Regency Palace hotel to close?

A quick and short blog, as close sources report (and the Diario today confirms), that the the Regency Palace could well close within the next fifteen days according to an application made in in the Judicial Court of Funchal. The hotel has been labouring under serious financial problems for a number of years (including €16 million of social security debts – see previous blog). The final move, apparently out of the blue, seems to have been made by the two main creditor banks, Novo Bank (formerly BES), which is owed €23 million, and Millennium BCP (€16 million), jointly taking action against the the two companies involved in managing the Regency Palace “Hotelmar” and ‘Cunha Santos & Camachos SA’. It must be emphasised that whilst there are also similarly named establishments, specifically the “Regency Club” and the “Regency Cliff” hotels nearby, these operations are completely independent, with the three hotels ceasing any connections many years ago.

mrp3Commentators seem to be undecided whether this will result in a restructuring of the debt and renegotiation of employee contracts, or the complete closure of the facility. Apparently the unit, which employs 110 staff, is running at 80% capacity at the moment. The Regional Secretariat for Economy and Tourism has been closely involved in talks today in an attempt to find a solution.

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463 thoughts on “Regency Palace hotel to close?

  1. Golden Gate and Regency Club as I understand it, belong to the Camacha part of the equation. There is a huge timeshare operation there so those people may lose everything also. Very sad, used to be a fab hotel but never been refurbished since it opened.

    • yes, 10 years ago or so, it was wonderful, lovely furnishings, great location, great pools, all good. very sad.

      awful for the people employed there, I understand that there is not much work available in Madeira.

  2. Too many hotels were built in quick sucession beyond Reids. Ineviatbly some of them were going to fail.

    The question begs, why was so much development allowed in that area? I suspect a large number of back-handers had something to do with it.

  3. This is one of the best hotels in Madeira and MUST not be allowed to clise. How can it be even contemplated with an 80% occupancy rate right through to October 2015,It would be madness and would cause enormous damage to the reputation of the tourist trade in Madeira.The board, banks and the Secretariat for economy and tourism MUST keep it open. There are many time shareowners who regularly support this great hotel. We hare a party of 9 due to fly out on 18 May and am extremely worried. It will be a disaster for the island if it closes

  4. How can you possibly keep a hotel open with debts of well over 60 million euros. The whole place is badly in need of a refurb. It used to be one of the best but not any more. The Golden Gate is owned by the same people and is an iconic café in Funchal but bad management and crippling dedts cannot be ignored. Very sad for the staff but this level of debt cannot continue.

    • I cannot believe that the tourist board the banks will allow this to happen Who in their right mind closes a hotel at the start of the peak season with 80% occupancy right through until October. 80% occupancy is on average 500 guests per week There are many other hotels in Madeira that are in a similar position and have not had the banks taking such drastic action. This MUST NOT be allowed to happen. Over the season it will affect thousands who may never return to Madeira.Surely a restructuring programme with the banks supported by the the Regional Secretariat for Economy and Tourism can put in measure to allow it to continue at the same time as they are in discussion to save this great hotel.

  5. 80%occupation is Ok but where is the money going, why would the banks allow business to continue if they do not meet their commitments. It has nothing to do with the tourist board. If a Company does not pay suppliers, banks etc the foreclosure takes place, same in UK do not understand why you expect different in Madeira.

  6. We own a timeshare at the Regency Palace and we are due to travel in July 2015. Our flights were booked until by chance one of MRP ex staff contacted us to say the Regency Palace was closing 30th June.

    We have since been informed by the hotel that they are not taking bookings beyond the 30th June 2015. They suggest that the hotel management team are still in talks with the banks however for those set to travel in early July you may want to check with the hotel before you travel.

    Re the future..I love the place and the people in it.. However given the adverse publicity and poor management of communication around the hotels future then I fear the damage to tourism is already done. When hundreds of people lose money on timeshare sold to help to boost the local economy then surely Madeira cannot expect the same people to return year after year to spend additional money on holidays to continue to boost their economy particularly when Europe is in recession and fewer than ever people are travelling. No brainer for me……should not have been allowed to go this long without communication to those affected

    • Gosh…..that’s awful. Hope you are able to cancel/rearrange flights. Suppose the most charitable explanation is that they were hoping until the last minute to stave off closure. What happens re your timeshare?

  7. Just received an email today from Regency Palace stating there was a strong possibility that the Hotel would close on 30th June and that 110 staff may lose their jobs. I feel very sorry for the staff and hope the hotel can reach an agreement with the bank. Something must be very wrong if the Hotel has 80% occupancy with 500 guests per week spending on F & B. I assume I will lose the rest of my timeshare weeks, but actually I am more sad for Madeira, who has had it’s share of bad luck with the floods etc. recently

  8. Very sorry to hear this, we bought 8 flexi weeks in 2013 and have 5 weeks left, so we are about £4000 down if the Regency Palace closes and cannot use them there or elsewhere. Huge sympathy for the staff who will lose their jobs, and are usually the last to know. Terrible financial mismanagement, both by the banks who lent too much money, and the hotel group who borrowed too much. Not unusual considering the mad lending and borrowing climate which existed in Europe and the UK between 1997 and 2008.

    • Hi Simon,
      We have obviously lost our week booked for October and also our 2 remaining flexi weeks that we hold.

      Fortunately, we had lodged a further 4 weeks with Dial an Exchange a while back. They have said that as this was before the closure notice was issued and they had probably already sold them they will honour the exchanges so we have 4 credits with them.

      No help for you guys not with D & E or just signed up I’m afraid.

      I and others will be interested in the possibility of recovering lost monies from the bank / credit cards. Copy following link into your browser for Trip advsor topic:-

      Keep the info flowing guys.

  9. I am currently on holiday at the Madeira Regency Palace and the staff are absolutely fantastic in carrying on in the professional friendy they have always been to ensure the gursts have a great holiday. This is despite the threat of them all loosing their jobs at the end of June.
    I have seema letter written by some members to the one bank that are trying to close down the MRP and they are not even the largest creditor. The other two creditors have withdrawn their objections so members that re currently enjoying their holiday are trying to do their bit to keep opem MRP

  10. Hi Dave
    We have not used Dial and Exchange, although our flexi week vouchers can be used with them in theory. I imagine they are paid by the Regency Palace if we went elsewhere, although obviously like us they would get little or nothing from the Regency P at the moment. Dial and Exchange are very close to where we live, near Skipton in Yorkshire, may have a word with them to see what they know. Suzie the woman who sold us the flexi weeks was trying to sell us some more when we went last October, although she must have had some idea the hotel was in financial difficulty. I normally will not touch stuff like timeshare with a barge pole, although we all thought the Regency was good and reliable. Should have seen the financials of the business before committing our money 2 years ago, because we will not get any money back from the bank, and this sort of transaction is not ABTA bonded. The best we can hope for is that the new owners (maybe the bank creditors) wish to run it as a going concern, and will honour existing agreements. They would probably recover more money by selling the building as separate apartments rather than trying to continue as a hotel when there is already over capacity on Madeira. Ironic that Dominic Littlewood on BBC TV today was trying to help someone who was trying to sell an unwanted timeshare on Madeira at the Royal Savoy, they got scammed for more money by a bogus 3rd party seller in the UK. AirBNB alone advertise 1 million rooms of all descriptions world wide, we are using them to find accomodation on the Greek islands in the next 3 weeks. A shame because we like Madeira, and I hope the tourist board on the island will do their best to keep the Regency Palace going for the sake of the staff, customers, and image of the island.

  11. See my post on trip advisor blog about Banco Espirito Santo going bust last August, having to be rescued, and new Novo bank chasing existing debtors (and/or instructed to by European Central Bank) ie Regency Palace.

  12. It is Millenium bank that are chasing Regency not Nova bank that is the bank thiat are happy tor Regency to continue even though are he largest creditor.

  13. Hi Alan, I imagine all the Portuguese banks have been told to get a stronger capital base, reduce their loan book, and chase debtors. In doing so they can destroy viable businesses, which is what the UK banks did after 2008. It does seem that the debts of Regency Palace are massive nonetheless and would do credit to some Premier League football clubs.

    • If the two other creditors can allow mrp tpo continue trading then i se no reason why the Millenium bank cannot also alow it to trade. It has 80% occupancy with some weeks Lmost 100% and is a viable concern on a day to day basis We return home tomorrow and do hope we can come back next year to this fabulous hotel

  14. Listen everyone the only way to support your favourite hotel is to spend your money there. Either that or risk losing your holidays. SPEND SPEND SPEND.

  15. A lot of the debts in other groups of hotels that have been allowd to continue are considerably more than those at MRP and the questions begs why are the millnium bank taking this hard line stance when four other hotel groups with much larger debts have been allowed to continue

    • I would appreciate to be kept in touch if there are any developments re the Palacio. I stayed there often, the last time the last month before it closed. it was such a tragedy,. absolutely loved it there.
      stayed the Regency Palace too, it is lovely there and would be awful if it has to close, as understand the employment situation on the island is dire.

  16. Gutted at the news I received today. My family has been staying at the Madeira Regency Palace for over 10 years and own [now’ owned’] 3 timeshares at the Palace. But for the last 3 or 4 years we knew there were issues with the lack of maintenance to our apartments. Stained carpets, grubby chairs, needed repaint etc. Each year we saw a little bit more life leaving the atmosphere of the Palace. Each year a little less extravagant Christmas decor… Mrs Camacho was visibly sad last year.

    I wonder if the Pestana group or someone would rescue the hotel as there seems at the moment little hope of the present owners coming back with such high debt. I hold out some hope for a solution. More news will be issued in 3 weeks time.

    I understand that many other hotels on the island are going to the wall. What can be done? Madeira relies on the tourist trade…work is hard to find on such a small island.

  17. Re Madeira Regency Palace closing. What is the up-to-date information? I believe there was a meeting yesterday for all staff with the Administrator. As Madeira Regency Palace is saying they have been instructed to close on 30th June, more news in 3 weeks time is too late. I own timeshare there until 2020 and am due have a holiday this Summer with family.

    • I am at the MRP on our time share and am very sad to say all the staff were given their notice yesterday and the MRP is closing on the 30 June.
      The administrators were in yesterday to serve notice.
      There are three creditors one being the Social Security, the second being the Nova Bank which is owed the most money and the third being the Millenium Bank..
      The Social Security and the Nova Bank are happy for MRP to continue but the Millenium Bank are being bloody minded and are the one forcing MRP to close.
      The staff are extremely upset but are also extremely professional in that they are carrying on smiling ensuring we all enjoy our holiday knowing that on the1st July they will loose there jobs.
      We as members that are here sent a letter to rhe directors of the Millenium Bank but they have ignored our plea. it was also sent to the tourist board,Nova bank and the administrator but it has fallen on deaf ears.
      Rumours are going round there are three buyers interested two of which would accept the timeshare one of which would not but these are only rumours.
      I feel sorry for the members due to come after1st July but can asure those of us that are here have tried hard and can only hope the situation is resolved in that a new owner takes over soon that accepts and honoursour time share or Millenium Bank have a change of heart before the end of June and pressure is put on them by the Nova Bank, the director of Tourism and the Prime Minister of the island.
      It is a disgrace that the Millenium Bank who are not owed the major creditor can hold everyone to ransom like they are doiing and we can only feel they have an ulterior motive for doing so.

  18. Oh how awful for the staff… many, we got to know them over the years. We were told that talks would still continue up to and after 30 June and perhaps they might (‘might‘) close to reopen if a solution is found. However the staff cannot stay in limbo……..Whether the bank change their mind or a buyer is found….remains to be seen.

    This has been our yearly Christmas holiday and we will still continue to come to Madeira, except this year (if no change to MRP) we will book into another hotel/apartments that we have stayed at previously. Our points are still good for a year.

  19. Isn’t it sad that we have to rely on news from fellow timeshare/flexi club owners, rather than the MRP?
    So now the staff know the situation (their jobs will no longer exist in three weeks time) but we cannot move forward and look for alternative accommodation, as there still exists a possibility that a deal with other hotels might be brokered.
    Whilst our thoughts are with the staff, and we hope they can find alternative employment soon, it would be useful to know our future before 30th!

    • Can someone from the Millenium Bank answer and advise the time share members why, when the Novabank and the Social Security want the hotel to remain open they are prepared to force rhe closure of the MRP and put 110 loyal employees out of work and put under threat 3500 time share owners when they are the minor creditor.they have had letters from members but refuse to answer that question. It is a disgrace that one minor creditor can force the losre of this great botel and this would be the first ever hotel in Portugal, not just Madeira to have this thrust upon then. We want answers from the Millenium Bank, a rethink of what they are doing and a change of heart. There are other ways like restructuring.

  20. Has anyone any news on the latest MRP situation. We are timeshare owners with flights are booked for early July. If the hotel is definitely closing then I will look to donate the flights to Madeira to charity as after being ripped off with no communication by the MRP three muskateers like others I have no interest in spending anymore money on the island.

    People are naive if they think people will sit quiet beyond 30th June. The ripple effect will effect ongoing tourism and it is not just the closure & loss of business at the MRP that will effect them it will be adverse media coverage for continuing to sell timeshares when they knew that the future of the hotel was in jeopardy. So whilst I am truly sad for the MRP staff, I find myself more greatly saddened at the bigger picture of the long term reputation of Madeira as it will be tarnished by this what can only be described as distasteful activity which will impact on many countries across Europe. How sad that someone at a higher level than the MRP management team hasn’t stepped in to control and minimise Madeira’s risk from this.

