Bodies found in Nuns Valley. Barcelona flights. Repossessions.

Bodies found in Nuns Valley

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪eira do serrado curral das freiras‬‏Today’s Diario (photo above) reports on a German tourist found dead on in the Curral das Freiras after going missing since the 4th or the 10th of January depending on which report you read. Apparently a note was left at the Estalagem Eira do Serrado where he was staying, although it is not known what this contained. Whilst recovering this apparent suicide from a rugged escarpment, the Mountain Rescue unit discovered the remains of what the police statement described as “an unidentified citizen (in a) high state of decomposition”. It is thought both had fallen from the Eira do Serrado viewpoint. Todays Journal speculates that the latter is the body of a 41 year-old teacher last seen in Funchal in September.

Vueling adds Barcelona connection

Vueling, the Spanish low-cost operator, will add a flight to Madeira from Barcelona starting in March, operating on Saturdays until the 18th of June (additional flights are scheduled for Easter on 25th and 29th of March). As of June 21st, the company will double its schedule with an additional flight on Tuesdays – the two weekly flights remain until mid-September (17th) after which it returns to the normal operation of weekly on Saturdays.An initial look at their website shows some fairly attractive prices coming in as low as €50 return.

Madeiran banks selling over 400 properties

€ 6,541,500Today’s Diario also reports that due to insolvencies, unemployment and other difficulties, as of yesterday six banks had a total of 401 properties for sale in Madeira, with a total value of €72 million – and the number is on the increase. Included are 125 apartments, 111 shops, 75 houses and 38 parking lots.19 properties are worth more than half a million euros with the most expensive being the former “Chinese” shop pictured, held by Novo Bank (formerly BES) and for sale at €6,541,500 including housing and land, and a total area of 900 m2. Millennium BCP’s most expensive is located in São Gonçalo with views over the bay of Funchal and a value of €2 million, whilst Banif escapes quite lightly with its most expensive being a duplex penthouse in the Forum area valued at €465,000.
Speaking of Banif it seems the transformation into the livery of Santander is being implemented very quickly around Funchal. This photo from RTP looks like their main branch in Rua João Tavira showing something of a split personality:

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  1. As of Jan 1, 2016 all EU bank failures will result in the ´bail-in’ of creditors. i.e the creditors will pick up the tab first, before there are any government funds allowed. Depositors are creditors.

    Had Banif failed after Jan 1, 2016 a lot more people could have been effected.

  2. Is there anyone that has information about the houses that are for sale, according to the article “Madeiran Banks selling over 400 properties”?
    Are the bank selling the properties or does the house agents sell the properties?

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