Brexit

As Brexit takes shape, The Times reports this morning that Britons could pay to retain the benefits of European Union citizenship under plans being considered by MEPs. The European parliament’s lead Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt said he supported the principle of the idea, which would see UK citizens sending an annual fee to Brussels. The former Belgian prime minister ............ more

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Reid’s Palace. Euro undermined. CR7.

Telegraph headlin on Reid' Palace

Reid’s Palace

Another favourable review of Reid’s Palace in the Telegraph a few days ago.

The article recalls that the hotel was built by Scotsman William Reid in 1891 and immediately attracted a parade of European royalty and English aristocracy – apparently, to this day, the two tiers of the Dining Room are still referred to as ‘The Lords’ and ‘The Commons’. The ............ more

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Tourism grows again. Golden Gate. Madalena do Mar.

Tourism in Funchal

More than one million visitors in nine months

Tuesday’s Journal reported that the latest figures for the first nine months of this year show sustained growth in in tourism in the region, with an increase of 8.9% in overnight stays and 17.6% in room income compared to the same period in 2015.
According to a press release by the Regional Secretariat for the Economy, Tourism ............ more

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Fire prevention. Fonte do Bispo. São Martinho.

Fires burn in Funchal

Fire prevention plan announced

The Journal reports that the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources of Madeira, Susana Prada announced yesterday in Regional Parliament that the Government will proceed with a fire prevention plan that involves the expropriation of forest land. “From September [2016] until now, government has prepared a project to be implemented from January 2017”, she said, ............ more

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Aerovip. Monarch price parity. Crime reporting.

Aerovip plane


Aerovip have resumed services between Madeira and Porto Santo after technical problems briefly led to the suspension of the service. This story is reported in the Diario, who have to be slightly relieved, as one of the plane’s jobs is delivering newspapers to Porto Santo.

Monarch & price parity

The last minute rescue of Monarch reported in  ............ more

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