    From the correspondence we have received it appears that it is known that MRP will close and timeshare owners and flexi week owners will lose everything. There is not expected to be compensation as others have said there is no ABTA bonding. The hotel is expected to close and reopen later in the year. In the meantime until someone feels brave enough to communicate (which I fear they will not!) we will have to sit back & wait until a media frenzy then breaks out on 30th June 3015.

  21. Certificates of entitlement to rooms and dates were deposited on purchase in Isle of Man. Do these have any validity? and. more importantly, any value?

  22. I think they must have some validity as legal documents. It is worth pursuing with the Isle of Man agency once the decision is made public. Hopefully we can recoup some of the loss.

    Have you looked at the latest dated blog? There are three going at the moment which means I am checking all 3 for up to date comments. On that one Alison is asking for anyone who wants to consider taking collective action to message her.

  23. What is the address of the other two blogs. No one seems to be willing to tackle the Millennium Bank and why have the Maderia Government and the Tourist Office not getting involved to make this bloody minded bank fall in line with the Nova Bank – who are owed most of the debt and the social security. Why have other hotel groups on the island allowed to continue when they owe so much more. I do not think the Millennium Bank, the tourist board or the Madeira Government realize how mush damage this is going to do to the Madeira Tourist Trade. There is still two weeks to collectively make this one bank fall in line with the other two creditors. I understand when the Regency Club went through a similar situation there were mass protests outside the banks – why is no one doing that for the MRP

    • cant help but feel that the reason no one at a senior level is intervening is because there is a better deal planned for the future….maybe something to do with the plans that the Ronaldo/Pestana group have for developing the Palacio next door. That would surely fit with why the Palace has to close and the banks knowing that they can get better return on investment. But I appreciate this is pure speculation and we all have another 14 days before reality becomes fact.

      • I would be sorry to see the RP go at the expense of the Madeira Palacio, but I did love that hotel so much and was so sad to see it close and all its lovely staff.

        • I do not think the regency will close at the expense of the Madeira Palacio. Stong rumours are the Millenium Bank who are owed the least money have a buyer in the background. The administrator has also said there is light at he end of the tunnel and there is a lor of confidence the MRP will reopen with a new owner and timeshare will be safe. If it does not then the repercussions for the Madeiran tourist trade will be enormous. The Palacio and the Ronaldo hotel are I feel separate issues and nothing to do with MRP closure which everyone is confident will only temporary. If it was not for the Millenium Banks dogmatic attitude it woud not close at all and all the wonderful staff would keep there jobs. It is the staff I really feel sorry for as many have been there since the hotel opened in 1998 They do not deserve this. I only returned last Monday after a months holiday and they were still trying under difficult circumstances to ensure all the guests – and it was virtually full – had a good holiday

  24. I’m inclined to agree with Alison. If any deal had been brokered I would have thought it would have been before the public news on the closure was made. This ‘save us at the eleventh hour’ notion probably only happens in the movies. Like she says, all will be revealed or confirmed on the 30th.

    • Hi
      wondered about the “Ronaldo /Pestana” comment. A) didn’t know there was a connection between them &
      B) Didn’t know there were any plans re the Palacio.
      I’ve been a Pestana Timeshare owner for about 14 years now. LOVE coming to Madeira at least once a year.

  25. Negotiations are ongoing re Palacio(again!) but the Pestana deal with Ronaldo is either for the old oil terminal next to RP or the harbour area in Funchal where Pestana have supposedly given the shopkeepers notice to quit to build a hotel there.

  26. Alan

    Comments are spread over 4 blog posts at the moment, but the majority of those with an interest in MRP seem to be commenting on this post. For additional post/comments look at these in addition to this one:
    9th June:
    31st May:
    21st May:

  27. My wife and I bought at the Palace when it was a building site. We were told that it was a timeshare development partly funded with European money. The Europeans had insisted that it be built with a small hotel attached. Our timeshare there was legally registered. We now have the Millennium Bank attempting to claim the then owners had no right to sell timeshares as they were not registered under Portuguese law to so do. At the time we also had Timeshare at the Club with the same owners. THIS ELABORATE ATTEMPT AT FRAUD BY THE MILLENIUM BANK NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED IN A COURT OF LAW. It is an attempt to defraud all registered timeshare owners. It is an attempt to defraud European government. It is an attempt to defraud the Government of Madeira and pour scorn and contempt on Portuguese Law. Mr President it is unworthy of you. In this regard you need to clean up your Government. Regards Peter Franks

    • Does anyone want single tickets from Manchester to Madeira for 6th July and 4 tickets from Madeira to Faro for 13th July? Just need to buy your tickets home and pay for the name change on the tickets. We have rebooked our annual holiday elsewhere. Happy to donate to local charity. If anyone wants them please contact me on

      Re earlier posting re forming a collective for exchange of news/info re potential closure of MRP I have set up a Facebook page for members to update each other with any communication updates or help they can give each other. It can be found At Madeira Regency Palace Members Page and I can also be contacted on the above email address for those who may not have access to Facebook. Hope someone can use the flights at least our loss can be someone else’s gain!!

      • Is it not time that this was exposed to the local press to put pressure on the Millennium Bank, Tourist Board and Minister of the Island to act now to save the MRP BEFORE 30th June

  28. While I understand the frustration and anger at the situation of MRP, but really timeshare and the like is always a risk. At the end of the day, you go on holiday, are invited to a presentation and give thousands of pounds to a person/company you have never met or had dealings with before. Yes, there is a 14 day cooling off period. but not much else.. My anger is aimed at the person(s) who, instead of running a business with repayments to the bank and other creditors chose to use the money for other purposes, as with the Golden Gate ( The same people)
    The bank which is not applying for repayment has no need to do so as it also went bust and Bank of Portugal took over their bad debt books, Social Security, I think is wrong, what about the payments due to people who are going to be unemployed now, we the local tax payer are picking up the bill. Millenium are already owed millions from the same people for the demise of the Golden gate, what ever deal is brokered they should be paid back, no question. Problem is, this is the way Portugese finance works, wrong though it may be. Quinta do Lorde is in exactly the same situation and the finance backers are getting no return on their money.
    It is a worldwide problem within the timeshare business, as born out on this forum on Trip Advisor, makes interesting and worrying reading.
    I hope that the Hotel does at some point re-open and return to the fantastic place it was once, it’s a shame when people turn their back on Madeira because of one bad egg, after all everyone who has potentially lost money , took that choice to join the club.

    • Thanks Joanne for the prompt. Both airlines have offered to change the passenger details (names) for a significantly lower charge than the original flights cost. Obviously travel insurance does not cover cancelled flights due to having no timeshare to go to.

  29. Alison, can I point out that anyone buying your ticket may also have to pay the fare difference (if there is one) , it isn’t a name change it is a passenger change and the rules are very different, should the airline allow it, (not all do, check the T&C’s). A name change is when an error has been made in entering a name on the ticket, a passenger change is exactly that and airlines do not always allow it. Hope this helps to avoid any confusion.

  30. We have been visiting Madeira for the last 15 years and have seen many changes. Some great infrastructure improvements but sadly too many hotels built with too few tourists to fill them during a really hard recession. Timeshare owners bring a lot of wealth to the island and continue do so every year. It is hard to understand why a hotel with 80% capacity should be threatened with closure and it will be difficult for Madeira to regain trust should this become a reality. We wish everyone well and hope for the best.

  31. We have a time share at the Regency Palace Hotel and I have contacted a company called The Litigation Management Company Ltd who have undertaken to get back the money that we have parted with fraudulently to The Regency Palace. Has anybody else gone down this road? and does anybody know if this company is anymore honest than the Regency Palace?

    • The Camacho family collectively have robbed and defrauded us. Our timeshares if correctly registered should be protected under European Law. Any group of Banks that lends this group of people many times their assets have behaved without regard for prudence and should bear full responsibility for this situation and be liable for the debt. There are aspects of fraud in all this.

      I remember President Jardim’s daughters wedding was at the Palace. Who in actual fact paid for it.

  32. How was the money ‘taken fraudently’ – you signed a contract to buy into a timeshare scheme with a full 14 day cooling off period. The fact that the management team chose not to repay the bank is not fraud, but you may be interested to know that Luis Camacho has been convicted of two counts for previous activity with relation to non payment of SS and his defence being he was more interested in paying staff and suppliers.than Social Security. He has been given two jail sentences. It could be that you may be throwing good money after bad where is the litigation Company going to get the money from?? With mounting debts of many millions of Euros it looks unlikely that anyone will recover anything and it will be difficult to prove fraud.

    • I am like lots of others and have heard nothing official at all.
      I would like to know if we can still go, as planned, in October.
      If not then we have flights spare.

      • I know…the whole situation has been managed abysmally. I believe from internal sources in Madeira that closure is planned for today hence my post I just want to know one way or the other. If anyone in Madeira feels like popping round and knocking on the door & finding out then I would be prepared to pay the taxi fare!!

  33. Dave W, why not still come to Madeira and try one of the other fab hotels here, one bad egg in a resort of hundreds of very good hotels shouldn’t put you off this beautiful Island,, please don’t abandon Madeira because of one place going bust.
    Went past today and no cars in park, I know people who were in the timeshare side have left, but I will check the daily news and post if I find out. Info very thin on the ground.

  34. Quote from yesterdays Diario
    >Given the termination of the Regency Palace Hotel , scheduled for tomorrow , workers hotel industry unit , will focus the 16 hours, next to the hotel to say goodbye to the last cliente.<

  35. I received this ….Dear Member

    Just to keep you up to date I am sorry to inform that for the moment the banks are closing the Regency Palace and at this stage we cannot confirm that the hotel will be open or that your entitlement will be honoured by the future owner of the hotel.

    We will be forwarding again an email to all our clients advising them of this and indicating your future contact.

    I would like to wish you all the best and hopefully we can continue to welcoming you back to this hotel in the future

    Kindest regards,

  36. & Not so much as a thank you for the 20 years of money you have paid up front that is conveniently being hidden under the rug…but we would be happy to welcome you back and take your money again in the future if you will be daft enough to let us!

    Apologies for being cynical – don’t want to cause offence. I realise there are many good hotels on the island however people need to be respectful of the fact that booking other accommodation when savings have been blown is not an option, particularly when jobs are in jeopardy and hours are being cut all across Europe.

    • The Madeiran President and the Tourist Office could have prevented this. It is ONLY one bank and they are owed the least. The social security debt has come down quite considerably. Other hotel groups owe considerably more than the MRP – it is a disgrace caused by an irresponsible bank and a fraudulent owner

  37. We are now waiting for the Administrator of insolvency to inform us of the contact for our members and the official email regarding the closure of the Palace has to come from him.

    Kindest regards,


  38. We left the palace yesterday Monday. Heard it was closing at 12 noon today.
    No word from administrator yet. Rumour – there are many that 3/4 companies are considering purchase, We have been told to wait and see.
    We are here another week.

  39. We were going to use our second “try before you buy” next month. We have 4 flexi weeks also, which we bought less than a year ago I have been checking for emails since we were told it may close June 30th. Ever the optimist
    I have left contacting the management hoping for a solution, & only found out wit had actually closed by doing an on-line search. To anyone else with an investment in this company, what do we do now?

  40. My brother & I bought 6 flexiweeks about a year ago. We have only used 2:of them. We were at the MRP last Christmas and nothing was said then. I only received the email 29th June that it was going to close. I hope we have a claim to get any monies back.

  41. Like many others I bought flexi weeks at MRP and have unused ones left. I only heard about the closure yesterday. Have other flexi owners had any legal advice re redress or recovery? I understood Portugese law means any new owners would have obligations to us

    • Selling flexiweeks is an illegal activity. You have been defrauded.

      As a timeshare owner I have not received any communication whatsoever. The Millennium Bank has lent money imprudently but are not willing to honour their liabilities they are also defrauding legitimate owners of their legal rights in an attempt to avoid paying compensation for this outrage. The Palace is quite viable. It is more valuable now that dishonest hands have been removed from the pot.

  42. We have been following all your comments with interest. We also have 9 years timeshare left plus all maintence fees paid in advance. We had not heard from MRP since the first email 26/5 so emailed Ligia on Monday, we then received the other two updates on Monday evening. Heard nothing since. Now that the 30/6 has come and gone we still have not heard anything. Surely somebody can tell us something!!

  43. Like so many other owners I have a considerable number of timeshare weeks, flexi weeks and flexi days. There 11 of us, all family booked to come to MRP over two and a half weeks in August. We have had to book elsewhere at considerable cost to us. How can we make the Administrator write to us officially? We only have communication from Lgia. It is now beyond MRP closing. We need to know their proposals so that we can seek redress, legal and financial.

    • Can I suggest you contact the Timeshare Consumers Association. I found the extremely helpful today when I called them and suggested they put a communication on this blog to advise members. We have three options,

      1) to get out now but we get no money back but have no further legal obligations

      2 to claim any moneys paid through your credit card Section 75 is the appropriate section to check out

      3 to hang on to see if anyone takes it over. If MRP is taken over the new owners are legally bound to accept our time share on the terms we signed with the trust. They cannot for example suddenly double the maintenance but have to accept what our legal document states.

      Louise Milford is the person to speak to at the Timeshare Consumers Council for advice.She is extremely helpful.

      • Palace. The selling of flexiweeks was illegal. Borrowing money from Timeshare owners was illegal and not paying them back is blatant fraud.

        For those who hold Timeshare Certificates registered by First National Trustee Company. This is a UK company with Offices in London and should be subjected to investigation by UK financial authorities. I suggest Financial Ombudsman and Financial Conduct Authority.

        FNTC have made no effort to represent our interests. According to the Millennium Bank our Timeshares are illegal. Therefore I must conclude FNTC are also part of the fraud.

  44. We have been in touch with FNTC but so far have not had a reply. Would think that if a lot of people got in touch with the Financial Ombudsman that they would have to look into it?

  45. Anyone who paid the deposit on a credit card transaction could look at Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1975. Look at money saving expert .com who’s founder / editor is Martin Lewis. Apparently if you only paid a deposit you can claim for the full purchase price , not sure if this scenario would be something you could claim for, but worth a try.

  46. Good morning,

    Please see the below link to our article from yesterday regarding MRP;

    The above link details your options with regards to exiting/compensation claims – if you want to exit the best time to do it is now.

    After discussing this matter with many Consumers over the last week it looks as though a lot of people want to hold on to their agreements in the hope that a buyer will take over the hotel and the contracts.

    If you are one of those people then our advice is to get protection. Any buyer should honour the agreements made but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will. Regarding getting protection of your rights the TCA can recommend two avenues;

    1. Do it yourself – Seek a reputable Lawyer within Portugal who can represent you all. They will write to the club to register your rights, this will ensure that any new buyer is aware of your interest. They will then proceed to help you in the event that any changes are made to your contracts.

    2. Employ someone to do it for you – TESS Ltd – a paralegal company recommended by TCA will employ a reputable Lawyer on your behalf and deal with all translations, communications and updates. They will charge a fee of £600.00 + VAT.

    If you need any help or would like to engage with TESS Ltd, please give me a call on 01253 724 902

    Kind regards

  47. Camacho has been found guilty three weeks ago, by the Madeira Courts, of defrauding the Government of taxes and Social Security. He has been sentenced to prison but is out in bail pending an Appeal. In addition he already has suspended sentences for two other fraud cases. He and the Regency and Time Share is a busted flush… Time to move on…

  48. Has anybody yet suggested some sort of class action whereby we can obtain answers to all these questions and if any legal action can be taken to gain some sort of compensation?

  49. We still have not received any formal notification that MRP has closed either by email or letter. We were in touch with FNTC and they could only say that they thought that the hotel would open again soon, and would let us know anything more as soon as they got to know! We seem to be well an truly in the dark. Does anyone have any answers?

  50. MRP has definitely closed, the entrance and exit have been taped off to avoid any admittance (there are no gates) there are rumours that it may open after Christmas but they are only rumours, nothing definite has been published, I would assume it will take some time, if it happens.

  51. Should we start putting in claims to administrator/credit cards or is it too early? Should we wait until the Administrator lets us know what is happening! !

    • I understand that the administrator has refused to write to any members. That was made clear to the time share team on the day the hotel closed but they have no access to the files to notify everybody as they were literally forced to leave by the administrator at a minutes notice.
      I have written to the administrator having spoken to FNTC to advise them of the weeks I hold, how long I have left and my MRP membership number. I was able to translate this into Portuguese through the translate button ion my computer. Not surprisingly I have heard nothing but all the advice I have had so far is that we must notify him. The Timeshare Consumers Association also advise that ” if we wish to retain our time share interest we should establish our interest in the assets and we need to make an application through a Portuguese lawyer to record an interest and caution. The caution would ensure that any liquidator/receiver would have to take the ownership and/or interest into consideration prior to disposing if the assets to other” I personally am not sure how to proceed on that. The Timeshare Consumers Association are very helpful and willing to talk with members to give advice

      • As information has been hard to obtain I wonder if any unfortunate souls will turn up at Funchal airport only to find out the bad news from a taxi driver?

        • More illegal activity another attempt to rob timeshare owners of their legal rights under Portuguese Law. The Banks have acted imprudently they have lent money without adequate safeguards and should suffer the loss without more dishonest activity.

          The Banks see a bunch of criminals robbing people without penalty and are saying we will have some of that. They are prostituting the good people of Madeira. Where is the President in all this, is he yet another Pal of the Camachos.

  52. We were at MRP from 18 May until 15 June and the timeshare team did send an email to all members on the 27 May advising them at that time of the possible close and making some suggestions if you were booked to holiday at MRP after 30 June. Even though we were in the MRP at the time I still received that email therefore I can confirm it was sent

  53. The Palace was built with European grants is it not time the European parliament was involved suggest you contact your Euro MP and complain as it is our money that has been used.

  54. David your information is incorrect Timeshare Owners were not informed only flexitime buyers. Flexitime was according to the Millennium Bank an illegal activity so what we have here is people covering their backs in case they are sued .

  55. Peter I can only go on what I know as I own 4 weeks timeshare and I received the letter. According to an email I received from the Timeshare Consumers Association Flexi is illegal in Spain and Gran Canaries but is as far as they are aware legal in Portugal

    • To sell the same accommodation over and over again, as timeshare, without any guarantee of availability is fraud. The words subject to availability does not stop it being fraud. Under European and Portuguese law it is not just sharp practice, it is an act of dishonesty .

  56. To Christine

    If (and its a big if) and when the MRP decide to publicly declare that the administration has gone into receivership, any Credit Card Payments (subject to minimum £100 spend) can be claimed back under Section 75 of the Credit Card Consumer Act. The good news is the card usually refunds you first and sorts out getting the cash back later.
    At the moment, they have your money and only Breach of Contract. So you can only go down the suing legal road at the moment. I would see what is happening first.

  57. Have just been told from 2 different people that the MRP is open again. Can this be true? Any further info that I don’t know about?

  58. Read all the blogs but as most was lead by the nose and paid up front for 10years including services (5 years to run).
    I did note and comment from the start that the monies were shipped off the island, company registered in the British Virgin Islands and certs were from the Isle of Man.
    I tried to contact the Administrator, FNTC isle of Man, RPM via Ligia and Marilyn who from the outset didn’t like my comments that this was set up as a business to fail. At one point I asked for a copy of the yearly report and financials and was told that in Madeira they don’t issue them??
    I have only received the initial letter from Ligia and some scant replies from Marilyn.

    I think sensibly we have lost all hope of getting either service or money
    and suggest we go after the family through the civil courts for running a company as directors knowingly in a fraudulent manner.

    If a new company take over they will not honour the debts or contracts.

      FNTC do not reply so I assume they are part of the fraud.
      Timeshare sales staff may also be part of the fraud. Certainly those involved in the money borrowing scam , that is money was borrowed from Timeshare owners and not paid back.

      Camacho’s Administrative Director Susana Jardim was sent to FNTC for a purpose. This maybe why our timeshare certificated appear to be fraudulent and may be the reason we cannot get a reply. They may be regulated under UK law they certainly are under European law

  59. I have emailed FNTC and tried phoning IoM offices but answerphone only. I spoke to the London office and was told that they only hold the certificates and did not offer help, although they were dealing with the Regency Club members’ interests.

    We have to assume that FNTC is a legitimate business and that they will start acting in our interests in the near future.

  60. A lesson to be learned…always pay by credit card…have not got our money back yet but will keep you all posted My head is spinning reading this blog…BUT one thing for sure is that most of our and their BANKS are utterly stupid and corrupt.

  61. I have read all comments on this blog and decided to see what I could find out about FNTC online.
    It makes interesting reading to say the least ( especially regarding timeshare/ holiday club issues in mexico involving many American andCanadian clients ).
    Personally. I hope some of you do manage to get some money back through your credit card providers . However, in all honesty there are no tangible assets that I am aware of here.
    I would hate to see people throw good money after bad.
    Finally, my parents have 8 weeks timeshare here and are in their late eighties . This did not stop touts trying ti sell tham more at Easter !!!

  62. Have just found out that 2 elderly people I know went to MRP late March and were asked if they were interested in buying more flexi weeks . shocking .. They must have known the writing on the wall then! Fortunately they decided not to

  63. As a matter of interest, I will be losing some £11000. I hope to get about £3000 back from credit card. Prior to that paid £6000 7 years ago on credit card on upgrading. Does anyone know if there is a time limit on section 75 claims, and can you claim when you have received part of the agreed product ?

  64. PHONE your credit card company they are the experts…not this site! You must have your unused certificates and if you have lost the merchant voucher from 7 years ago…phone your company and they will find it for you This site is not an expert PHONE YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY and you should be able to retrieve your money. Let us all know how you get on and YOU will be able to advise others

  65. The timeshare sellers and OPC’s are all casual, commission based people, so they are always keen to make a sale! They are not contracted, so move round from company to company depending on who pays the best commission rates at the time. When the Classic Savoy were selling ‘off plan’ for the new (never built) Savoy, they would tell people anything to get a signature, They would never have an idea that there were financial difficulties other than the rumours which have been circulating for some years.

  66. I am an owner for this week, but had postponed it till next year! I can also confirm that I had three emails from Ligia and Marilyn and spoke at length to Marilyn 3 weeks ago. The best we, as owners, can do is to club together to researc266h information. Please see my previous post….

  67. We bought into the incentive scheme over ten years ago at the Madeira Regency Palace Hotel. We never got our money back si eventually swopped what we owned for floating weeks and Flexiclub weeks. We had booked two weeks this new year! We would be willing to join an action group, so please can we have some contact details. Sorry we are late – have only just found website!

    • In common with a number of people you have been swindled. This type of scam is against the Law in Portugal. The weak need excuse for the scam is to say it was the idea of a timeshare salesman who is no longer with us. These people should be subjected to a criminal investigation. We are also being swindled by the Madeira Bank
      Espirit de Santos or Nova Bank, our timeshare ownership is being stolen from us by a Bank that made inappropriate lending without safeguards.

  68. Hello Chris P. Cannot get my head around what you did.. Forgive me! We bought flexi time share 10 years ago and used all of our certificates apart from 2 weeks and it was a really good deal we hope to get our money back on last deal done 4 years ago under the consumer credit act. Why have you waited so long to use all those time share options up? Maybe you were under a different scheme to us ?

  69. Silence ensues. There seems no way now to contact anyone. The ‘timeshare’ staff assured us during a recent three week stay (Thank goodness…excellent as ever apart from run down feel.) that all our ‘assets’ were safe. MMM!. Willing to join action group. Time to fight back.

  70. I am going to try to copy and paste the emails that I receiced. I was assured at the time that these were going out to every owner, maybe not, so here goes…..

  71. If you have received this email before please ignore

    Dear Member,

    I am forwarding again the emails of the 26th may, the 1st update and the current update of the Madeira Regency Palace situation just to be sure you receive it this time and if you haven’t please check your spam box as it could be that your firewall (security system) is high and my emails could be in your spam box. I have sent over 3000 emails and up to now I have received the same number of emails back.

    Also we could not advise you before the 26th May as this all came as a shock to us, the Company was only interested in revitalizing and restructure the debt and we ended up being taken over.

    Please note my email of the 26th and an update on the current situation of the Madeira Regency Palace:

    On 26 May 2015, at 17:56, wrote:

    Dear Member,

    We have just been advised to contact our arriving members to tell them of a difficult situation we have in hand whereby we were told by a Court appointed Administrator that there was strong possibility that the Palace would close on the 30th June.

    It was announced on the news only 5 weeks ago that more than 60% of businesses and hotels in Madeira are in severe financial difficulties, we did not believer that we would be one of it casualties.

    We had hoped that the banks would see some sense as closing a hotel with such high occupancy levels throughout the year is crazy by anyone’s imagination but at present we are told we are unable to accept any arrivals that are due to depart beyond the 30th June but we should have some more news whether it be good or bad within the next few days and by that time I should be more in a position to advise our owners and members.

    We will contact all our Owners, Members and friends once we know something more.

    We would therefore advise that in the event of the worst case scenario you book some accommodation through Trivago, or where the booking conditions state a 48 hours cancelation clause to avoid you losing the flight cost.

    We are still hoping that something can change to the positive side as at present all 110 of us stand to lose our jobs too.

    We apologise for any inconvenience and hope that this problem can be resolved to everyone’s advantage.

    Please confirm that you have received this email.

    Kindest regards and hoping for the best,


    First Update:
    We did say we would inform you when we had more news and to date we still do not know for sure IF we will close.
    We can only give you facts as given by the Administrator and not hearsay or maybes at this stage so it is better to wait.

    Here is the news that we have so far….and whilst delicate negotiations are still going on we do not expect to hear until a final decision has been made.
    Currently and previously there has been enormous pressure on the Bank to reverse this decision and what little news we are receiving seems positive and it seems there are 3 Companies interested in purchasing the Palace so let’s see. Now all we can do is wait for more news.
    The email that I sent was as you know just by way of pre warning however this is as we know it from the end of last week direct from the Administrator
    We all received our dismissal papers a week ago dated 30th June but that was inevitable anyway as all of our work contracts are of course are in the name of a company that does not exist any more so hopefully whoever takes over the Palace will take on some if not all of the staff..

    We are aware this is not an ideal situation for our Members but we can only give you news when we have it and when we get some more news we will of course let you have it.
    We have given all of our members information as we have it and whilst negotiations are ongoing then things are changing it seems daily.

    In the event of permanent closure then there may be an opportunity to let you still have holidays in other places and this will be imparted to you in worst case scenario but we have not given up hope and you shouldn’t either.

    We have been told by the Administrator that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that so far there are 3 entities interested in our purchase which is good news in itself.

    It stands to reason that anyone who is considering paying millions of Euros for an hotel is not going to pay all that money and then keep it closed – that is not good business sense surely?
    Here’s hoping that this mess can be sorted out and quickly for everyone’s benefit but whatever happens good or bad we will of course let yourselves and everyone know as soon as we know more.

    One thing is very certain, there is huge Political pressure to avoid closure and I am aware personally that everything that can be done is being done and we will advise our Members and Owners immediately when we have something more whether it be good or bad..

    Once again thank you for patience and understanding in this matter and once again sincere apologies.

    Current Update:

    We still even at this stage do not know if we will be open after the 30th June as a decision has not been made about which of the 3 prospect buyers will be chosen. Two of the prospect buyers are inclined to honour the obligations and one only wants the hotel but everything is now delayed as it seams the banks are not agreeing.

    The Administrator arrived on Sunday and I hope he can give us some light as to what is happening so we will inform you as soon as possible but as you can understand it is very stressful not to be able to give further information to our members.

    Hopefully I will still be able to welcoming you back.

    Kindest regards


  72. Hello all with an interest in these sad goings on.

    I have just received this email:

    From: FormerMRP []
    Sent: 17 July 2015 14:25

    Dear Regency Members,

    We apologise for the lateness of this email but unfortunately we did not have access to the Palace Database and the Bank’s representatives shut off access to our computers and power source before we were able to send an e mail to try to advise you all of the closure.

    We have had to try to locate over 3,000 email addresses one by one which has taken a considerable amount of time and we could not respond to any emails sent to our work email addresses from the 30th onwards for the reasons given above which we deeply regret.

    Despite high hopes of a reprieve, sadly the banks could not agree on a way forward between them before the 30th June and at present, the Palace still remains closed with security guards in situ.

    No one is sure it seems on what the future holds for the Palace, nor at this stage its Members and Owners.

    For Timeshare Members should you wish to contact the Trustees, their address is:

    First National Trustee Company

    International House,

    Castle Hill,


    Isle of Man IM2 4RB.

    We believe they may however be writing to you but of course they could not assist or offer any help until such time as the fate of the Palace had been established which was not know to them either until the 30th June.

    We nor they are still aware of what will happen in the event of a new owner being found for the Palace.

    If you wish to contact the Court Administrator – Dr Orlando Carvalho his email contacts are:

    For ALL Flexi Members and not just those with DAE Membership there may be an optional alternative even if only as temporary assistance to enable you to have access to the whole of the DAE inventory for cheaper holidays (not just the late breaks) and this is regardless of how many Flexi Certificates you still have remaining to use.

    If you wish to consider this option you can click on the following link for further information:

    We are aware this is not the perfect solution but may be of some help.

    We are afraid that once this email has been sent, this email address will be closed down and we will be unable to enter into further correspondence from this email address.

    We sincerely apologise once again for not having been able to get this information to you all sooner but with all access to emails and contacts severed this has proved to be an almost impossible task.

    We hope that one day we will see you again.

    Kindest regards,

    Marilyn and Ligia

  73. Sorry for gramma in previous post, but basically DAE will not accept any flexi club vouchers from now on, for obvious reasons that they cant send people to MRP. We are basically up the creek without the paddle.

  74. This is now the second time we have lost money on Timeshare. The first time we were mis sold in Wales and, despite the court ordering compensation to everyone involved, the company claimed to be bankrupt and our local Trading Standards were not interested. Now our Flexi Club has gone. Great shame, we love Madeira and feel so sad for the staff of MRP.
    No more holidays for us!

    • If you paid by credit card, contact your customer services line and explain to them. I done this with lloyds tsb and they were very helpful. I was put onto the section that deals with claims under section 75 of consumers act. I have sent copies of all my documents with a letter to them by podt today.

  75. Further to my last about FNTC, the IoM number is now being answered. I was put through to the telephone of the person dealing with MRP, but got an answering machine and asked to leave a message; which I had also done earlier, without receiving a reply.

    In their brochure they state that they protect the interests of over 400,000 timeshare owners, and ensure that the ownership of your secure. We will have to wait and see.

  76. Please add me to a list of any correspondence ,I am owed five flexi weeks,i love Madeira and eant to return!!Suzie in office told me she would be ok as she had been offerd three jobs!!What a joke this all is there were crocodile tears at the information meeting on the Tuesdat after my arrival from our hosts.\don’t worry they said we will keep you informed!!!

  77. I have been advised by FNTC that they act only as guardians of timeshare certificates and are not trustees. They will be writing to eberyone in the near future

  78. Hi Shirley

    Sadly, we used money saved. Hence the loss. We know better now, should have paid by card and paid the bill at the end of the month. We live and learn.
    When we bought our Flexi weeks we were told we could also use the Regency Club, am I right that that has also gone?

  79. Does anyone know who to contact to have name put on the list for future correspondence? I have never had any emails regarding the closure at all.

    Thank you

      • Hi Christine

        We had no emails either, and only found out when I tried to book for next April. Margie said emails had gone to all clients, but certainly not to us, and clearly not to you. There is however lots of blogs about the matter.

        • I received an email from ligia the day before the MRP was closing. She also said she had sent emails back in April – not true. There is a f/b page as well. Good luck with all the reading.!!

  80. We have 10 flexi weeks left and were trying to book for later this year. We were told of the issues but have actually received no further information.
    I have contacted my Credit card company as I used this for the initial deposit. I have sent them as much info as I can find including e mails copied form this blog.
    I am not sure what the outcome will be but I believe that in spite of some of the earlier promises the Flexi club week are well and truly gone so I intend to try to recover what ever I can.

  81. For information, – I was sent this on the 16th June …..

    Thank you for your email to Ligia – it’s Marilyn here.

    This is the latest update we have as of the 4th June – unfortunately we do not have Skype however if you wish to call us at a time that is convenient tomorrow morning we can call you back.
    00351 291 703029

    The email that Ligia sent was just by way of pre warning however this is as we know it from last week direct from the Administrator and not from rumours from taxi drivers and the like who already have 7 different companies having bought the Palace including a Russian and a Chinese company!!

    Currently and previously there has been enormous pressure on the Bank to reverse this decision Now all we can do is wait for more news.
    The Administrator said that whilst the 30th of June for the company was certain, closure is not yet certain.

    We all received our dismissal papers a week ago dated 30th June but that was inevitable anyway as all of our work contracts are of course are in the name of a company that does not exist any more so hopefully whoever takes over the Palace will take on some if not all of the staff.

    We are aware this is not an ideal situation for our Members but we can only give you news when we have it and when we get some more news we will of course let you have it.

    We have given all of our members information as we have it and whilst negotiations are ongoing then things are changing it seems daily.
    We are still not sure how this will pan out however, IF we do close on the 30th June I do not think it will be on a permanent basis.

    We have been told by the Administrator that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that so far there are 3 entities interested in our purchase which is good news in itself
    It stands to reason that anyone who is considering paying millions of Euros for an hotel is not going to pay all that money and then keep it closed – that is not good business sense surely?

    Here’s hoping that this mess can be sorted out and quickly for everyone’s benefit but whatever happens good or bad we will of course let yourselves and everyone know as soon as we know more.

    One thing is very certain, there is huge Political pressure to avoid closure and I am aware personally that everything that can be done is being done and we will advise our Members and Owners immediately when we have something more whether it be good or bad..

    Kindest regards to you from us all!

  82. Hi Folks, this is a somewhat belated entry into the fray. I am responding to a comment posted by Tom F on Monday 13th July, in which he said that claims under section 75 on the 1974 Consumer Credit Act are limited to 6 years. Having spoken to a solicitor friend of mine, he assures me that the 6 year period (“Statute of Limitation” as covered by the Limitation Act of 1980) starts when the breach of contract occurs. We have 6 years from 30th June 2015 to pursue a claim!
    My sign-up with the MRP was in 2007 and I will be pursuing a claim with my credit card company. Despite the above assurance, I remain hopeful rather than confident.
    I will let you know what happens.

  83. Please can you add me to your list for any future correspondence ,as we are owed six weeks over the next three years on flex club . Is there any chance of anyone taking over?

  84. All you need to know Alec… Did you pay by credit card? If so you may be able to retrieve all of your money. Contact the credit card company. If not you have probably no chance. But keep exploring other options and do not give up

  85. Great news arrived this morning…we received some of our money back from our credit card company for the flexi weeks we still had to use! Unexpected bonus..just had to send evidence of our purchase and all the info regarding the closure. 10 / 10 to the RBS….so glad we used our credit card for the whole of our purchase.

    • Congrats Rod. What options are there Shirley, when one used their savings? The link sent offers cheap holidays. We already paid for our holidays with the Flexi Club and cannot afford to waste money, even if it is supposed to be cheap.
      I hope lots more people have success from the card companies.


    • One would like to think they were still hoping to stay open, in which case they would need every penny they could get in order to keep paying the banks.
      As someone who has been taken for a ride by a Timeshare company’s lies, perhaps I am being blinkered.

  87. Hi all I just got an email confirming credit card upholding the claim and money being refunded. To all with credit card payments, keep pestering the Section 75 claims dept. of your company and send as much info as you can. It can take up to eight weeks to arrive. MRP’s failure to respond to any correspondence from the claims people within 14 days means you should get some cash. Good Luck all.

  88. For Shirley
    Keep evidence of the 2 letters or emails (hopefully dated as well) sent to your card company. Give up to eight weeks and send a dated email requesting a letter of deadlock then go through the Financial Ombudsmen (look on internet for your local one) again if there is no response within 14 days the Ombudsman will take up the case

  89. For S. Simler,

    Hi, good to hear you are getting your money back, thank you for posting this valuable information, gives us all hope.

    Can I ask, did they refund the total amount that you paid for the whole of the Contract period, or just the balance of the time you had left to run.? I have requested a claims form, just waiting for it to arrive. Am now feeling a bit more positive about everything.

    • hi everyone…we only claimed for our unused flexinweeks and that’s what we were refunded. We think that was very fair as we had enjoyed the other weeks we had used.

  90. Hi PC

    I got my deposit back and refused to pay the balance which was due ironically, on the 28th May, when the s**t hit the fan.
    If you had flexi weeks that are unused, I would imagine that would be the extent of your refund. Just remember to send copies of your certs to the card company as proof of non usage. If you are timeshare holder then I’m not sure. Just stick with it and keep all correspondence. Good Luck

  91. Re latest email from Marilyn and Ligia ‘…..the Palace still remains closed with security guards in situ….’ So, who’s paying the security guards???

  92. Thank you everyone for your helpful input re section 75 claims. Mine was a 30 year timeshare contract, 15 years still to run. I only telephoned the CC company on Friday for a claim form. They said would take 3/5 working days.I have already copied all my documents, so will see what they make of it, when I send in the claim. I will keep posting, let everyone know the outcome.

  93. Hello Rod Heald or anyone else who can help. We have our original invoice for 4 weeks that we purchased. We used 2 of them and our bank are now asking for terms and conditions which we cannot find. We have sent copy of the unused certificate(flexi plan) to them and the invoice and details of closure. Does any one have a terms and conditions page that could be emailed to me.?

  94. Hi Shirley

    I would think that just the original agreement would be fine. That, and the invoice, was all I sent. Your issue for the claim is ‘Breach of Contract’. Your agreement states clearly you can book most weeks except the flower festival and a couple of other dates. MRP are not letting you have ANY. If the bank are still reticent wait the 8 weeks and get the deadlock letter. You can find more help here

  95. Hi all posters,

    Have any of you claiming under section 75 been for the original Timeshare Contracts written between 1999 – 2002, or are you all Flexi week or points.? Reason I am asking is that I have read that section 75 does not apply in some circumstances. Our terms and conditions state that we are bound under the rules of British Virgin Islands, as originally Madeira Regency Palace Ltd company was registered in Tortola, BVI and our contracts bound under the Island rules,.even though our holiday base resort is in Madeira, and our deposit was paid into Euros. The balance was paid in GBP into a branch of HSBC in London. FNTC the (supposed) Trustees are of course registered in the Isle of Man. With hindsight I suppose we should never have signed anything at all.!!!!! Someone wrote earlier in June, on this blog that the Millennium Bank who had an interest in MRP were trying to prove that our contracts were illegal, because the owners were not registered under Portuguese law to sell Timeshare. I wonder whether this is the case.?
    Have now received the section 75 claims form from my credit card company, so I will fill it in and return it to them and see what they say. But I am not confident the outcome will be positive.

  96. My credit card company told me that they will only refund money paid out in the last 6 years. I had upgraded 7 years ago and then extended for extra years last year. I have been refunded last years money but they said they were unable to refund me the £8000 which I was in credit from earlier payments made by credit card.

  97. Tom F
    try the ombudsman route re the 6 year rule, understand the 6 years start from the breach of contract which is 30 june 2015. Some credit card companies implement their own time periods. Which are outside the actual law. Good luck

  98. hi tom just looked up time limits it is quite clear you have 6 years to pursue your claim with card company . nothing to do with 7 years ago being invalid. keep at them.

  99. Hi, just an update, have had contact following my section 75 claim from CC provider.
    They did not query that my claim was for a payment in 2002, nor anything about where the Company was registered. Also nothing regarding Portuguese Law etc. etc.
    Their query is that at the moment the Company is in Administration, not liquidated. And that they have to wait to see whether someone buys the resort and I am then able to continue as before.Therefore not
    being out of pocket.
    I have written to both Administrator and FNTC, gave them 28 days to reply and that is now time up. But CC provider wanted me to email Administrator, which I have to ask what is happening.
    I have gone along with this at the moment, but having read about section 75, both the CC and the supplier of services are jointly liable, and that if no satisfaction can be gained from the supplier then the CC provider are liable. Also, that even if the Company is only in Administration a claim can still be sought under section 75, if the services are not going to be available ( holidays taken). Even if the holiday period is in months to come. Under a term “anticipatory breach”. Got this from the Martin Lewis website, he is pretty cute, and his advice usually accurate. Also, that it is up to the CC to do the running, not the customer ( although I have done all I possibly can ).
    My CC said they had other claims for the same resort, so I suppose they are trying to hold off the rush of claims, if someone is known to be successful.
    I will contact my CC again, and query this point regarding Administration and Liquidation. But if don’t get any positive results, will contact the Financial Ombudsman.

    • Many thanks for update PC I put in a claim to CC company under section 75 on 5th July and have not received any payment yet

      Martin Lewis is fantastic…will go onto his website …was it easy to get him to reply? Am going to Madeira soon (booked somewhere else) as flights were booked last December…. Is there anything else I can do whilst over there?

      • We used all the advice from Martin’s website, sent copies of all our documentation plus print offs from this website forum and a letter we sent to the administrator. We then had a credit put on our RBS credit card for the UNUSED weeks of our flexi certificates…

  100. Hi Shirley,

    Have your CC company contacted you regarding the claim since July 5th , and agreed they would give you a refund, or asked you any more questions. As I only put my claim in 14 days ago and they contacted me on Friday, to say they were waiting to find out whether the Administration became Liquidation. They didn’t say I wasn’t eligible just that they were awaiting more information, but I think they are stalling for time.As they have other claims from the MRP.

    The information I got regarding the rules of section 75, was from The Money Saving Expert website, which is information from Martin Lewis. It gives the rules about section 75, and what guidelines the CC company have to adhere to by law. Have a read and see what you think.

    We are missing our Madeira holidays this year, and were due to go on 28th September. I would like to think that as we are unable to go, that we would be eligible for a refund, plus we have paid maintenance for two apartments for 2015, and where has this money gone.?

    Not sure that you can do any more when you go to Madeira, except maybe go and see whether the police still have the Incident tape across the entrances, and security guards. Or if anything has changed.

    Hope you enjoy your holiday, luckily we hadn’t booked our flights for September as we didn’t use our other week in June, as we heard a rumour the Hotel might close and didn’t want to book flights and get there to find we had no accommodation.

  101. Thanks for info Rod,

    I can only wait now, see what my cc provider says. I have asked them why another cc provider would pay out under section 75, for future accommodation not able to be used, at the same resort that I am claiming against, when the company is only in administration. But why they won’t.
    My claim now gone to complaints department, awaiting response, will keep posted.

  102. Hi all,

    Just to say that my cc providers complaints dept, today ‘phoned me to make an offer of settlement under section 75, which I have accepted.

    They must have decided that they were not complying with the rules under section 75. They are paying me the remaining 15 years left to run, on my agreement, plus my 2015 maintenance payment for the apartment.

    I am happy with the result, and hope everyone else claiming gets what they are owed. As my original cc payment was in 2002, this disproves the theory about the six year time limit. The time limit starts when the Breach of contract occurs, which was the 30th June 2015, not when the payment was made.

  103. my mother and father in law arrived on the island yesterday to discover that the hotel had closed
    they have now had to pay to stay in alternative accommodation and my heart breaks for them. they didn’t get any correspondence whatsoever from this sham of a hotel and arrived there to find the place had closed . absolutely disgusting
    they are not only out of pocket for the 8 weeks they have paid for via the flexi scheme but they’ve also had to pay out on a credit card for another hotel!

    am i right in thinking they can try and claim this money back if they paid for the weeks on a credit card? they bought 8 weeks back in october and this was their first attempt to use them
    should they speak to the bank before anybody else?
    any advice would be much appreciated. heart goes out to all who have fallen victim to these scum bags

      • Hi Shirley
        Yes it seems like some of it was paid for on a credit card and some was paid from savings. I’m guessing any compensation re their savings is out of the question so the only thing we can hope is that the cc company reimburse them
        they have an email account but had no emails from the hotel about the closure and so arrived there last night to find the place completely empty. They’re now at the regency club (I think) but are heartbroken as you can imagine and very much out of pocket !

  104. So sorry to hear of this sad situation.under the rules of section 75 credit card company are liable for the whole amount even if only part was paid on cc,as long as it all relates to the same transaction. I wish them well.

    • Thanks for the info . Will let them know that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. The hotel that they are now staying at have given them free half board and upgraded them to a suite as a goodwill gesture .
      Good luck with your claim, let us know how you get on!

  105. I have not had any emails either and only found out about the closure when I found this website. I have contacted my cc company and will be submitting my claim for unused flexi club weeks.

  106. Hi All. I’ve only just got to hear about the closure of the RP. Like a lot of people we have 5 unused credits linked to the RP flexi club. I can see from the posts above that those who paid by cc seem to making some progress in claiming back some of their costs. Looking back at our records it appears we paid through our Visa debit card. I’m not sure where to begin in an attempt tp get some money back or at least have the 5 weeks holiday we’re owed. Any advise would be much appreciated. Steve

    • My husband and I also paid by Visa debit card and we don’t know how to go about recovering some sort of compensation. It’s very unfair that those people who paid by credit card seem to be the only ones who can recoup their monies.

  107. P.C. Which CC Company.has agreed to pay out . I think it is important for us to know. We can then quote that Company as a precedent to other companies if they refuse.

  108. Good morning everyone,

    It is fantastic to read that your Section 75 claims are being accepted!
    I received a call yesterday from the Section 75 department of Tesco bank asking for some information regarding the resort. Hopefully that will help further claims with them.

    We would love to publish experiences that you have had in respect to making these claims as this will help others who do not use this blog to consider pursuing their own.

    If anyone would be willing to share their story, please email us-

    Kindest regards and good luck to everyone


  109. Thank you to all who jogged the memory about claiming on a credit card. I sent in a claim to NatWest Mastercard for half of the 6 weeks paid for, using emails and scans of documents. After 11 days (7 working days) the exact amount claimed has been credited to the account. A cheque would have been more convenient, but I’m not quibbling: if that isn’t good service, I don’t know what is.

  110. Information about debit card chargeback can be found on the internet. Here are two possible links:
    Hope that helps.
    As for fairness, I would agree that making the credit card companies liable seems a little odd. The rules may have been set up to try to prevent irresponsible lending. In the case of debit cards, no lending is involved.

  111. Hi, we bought flexi week in 2009 and we have 4 remaining week. We are Hungarian and paid the week by debit card in 2009 June. Whom we should contact, any advice? Thanks

  112. Follow up to credit card claim. NatWest have sent a letter confirming the credit, with the following, in short:
    – they are checking with the retailer’s bank
    – they may return to me later if actions questioned of if further information received.
    If anything of relevance happens, I’ll report on it.

  113. Hi all,

    Have just had the refund paid into my Bank Account by my credit card company, Barclaycard. My original deposit payment was made by this card in 2003, the balance by cheque, for my Timeshare agreement.
    They made a fair offer, which I accepted of a refund for all the weeks that I am unable to use up to 2031, plus they agreed to add to this the maintenance payment for this apartment, that MRP should not have taken, as no maintenance was going to be done for my benefit.
    From submission of claim form to now, this has taken only 22 working days. I am happy and hope that other people in the same position who paid part of the bill using a credit card will also be able to claim under Section 75.

  114. Thinking of registering ‘Right To Occupy’ to help secure a hold on our flexi-weeks. This of course is not a guarantee but is there anybody out there who is considering this or who have already gone down this path?

    • If I was you I would go to a local Citizen Advice bureau, or you can go to the ombudsman and put in a claim, again CAB or a solicitor would be useful. you should get 15-30 mins free consultation with a solicitor, so make sure you have enough facts, questions, and write down his answers. . good luck

  115. Barclaycard ..a few years ago did not want to know about my credit card protection policy re Sentinel..I WON IN THE END.. DO NOT GIVE UP.. KEEP BADGERING THEM We are still struggling since 5th July re TESCO BANK…I WILL NOT GIVE UP as they owe under section 75,,,Next step is the Ombudsman AAARGHH

  116. I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones. I submitted my claim using Martyn Lewis’ Section 75 template and also claimed, as per template, for accommodation that I’d had to book following the demise of the Palace. My claim was sent on 22 July, they acknowledged within a week, then asked for evidence of subsequent booking (sent this and copy of flight booking to show date!). They suggested that the hotel was in administration and might therefore re-open. My response was that once we’d been paid out for the unused weeks we wouldn’t have them to use in the unlike event that the hotel re-opened. Letter from Santander Zero dated 3 September saying ‘payment in full and final settlement’ would be made (this included consequential loss ie re-booking cost). Money is already back in the account!

    Maybe this gives some hope to those still struggling/yet to claim.

    • Well done Sueann, I have also been successful, my money is apparently going into my account in the next few days. I didn’t use martin Lewis form tho, I just sent copies of my certificates & proof of purchase with a covering letter, after a few emails and a bit of waiting I got offered a settlement.

  117. Rosemarie, I made a claim to Barclaycard using Section 75. I telephoned for a claim form and completed and sent back with copies of Contracts,and letters to both Administrator and Trustees. And explaining that I had no answer from either in the 30 days that I had stipulated. Barclaycard telephoned me very quickly following receipt of my claim. They said that they were not able to give me an answer as to if they would pay out because the MRP was only in Administration and did I know if it was going into Liquidation, ? Also that I may still be able to still use the apartment if someone else bought the Resort.
    I was not happy with this answer as the MRP was quite clearly in Breach of Contract, and this had occurred on the day the Hotel closed, and I was not able to book flights for my September week or be sure the resort would be open.They also said that all the credit card companies had to adhere to the same rules under section 75.
    I was not happy with this answer so I carried out a lot of research and on this blog, someone said they had been paid out by RBS for the MRP resort. I also read that the Financial Ombudsman had upheld a complaint ( not sure which c.c) and a Company had only been in Administration. So this could not be a reason for Barclaycard not to pay out. Two days later I rang BC again, and the same objection was raised. I told them that RBS had paid out and if they all used the same rules (which they told me they did) then there was no reason why I should not get my money back.I also quoted the Financial Ombudsman information.
    I asked that my claim be escalated to a complaint immediately, as I was unhappy with their answer and objections and was going to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman if I got no satisfaction. Someone from Complaints department returned my call within two hours. I still fought my corner, and they asked for another 24 hours to make further enquiries. 24 hours later I received the call and answer I wanted to hear, They made an offer that I accepted, based on the number of years still to run which amounted to 15 years. I also asked for a refund of the maintenance payment MRP accepted for this year, and this was added to my claim.
    From start to finish my claim took 22 days, and the refund was sent to my Bank.
    Don’t give up, did they give you a reason as to why they would not consider a section 75 claim .?

  118. Today they Barclaycard say that will not pay as hotel in administration.I told them it would not be sold as any buyer has to take on their debts.

    I said I would take to financial ombudsman, and have sent letter today,
    My claim had already gone to complaints debt, I have already sent letters that I had tried to contact administrator
    This has been going on for 8weeks since my first letter to B/C
    Today’s letter came Northampton, but other letters had to be sent to Leicester.
    A name from you from who dealt with your case would help.Thank you for reply

  119. Hi Rosemarie,

    My original claim form and the later complaint, and finally the offer all dealt with from Northampton.
    The Martin Lewis website gives info that ‘you can make a claim as soon as the Company goes into Administration -even if the service has not taken place (i.e. holiday week not used) under Anticipatory Breach.
    I claimed under Breach of Contract, which occurred on the 30th June 2015, and wrote this on my claim form. I also quoted to them that I had read on this blog that someone had been paid out under section 75, for the MRP (in administration) by RBS credit card. So why couldn’t BC, and that I felt I was not being treated fairly as if one pays out the rules must be the same for all credit card companies.
    There must be lots of administration telephone staff who deal with the complaints department, the name of yours will be on the letter.Did you ask BC for a letter of deadlock or have you just written to the Financial Ombudsman. The name of the person who dealt with my complaint was Nicola Reed. Hope this helps, can’t think how they can pay out for one person but not another, rules are rules.

  120. Nationwide have refused my claim under section 75 for flexi weeks.
    Payment was made to Regency Palace by credit card letter of receipt was from Regency Hotels and Resorts.
    Nationwide say their contract is with Regency Palace only not a third party.
    Has anyone had this problem please.

  121. Has anyone had problems with Nationwide . I sent off a claim 9 weeks ago and yesterday received a letter from them refusing to pay under Section 75. The reason given was the contract was with Regency Palace not Regency hotels and resorts as the letterhead stated Please can anyone let me know what is printed on your letterhead .

  122. Dear Terry you may be aware Regency Club and Regency Cliff Hotels have not been part of the Regency Palace set up for some considerable time. The 2 above were seperated and are owned by the legit side of the organisation. Nationwide are dragging their heels but your breach of contract is still valid under section 75. They will wriggle but you must be persistent because you have suffered a loss. Good luck

  123. Bill
    Thanks for the information I will keep trying.
    Nationwide reply was .
    Whilst I appreciate that you have a purchase receipt this does not allow me to establish a fundamental criteria under section 75,for example the Debtor-Creditor-Supplier agreement.
    Thank you

  124. Hi Terry nationwide are not being very helpful or honest with us , your contract was with regency palace thats all that matters . The breach of contract was caused by them , it is up to nationwide to cover your losses under sect 75 . It is up to them to pursue the the recovery of losses from the scammers who caused you to be out of pocket by way of loss of holidays , time etc. They will wriggle to avoid paying anyone if allowed to, do not give in they will have to pay in the end . Their claims dept are encouraged to reject sect 75 because it costs them money, but its one of their obligation in law to be a card provider. Its tough on them but not your problem . Do not give up what ever you do , others are still after them to honour their obligation under english statute law. Good luck .


  126. Hi shirley , glad to see you have salvaged something and the weather is good , I fly out next Sunday . All I would advise is be very careful in talking to anyone and mean anyone conected to regency palace both now and in the past . What may look a good deal could put your back in the same situation . Try the hotel escola , basic but excellent service and value for money , and suprise suprise. You only pay a small deposit and the balance when you leave .

  127. Hi Terry,

    I have claimed and been paid out by Barclaycard recently, for remaining weeks left to run, on my Timeshare purchased from Madeira Regency Palace in 2003, plus the maintenance I paid for this apartment in advance for year 2015.

    My credit card deposit payment went to Madeira Regency palace (shown on merchant slip) and balance by cheque to Madeira Regency palace bank account, that was then held at HSBC Poultry & Princes In London. The Group have since changed banks many times, the results of which we know.

    The heading on my letter of confirmation all those years ago was still Regency Hotels and Resorts, as had the rules of occupancy. The Regency Hotels and Resorts group at the time of my purchase consisted of Madeira Regency Club, Madeira Regency palace and the Lisboa Regency Chiado in Portugal. Later the Regency Cliff was added, when it was built.
    I have an original brochure showing this connection. Also showing all the diverse types of businesses the Groupo Camacho as they called themselves had an interest in, seemingly a very powerful family of entrepreneurs.
    If the rules of section 75 are the same for all the credit card companies, if one pays out surely they all must. On this Blog alone RBS, Halifax Clarity /Lloyds banking group ,Natwest, Santander zero and Barclaycard ( although BC are refusing to pay others) have all paid out under section 75.
    Lastly, I recently received an email response from Orlando Carvalho (The Judicial Administrator) for the MRP which was in Portuguese, has anyone else had this.? I managed to get some sort of translation through Google. The message seems to be that Cunha,Santos & Camacho (who owned all the Regency Hotels) were declared Insolvent on 03/09/2015, and Timeshare Owners have to demand credit back through the next Court Hearing.

  128. Terry, You are more than welcome. We have all been affected by the closure of the MRP, with loss of expected annual holidays, and loss of initial monies paid.

    If we can help one another, with any information we have, to get something back as a way of compensation, that will make us all feel that some justice has been done.

    Good Luck, keep posting.

  129. Hi PC
    Would it be possible for you to give me your details (privately of course) so I can “use” you, for want of a better expression, as an example, as Barclaycard have just refused me because the Hotel is in Administration rather than liquidation, so no breach of contract has yet occurred (their words)
    My email address is ajb1605 at

  130. Hi andy , the breach of contract occurred in our case when our bookings were refused well before the 30th june. No one has been able to use the regency since they shut the doors although people have still been turning up due to lack of info from the so called team . The administration as far as I can see was made in sept. The social security will get their money first as always if not in cash by way of selling properties 27 in all . We cannot use the time we paid for in advance by credit card as the place is not open for use which is a breach of contract

  131. Hi Andy,

    I am happy to help on this blog, with any information I can, that may give ideas as to how to persuade BC to support other peoples section 75 claims. Not sure I want my name to be on the BC blacklist though.

    Have a read of the other posts I have made on here. 167,169,171,172,196 & 204. This is how my case was concluded, just by quoting other credit card companies who had already paid out for MRP in Administration. Plus information gleamed online from Martin Lewis website, and Financial Ombudsman information.

  132. Hi PC (and all)
    Have just spoken to BC who are “holding back” until the receive word of the liquidation. They (kindly) say they are not refusing my claim!!!. just “holding back!”

    To that effect, as I’ve heard diddly-squat back from Orlando Carvalho, could I possibly ask you to forward me his email (with your details removed) so I can send it ro BC?

  133. B/C have refused me again today, want proof from court that it will not reopen. Dealing with a Diane Ellis
    Says claim still open and doesn’t see how other people have been paid by them!!!

    • I’m dealing with Dianne Ellis too, she said today they were having a meeting about Madeira claims but no payouts yet; but she herself escalated my claim to a complaint, will keep you advised

  134. Hi Andy,

    Have sent you the email I received from Orlando Carvalho. It is of course in Portuguese. Am sure BC will be able to translate it. But actually under section 75, they should be the people who are doing the investigations, not the customers.

  135. With regards to the many posts re The Regency Palace closure and subsequent losses for both time share and flexi club members, we have made a claim to our credit card provider which we used to pay the deposit (thank goodness we did) and have just received not only the deposit, but the the balance that we paid by direct bank transfer. Thie claim was made under section 75 of the UK consumer credit act. So in short this is the way to go if anyone has paid some or all the monies with a credit card. Good luck.

  136. Just to keep people informed (as the string seems to have gone a bit quiet) I have had a letter from BC complaints, saying they will “resolve matters” (whatever that means) by 15th November.
    I rang them up to ask why I was being made to wait a further 6-7 weeks, and they said that’s an absolute worst case, they would hope to deal with things quicker but these things have to work on first come first served basis, and there’s a backlog.
    I will keep you informed.

    • A follow up to your post Andy – I mailed off a claim to BC on 21st Sept, I then received a phone call from them as quickly as 25th Sept to say our initial deposit had been refunded to our Credit Card account as a ‘goodwill gesture’ but we wouldn’t be able to draw on it until the matter had been fully resolved. As for receiving a refund of the balance, this was being looked into and we could expect a resolution within the next 60 days; they were aware of the situation and each case was being treated on its own individual circumstances. Fingers crossed they’ll settle accordingly.

  137. Hi Can anyone help me please. I bought my Madeira Regency Palace on 7th March 2004 paid by an Alliance & Leicester credit card. However, I do not have the credit card slip and do not know who the payment was made to. Can anyone suggest any names?

    • Hi Susie

      If you ask Alliance & Leicester for statements of that date, that should give you the answer you need, you will also need copies of the statement to send to section 75 of your credit card. I think you will find though that it was just Madeira Regency Palace..
      I have been very lucky through LLoyds TSB, My brother & I bought the flexi club holidays, and we have had a proportion of our money back. I wish you good luck .
      Chrissy x

  138. Hi Christine
    Thanks for your reply. MBNA issued my Alliance & Leicester Credit Card and I have asked them for the statements but they say they are unable to provide me with this information.

    • Hi Susie

      I have found something else when looking through my files, so I hope this helps. It was a Payment order /credit transfer form they gave me.

      Banco Espirito Santo (Bank)

      Address: Estrada Monumental, 275, 9001-401, Funchal (which was MRP address)

      IBAN no: PT50 007 0389 0000 8860 01891 ( I think this is account number)

      Beneficiary’s Name: Cunha Santos & Camachos Turismo S.A.

      This is what I had to use to do a bank transfer, sorry about other info, I think banks don’t keep info passed 7 years. I really hope that this helps you and you can get some of your money back.
      good luck
      Chrissy x

  139. Hi Susie,

    I purchased my timeshare in 2003, to run for 30 years. My deposit paid by cc was paid to Madeira Regency palace Ltd at HSBC bank Poultry & Princes Street, London. My Contract was with Madeira Regency Palace Ltd.

    Between 2003 and 2005 my maintenance payments were paid to Madeira Regency palace Ltd HSBC London bank, but in 2006 I had to pay Cunha Santos & Camachos-Condominios at the Millennium Bank BCP in Funchal. By 2008 payable to Cunha Santos & Camachos Turismo SA to Banco Esprito Santo in Funchal. My last payment in 2014 was made out to Cunha Santos, SA no bank slip detail shown.?

    To make a section 75 claim MBNA will ask for evidence of the amounts paid and to whom, and I believe cc card and Banks say they only hold details and statements for 7 or 9 years.? Do some online research and see whether it is possible to obtain all records they hold for you for a £10 fee ,maybe someone else posting here knows more.?

    I was issued with a folder with all my details and Contract, which I kept, if you have this it may give details of the Company you paid and the amounts. That may be a start.

    Good Luck in your search, maybe some of this information will help.

  140. Hi Chrissy and PC
    Thank you so much for your helpful comments. I have, today, requested a Section 75 Claim Form from MNBA and also paid £10 to see if I can retrieve the credit card statements. I have found a Madeira Regency Palace Resort letter saying that they have received my final payment and a Membership Application which states the balance that had to be paid. I also have a letter from FNTC enclosing my Membership Certificate. Do you think this will be enough evidence?

  141. Hi All
    I’ve just had a phone call from BC to not only offer me a full refund but give me £50 to apologise for having had to chase them.

    This was after telling me they would let me know the outcome by 15th November, so I’m doubly happy with them.

    If it gives others hope, I had bought 4 weeks in advance to be taken over the next ten (9) years, so if you’re in a similar boat, be encouraged.

    Thanks to all the group for the mutual support, especially PC who tipped the scales for me. Best of luck to you all.


  142. Hi Andy,

    So pleased to hear your good news, that BC finally came round to your way of thinking and gave you some extra compensation. Glad to have been able to be of assistance. The floodgates have now finally been opened, making it more difficult for them to refuse others refunds.

    Regards PC.

  143. Hi All

    Am happy to let you know that we have received our money back from Tesco Credit Card and we received £25 for having to chase them so many times! Well done Andy for receiving £50… Am gutted! Seriously do not give up any of you who paid by credit card. To be fair to Tesco ,we had lost our merchant slip from 2011 but they found it in a few minutes when we telephoned them at the beginning of July. Just returned from Madeira and the area around MRP is looking very sad with shop closures etc and still half derelict buildings but the rest of it was beautiful and the Marina finished and the sun shone for 14 days without any rain at all in the day

  144. Hi Terry & Brian M,

    I assume both of you are getting the reasons for non payment from Nationwide’s claims department. Have you asked them why they are unable to prove a link between debtor-creditor-supplier. Other credit card companies have been able to, as we have been paid out. On this Blog, RBS,Halifax Clarity/Lloyds banking group,Nat West,Santander Zero and Barclaycard all seem able to prove a link.? Nationwide should be contacting these cc companies to ask them on what grounds they have paid out.

    Ask them the question and tell them you don’t think you are being treated fairly, as the a breach of contract has occurred due to the MRP closing, and it was the MRP that you paid your money to.Under section 75 if the merchant has gone bust, you can only go to the credit card company for a refund.

    Give them a chance to answer this, and If they still refuse your claim, tell them you want the claim escalated to a complaint immediately,as you feel you are not being treated fairly, and that if they won’t accept your claim, you will take it to the Financial Ombudsman so they can make a decision. Financial Ombudsman is a free service . Get information from Money saving Expert, Martin Lewis’s website how to claim if you need to.

    Just be firm with them, best of luck.

  145. Susie, you should be able to register for on-line statements of your credit cards, at the card issuer’s website, and simply print them off.
    I haven’t heard of a “Section 75 Claim form”, as you describe, but if your card issuer ‘MBNA’ has one, then use it. However a simple, but accurate letter, accompanied by statements, etc, should be enough for them to settle your claim.
    I had actually paid up front for 10 years usage at 2 weeks per year, including all maintenance fees – which seemed at the time a good deal, as we liked the Regency very much. I paid installments over a 3 month period, using two different credit cards, a debit card, and cheques, and my Section 75 claim was settled in full and promptly, so good luck with yours.

    • I’ve had the letter from BC offering me the full amount, plus £50 for giving me reason to complain. Nobody give up, there is light for many of us

  146. Anne, rather than try and answer you, without knowing your circumstances, I suggest you read carefully through this entire thread, which should give you a good picture of where you stand. Good luck

  147. Still having problems with Halifax and Barclaycard, cannot get them to see that my timeshare is from 2005 and my Flexi weeks from 2010 both separate contracts both operational until 2023 .[ until place closed}
    Have given them this website to view
    Cant understand why some people are getting paid and others not , my claims went in on july 7th.with all correct paperwork
    It takes so long to get through on phone to right person and they don’t return calls.

    • Hi Rosemarie

      Make sure you copy all your documents and send them( signed for) and email the CEO of each company letting them know about your unresolved problem and don’t give up! I did this and did not speak to just anyone on the phone and always got their name.. Complaints department or CEO department usually works. Good luck

    • Hi had the same issues with nationwide and went to complaints dept, now had an offer of settlement plus awaiting compensation. I share your frustration but keep going it is your right to be paid out

    • I know this might sound a bit silly, but could you apply each one separately. I only had flexi weeks and got compensation from Lloyds.
      Good luck

      • I agree with Chrissy, I’d definately separate the claims – they seem to be addressing the flexi-weeks claims quicker than the timeshare ones, at least I get that impression.

  148. Hi all,
    I made a claim to Barclaycard on September 17th with back-up documentation, had a couple of phone calls and a few more bits of back-up; made me an offer yesterday very close to the amount I was asking for. Well done Barclaycard !!
    I made a claim to Halifax on 14th September, received a letter on 5th October saying that as I had not replied to their invisible letters they were closing the claim. Telephoned and was asked to e-mail to LLoyds Banking Disputes and the claim was reopened. Had a phone call today from Halifax to say that they were trying to establish whether MRP was in liquidation or administration – I pointed out that many cc companies were already paying out but they said it would probably be another 14 days before all was sorted !! Could do much better !!
    Good luck if you are still trying, keep at it.

  149. I am very sorry for the members-including myself-I have not visited for about five years. hence my time share hols have been on hold. Further to this what happens to our funds -those of us who made annual payments to Camacho- we sacrifice our own pleasures to help him with the running costs and he was just funding a luxurious lifestyle. No one has accepted the responsibility our to be accountable for the moneys the borrowed from us!! I hope he rot in hell.

    • Sadly he is not rotting in hell. The Millennium Bank is aiding and abetting his criminal activities by allowing him to buy back the Regency Club at a discount . He has already bought back the boat via a third party at a discount. With his connections with the President and Court Administrated his fraudulent activities at the Palace have not been formally investigated by the Police. He is not serving his prison sentence for defrauding the Government. In fact he is doing alright. Crime definitely pays in Portugal and its sad to see Madeira becoming corrupt and being run by criminals.

  150. Hi, I agree with the suggestion to escalate claims to complaint. As soon as my cc Company questioned the validity of my claim I asked for it to be escalated to a complaint immediately. Within 48 hours an offer was made.

  151. Interesting information from Peter, regarding Camacho and the way he has been able to get away with his fraudulent activities, and still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

    No prison sentence, no police investigation regarding the MRP, and being able to re acquire his yacht, and the Regency Club, at a discount. The Camacho’s are obviously a very influential family in Madeira, and as such are linked to people at high levels, so will be untouchable.

    If he does purchase the Regency Club, I wonder what will happen to the existing timeshare owners there. Presumably as they were still able to go to the resort while the Millennium bank were in administration they will not have been able to claim back their money under section 75, as we were at the MRP.

    Such a beautiful island spoilt by corruption.

  152. We claimed for unused flexi-weeks from Nationwide under Section 75 on 12 August. Everything then went quiet for a while until they made their offer, which we have accepted, on September 30th.
    We simply have to contact them if we are offered any sort of compensation by the hotel in the future, which seems extremely unlikely.
    Thanks to this forum for useful discussion and Good Luck to you all.

  153. Money received from BC!!! they asked me if I’d like it into my bank account – I said yes, so they put it on my credit card!!! Gotta love them.
    I hope at least most of you are having similar success.

  154. I have been assuming that having had my timeshare at MRP for over twelve years, and having made my annual payments by bank-transfer, I have little chance of recovering anything. Has anyone found otherwise?

    • Hi Peter
      I hope you have cancelled your transfers now. Also from what I understand and have read on here, if you have made any payments by your credit card, I.e deposit, then you should be allowed to claim under section 75 from your provider I.e bank.
      If you send them copies of your statemenys and proof of purchase, you might be within a chance!!! If you have also purchased flexi weeks, put in a separate claim for these. I understand that people have been having problems when they send the two together.
      I hope this helps, and I wish you good luck

  155. Submitted claim to Barclaycard on 5th October with all the usual documents provided some additional information on 20th and received letter accepting my claim today i.e. 23 days with no hassle fact they have been most helpful throughout, so I assume everyone should have success as long as deposit was paid with credit card. Ours in fact was made with an Egg credit card which was subsequently taken over by Barclaycard.

  156. I have been promised refund by Halifax for Flexi weeks
    Still no action from MBNA and Barclaycard on 2 separate timeshares, they say they want a reply from administrator,a though I see others have been repaid by Barclaycard, Claim was put in on 7 July
    I have now sent the details to Ombudsman

  157. Rosemarie, sorry to hear that Barclaycard are still dragging their heels with regard to some peoples claims.

    Myself and others have been paid out by Barclaycard. I can only assume their different departments are not passing on relevant facts, that would give them the information they say they need to enable them to pay up.

    The Financial Ombudsman’s job is to ensure that customers are treated fairly by financial organisations and hopefully the case will be settled in your favour.

    Good Luck .PC.

  158. Hi All,
    Just received full payment from Barclaycard AND Halifax into my bank account. Perseverance has paid off.
    If at first you don’t succeed, do not give up !!
    Good luck !!

    • Hi Shirley

      We always used a credit card but not always the same one when we upgraded or bought flexi weeks but I am certain I have not used it to the extent of this amount.

  159. Hello David

    Try to find all of your merchant transactions and send them off together with all the agreements. Good luck. I was with Tesco bank and they did pay out and also found my lost merchant transaction from 2011

  160. Hi- I wanted to leave a comment as it was this thread which prompted me to encourage my parents to claim under section 75. Also the advice on Martin Lewis website was really helpful:
    The important point is that if you have paid any small amount of the deposit on your credit card then you are covered for the full amount of what you have paid out. They have been successful in getting the full amount of what they were owed (by the hotel for unused weeks) back from two different credit card companies (Post Office and Nat West). Their case was slightly more complicated because they had used some remaining weeks from the first purchase to buy more on the second purchase- but they’ve still managed to claim back money for all the remaining weeks they had not used (over £6,000 worth).

    I’m so relieved for them! I hope others are successful in claiming too. The corruption of the company who sold them the flexi weeks is disgraceful. Thank goodness for Section 75! 🙂

  161. We successfully claimed from our bank using ‘claimback’ because we used a debit card to purchase our flexi-weeks.. We sent as much information as possible including the letter sent to court administrator in Portuguese and English (used Google translate) and the court’s reply. We used the terms ‘breach of contract’ and ‘suspected fraud.’ on the claim form.

    The bank were excellent and credited the account within three weeks.

  162. Hi all,

    Once you have all been paid out after this fiasco, will everyone still be travelling to Madeira for holidays.

    We love the island and the people and have missed our holidays this year at the MRP. Although the resort was becoming a bit tired it was a friendly familiar place to stay. Can anyone recommend an alternative good resort where we can book to stay next year.?

    Would appreciate any views you have.

    Regards PC.

    • I’ve booked for June at the Cliff Bay. It’s a bit upmarket from the MRP, and more expensive, (sister to Reid’s Palace) but it has a lot of what MRP had, it even looks remarkably similar, with the benefit of being that much closer to town.

      We’ll still jump on the bus and have a dinner at Espettus, though – they must have been hit by the closure too! And we’ll be in town for the fireworks, looking forward to it already.

      Good luck to those of you still fighting the good fight.

  163. Andy, can I correct you re Cliff Bay, it is not a sister to Belmont Reids, it is close by but it is part of the very good Porto Bay group. You have chosen an excellent hotel.I am sure you will have a great stay

    • Yes Joanne, you’re quite right, of course.
      I realised as soon as I posted – what I should have said was that it was designed by the same architect (I believe) in a quite similar design, and sits on pretty much the same promentary.
      I’ve been looking at a few of the Porto Bay hotels since we booked, and they will certainly be contenders when we return again with a slightly smaller budget. (i.e. not armed with our MRP refund!)

    • I recommend you all move to the Porta Mare where you will realise how out of date and poor value the MRP was.
      Having had timeshare at both, the Residence is a clear winner.
      Yes, more expensive but well worth the extra.
      You have full use of all the Porta Bay group hotels’ facilities even the ability to swop to Lisbon, Brasil and into Funchal town or the golf resort in the hills.
      No grubby carpet or scuffed walls. WI FI in rooms and sunny balconies for just about all the rooms.
      Sorry for those who have lost out. Madeira is still a beautiful island with lots to offer.

  164. Yes agree with lots of comments as to where to stay. We only got a flat rate of money back and could not afford to stay at the Cliff Bay or anything like it! We did visit for a drink with friends however and it was fabulous. We stayed at Duos Torres and it was fine and we visited all of the restaurants that we knew were good and Yes Espetuss and Dragoniera were the top of our list, Agree with comments re MRP. The towels got thinner and the rooms needed a refit and no Wi Fi in the rooms… Which we got at Duas Torres and we were near the Forum and had a bus stop outside. So all was very good and excellent value but we did not eat in there as so many good value restaurants opposite in walking distance p S do not give up any of you who have not had a refund yet!

  165. Hi,

    Thanks for some input re possible resorts to use next year.
    Looking to book somewhere for June 2016 as like to be there for the firework displays.

    Food for thought now and will be booking this weekend.


  166. Hi to everyone. Been reading this Blog with great interest.
    My partner and I were going to the MRP in June this year and were notified that we could not go! We had obviously paid for our flights on a credit card and were told that we could not claim from our travel insurance or from the credit card company. The cc company said they could not claim it from the airline as it was not their fault that MRP had gone into liquidation? Is that correct does anyone know? Also what is point of fully comp travel insurance if it doesn’t cover you if hotel goes bust. Said we should have had extra cover to cover this eventuality! Seems you can’t win!!!

  167. Hi Pat,

    Most of us folk who are on this blog were either timeshare members or flexi week members at the Madeira Regency Palace, and like yourself would book our flights annually to use our weeks at the MRP.

    You don’t say if you were members at the MRP or whether you booked independently the Hotel and flight.

    If you were timeshare members and paid for the deposit for your membership by credit card, then you could be eligible to claim back the whole cost of the membership from your CC company under section 75, plus they may add on the flight costs as you were unable to go.

    The way forward is to claim for your timeshare membership if you are eligible under Breach of Contract, which has stopped you from being able to continue with the Contract that was made, and use your week in June.

    Good Luck. PC

    • Hi Everyone
      Just to say a big thank you to everyone, especially PC, who gave me the confidence to submit a claim to MBNA. I bought my timeshare at the MRP in April 2004. I sent off all the details on 20th October and today I have received my settlement. All I can say to everyone still trying is to keep going and read all the comments and advice on this site and I am sure eventually you will be successful.
      Best wishes

  168. Hi,
    Glad to see that Chris G has managed to get a reply from the court administrator. I have been trying to contact them but letters get returned. Does anyone have the correct address for them as the one I have is clearly not right.

    • This is what did it for me – hope it helps – translation at the bottom

      Exmos. Senhores.

      Assunto: Insolvência de Pessoa Coletiva Cunha Santos & Camacho; Proc. N.º 439/15.7T8FNC do Tribunal de Comarca da Madeira, Funchal-Inst. Central- Sec. Comércio-J1

      Exmo. Senhor,

      Na qualidade de Administrador de Insolvência da empresa supra identificada, sou a prestar a seguinte informação:

      A Cunha Santos & Camachos – Turismo, S.A., foi declarada insolvente por sentença datada de 09-03-2015, cujo processo corre termos na Comarca da Madeira, Funchal – Inst. Central – Sec.Comércio – J1 de Funchal;
      O prazo para efetuar as reclamações de créditos terminou no dia 20 de Abril de 2015.

      Face ao exposto, e na eventualidade do contrato de time-sharing ter sido celebrado com a empresa Cunha Santos & Camacho – Turismo, S.A., os créditos deverão ser reclamados através de verificação ulterior junto do tribunal.

      Google translation
      Dear Sirs. Ladies.

      Subject: Insolvency of Person Collective Cunha Santos freehold Camacho; Proc. No. 439/15.7T8FNC the United States District Court for the Wood, Funchal-Inst . Central- Sec. Trade-J1

      Sir, as Administrator

      of the Insolvency of the firm above identified, I provide the following information:

      The Cunha Santos freehold Camachos – Turismo, S.A. , was declared insolvent by a judgment dated 09-03-2015, whose proceedings are terms in the District of Madeira, Funchal – Inst. Central – Sec.Comercio – J1 of Funchal;
      The deadline for making claims ended the day April 20, 2015.

      In view of the above, and in the event of the contract time-sharing have been concluded with the company Cunha Santos freehold Camacho – Turismo, S.A. , credits are to be claimed through subsequent verification by the court.

  169. We purchased timeshare at the Madeira Regency Palace off plan in 1999 for a one bed apartment, changing to a two bed apartment in 2001, the purchase for was occupation to 2031. Both transactions were paid by credit card for the deposit and the balance paid by cheque to HSBC in London. Incidentally the paying in slip provided was to the account of Regency Services Ltd and the slip is headed Midland Bank Ltd. Looking back at the maintenance fees payments over the years, 2001/5 the payment was made to Madeira Regency Palace Ltd, in 2006/7 payments were made to Cunha Santos & Camachos and in 2008 onwards to Cunha Santos & Camachos Turismo, SA.
    Clearly with the closure of the MRP and Cunha Santos & Camachos Turismo, SA been declared insolvent, we have suffered a loss, but I was under the impression that to claim under section 75, that the purchase had to be made not less than six years ago.
    I have recently discovered this blog and reading through the comments I am encouraged by some successes, as it appears that some claims under section 75 have been settled for purchases back in 2002.

  170. Om någon vet vad som händer med MRP var snäll meddela oss vart vi skall vända oss angående vår timeshare.

    Admin: the Swedish translates as: If anyone knows what happens with MRP please let us know where we should turn us regarding our timeshare.

  171. Hello Keith T,
    Like you, we bought off plan in 1998, upgraded later and finished up with a 2 bed apartment. Like you, we paid deposit by credit card on ,at least 3 occasions and have recently received payment covering the ongoing period when we will be unable to use out timeshare, namely 26 weeks.
    The payment was very close to the amount we claimed so we are happy.
    The 6 years you mention commenced on July 1st 2015 when the MRP was closed down. Use Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act and claim from your credit card company; we did and it works !!
    Good luck !!

  172. Hello Magnus,

    The MRP closed on 30th June 2015, and at this point a ‘Breach of Contract’ occurred for all us Timeshare Owners, Flexi weeks etc. etc.

    If when you purchased your timeshare you paid part of the payment for at least 100GBP with your credit card, you can go to your credit card company and request a refund for whatever time is left to run on your agreement with the MRP.

    If this is the case, contact your credit card company and ask them for a form to reclaim under section 75. They will want proof of payment and contract details and anything you have to uphold your case, that you return with the completed form.

    Most of us posting on this blog are from the UK, and many of us have been successful in our claims. Everyone who has been affected by this closure should be recompensed and hopefully if your circumstances meet the section 75 requirements you could too.

    Sorry I can’t reply in Swedish but you should be able to get a translation on this.

    Good Luck, PC.

  173. Tack PC,
    Vi har ju betalat hemma i Sverige genom bank så vi har inte stora möjligheter att återfå något! Har ägarna gått i konkurs eller vad har hänt!
    Låter ju märkligt att man inte får något meddelande om detta!
    Magnus lindow

  174. I have been refunded by RBS Visa after three weeks.
    They accepted my claim based upon the Contract stating “CC” after the deposit and the fact that I had only one credit card. They were unable to check their own records as the purchase was in January 2000.
    All of this was helped by the information provided by this website.
    Laurence McKenzie

  175. Hello Magnus,

    The owners of the MRP who were Cunha,Santos & Camachos Turismo SA were declared Insolvent at a Court hearing on -09-03-2015 and the Hotel closed on 30th June 2015.

    We were due to use our Timeshare week in June this year but I had read something in the Madeira newspaper online about possible closure of the MRP. I emailed the timeshare team, at the resort and they said it could possibly close. That is the only way we found out about the closure, as we had at that time no notice from the judicial Administrator Dr Orlando Carvalho or from any other source.

    I then found this Blog and people started posting information regarding the closure, and how Timeshare owners could possibly get their money back. I did get my money back as I had paid by Credit card and claimed under the Consumer credit act Section 75 ,which is available for people living in the UK, on transactions made in Europe. Many other people from the UK have also been successful.

    Regards. PC.

  176. I have been refused any repayment by banking ombudsman on my one bed time share, MBNA card, but Halifax have refunded deposit on Flexi weeks
    The Ombudsman stated that unless the administrator replies to me or him, I have sent copies of what other people have had he can do nothing for me
    Very disappointing as we extended time share weeks last December so well out of pocket
    However we are going back to Madeira for Xmas and New Year and will be staying at the Grand

  177. We purchased Flexi club weeks using a Natwest Credit card for the deposit and credit transfer for the balance. 2 years later up graded to 10 weeks using a John Lewis Partnership card as a deposit and 3 post dated cheques. ( Which is HSBC)
    Natwest immediately refunded the deposit and within 6 weeks the balance was also paid into our credit card account.
    John Lewis Partnership have not be as clever and after 8 weeks we are still awaiting some response following submission of all the information they requested.
    It seems that some banks and credit card providers behave in totally different ways.

  178. Well another new year has arrived,we are still owed six weeks flexi club, but we paid by bankers draft, so we are not covered by cc payment. Is there anyone we can write to to helps us out or is it goodbye to our money … !!!

    • I am sorry to say that you have lost your money . We are in the same boat having signed up to another 10 weeks in November and paying by debit card have resigned ourselves to the loss. Totally fraudulent as I am sure they knew they were going to close in June the next year!! Good Luck in your efforts but don’t pend a great deal more. Whatever you do.

        • Please do mot give up! We bought flexi weeks last March and our bank refunded every penny although we used a debit card. We did not have a credit card with us and i had stayed at the Regency Palace before.

          There is a scheme called Claimback. Our bank issued a form – not kept in branch. We supplied as much information as possible – e.g. relevant articles and reports from the Madeira News Blog, a copy of the e-mail I sent to the Court Administrator and his reply and photocopies of the certificates. ( I used Google translate and sent my e-mail in both languages.) We received back every penny. W cited breach of contract and suspected fraud as our reasons for claiming.

          Good luck.

  179. I have followed all the blogs since the summer I started my claim with Bank of Scotland/lloyds back in September.

    There followed some months of going backwards and forwards, being told I did not have a valid claim, made two formal complaints, and finally had good news today my claim is being paid in full along with the cost of the Hotel we had to book for our holiday in October.

    So as other have said just keep going, don’t let them get you down

  180. Referring to blogs 297 and 300 respectively, where the purchase was more than six years ago, how did they manage to obtain a refund? Does anyone have the answer to this please?

    • The period of six years runs from the date of the administration. That is when the claim arises.
      This is true for all limitation periods. They commence when you should become aware you have a claim not from the date of purchase.

  181. Thank you Laurence M and RJ.
    I am confused, since I have been told (by TATOC and the credit card bank) that there IS a time limit of 6 years from the date of purchase. I provide the following quote from a certain web site:
    “There isn’t a time limit for making a claim under Section 75, however the statute of limitations in the UK is six years (five in Scotland) so this is the deadline you have to work to if you were to pursue a Section 75 claim through the courts.”

    Read more:
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    • Good morning William.

      To clarify, The Limitation Act 1980 states in Section 1 point 2;

      “An action founded on tort shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued”

      The cause of action in this case is the closure of the hotel.

      To further clarify this point. On the date of purchase you could not foresee the closure and as such, applying the limitation to the date of purchase would be an unreasonable expectation.

      I hope this clarifies the point for you.

      Kind Regards

      Louise Milford

  182. We purchased our time share at Regency Palace in 2002, your claims period is from July 2016 with 6 years in which to make your claim,

    Martin Lewis covers the consumers credit act with regard to make your claim, he even has draft letters which help with drafting a letter.

  183. Hi William K,

    Andy Bell is correct. When claiming under section 75, the 6 years starts from the Breach of Contract, which occurred the day the resort closed thus stopping anyone from using the facilities they paid for.

    We have both, along with others, been successful in claiming monies back from our credit card companies.

    Reading this blog however, it would seem that some credit card companies are still managing to wriggle out of paying . We had to get enough proof of purchase and information to prove there was no chance of us being able to carry on with our Contracts. Initially my card company dismissed my claim saying I didn’t have enough proof.

    I told them that I had read under section 75, they were “Jointly & severally liable” alongside retailers. As the Madeiran Company had gone bust I was claiming from them, and told them I wanted to escalate the claim to their complaints department immediately, and that if I didn’t get a satisfactory offer I would take the claim to the Financial Ombudsman.

    They came back with a satisfactory offer within 48 hours and I asked them to also refund the maintenance I paid for the September week I was unable to use. They agreed to this as well, and I accepted the offer of a refund based on the number of years I had to run on the Contract. A satisfactory conclusion.

    Regards PC.

  184. Hello…I have just been directed to this blog and wonder will I be able to claim. My husband and I paid just over £3K for 5 weeks flexi at the Regency Palace in Dec 2009. For various family reasons we were not able to go back until last year, only to hear at our very first meeting the hotel would be closing almost immediately.
    We were horrified, obviously, but could see there were many more people worse off than we were. There were several meetings, and we came away with the idea we would be at the bottom of a very long list of creditors and would get nothing. So we have not done anything up until now.
    We paid with a Halifax debit card. (Actually we had a bit of a discussion with the agents as after having signed everything etc and checking our bank the following day, more was taken from our account than we had signed for. They pointed out it was to do with our banks, the English exchange rate being used etc and that it had been explained via a small piece of appear when we signed. It had not been. And the agent apologised, telling us the person who dealt with us was new and did not know. If we had known we would have used a euro bank account we have.)
    So I can see from this blog that credit cards are more covered, but some debit cards too. How do I even start to pursue this? I really would appreciate a simple step by step lesson if someone would not mind. Do I contact my bank first? Chris G I see you used Claimback……is that the way to go? I did not contact the administrator as you did, is that a problem? Thank you in advance. Anne

    • Hello Anne
      I wish you lots of luck with this. We also lost somewhat more than £3,000, paid a deposit with Debit Card and the rest with cash payment when we returned home. I think the way to go is direct contact with the receiver, but whilst somebody did post his letter to them on line, he did not say who they are and did not respond to my request for information, I have been trying to find this information since the Regency closed. Someone must know, but nobody is responding. I have found this blog very frustrating. I do hope you have better luck.

  185. Andy
    I have printed off your letter to the receiver, but please, what is the address to send it to. I don’t hold out much hope of getting anything back, but at least I can go down fighting!

    • I didn’t write to the receiver, If you’re talking about what I think you are, the Portuguese mail which I translated with Google, that was from the administrator, which I sent to my credit card to prove the MRP has been liquidated. It is your card provider that you need to contact, if you paid any part of it with credit card you will have a great chance of recovery, if not i fear you will struggle. Good luck

      • Thanks a lot, Andy.

        Sadly, we paid the deposit with a Debit Card and the rest in cash, via Bank Transfer, when we returned home. Guess we have lost out.

        I wish everyone else good luck. Reading the various comments it does seem as though the matter is stitched up and the perpetrators will run free, as happens so often. I doubt anyone taking over MRH will honour previous contracts. Still, lots of people have lost a lot more than we did.

  186. Thank you Andy and Theresa. A couple of people on this blog seemed to be successful with debit card payments. Chris G seemed successful. Thanks about letter from administrator. I had given up until I saw the blog. Will post my progress…or lack of! Any other suggestions gratefully received. Good wishes . Anne.

  187. The problem I have is that I do not have the credit card slip going back 16 years (to 2000)! Who would? My claim to Barclaycard will not be considered without it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Has anyone succeeded without this proof of payment, please?

    One other question, please. I have an e-mail address for the Court Administrator, namely, Is it correct? Has anyone had a reply with this?

    Thanks for any reply.

  188. This is the most useful blog in the world. Thank you to all the trailblazers who have given a route to claiming back through credit card providers. We were booking for July 2015 having purchased a “Try it first” deal for a fortnight the previous year, but were told that the hotel could not take bookings pending closure discussions. We contacted B/card immediately and filled in all the forms but were told, as others testify, that they could do nothing until the hotel formally closed. We are now pursuing the claim again.

    • I think I speak for a lot of people here – including those who helped me so much – when I say it’s a real pleasure to be able to help others in the same boat as us – and for what it’s worth, to sympathise with those who sadly won’t get their money back.

  189. Keep pursuing until you get the refund that you are entitled to…I would contact the CEO of Barclaycard…..a good website is” CEO email addresses” This normally speeds up the process !

  190. On another tack, so to speak, regarding the “Administrators”. All the correspondence to me shows that these were the First National Trustee Company Limited (FNTC) in the Isle of Man. However, when I rang them, they denied ever having been involved. How strange! What experiences have others had, please?

  191. Hello .
    We bought and lost at MRP , and had paid with credit card. We were also told by the credit card company they did not have statements from more than 6 years past . When involving the Financial Ombudsman , this changed and eventually we were offered a “settlement ” . Keep fighting for what is yours is my advice , and contact the Time Share Association who have been so helpful. Good luck yo all .

  192. Hi,
    We have made four agreements to add extra weeks since 2008 on Flexi Club all but the first paid for with MBNA Credit Card. We have five weeks left. After I saw this Blog I applied against Section 75 of the Act and MBNA have been very helpful and are going to refund us what they are calculating is the cost of those five weeks. They did not ask for evidence of the card transactions as they have our statements on file.
    Nothing has been heard in reply to the e-mails that I sent to the receiver. Mr O A Carvalho.

  193. Regarding FNTC: I wrote to them too.
    1. I have an original letter “Date as Postmark” enclosing my Membership Certificate regarding my purchased Timeshare weeks.
    2. Another undated letter from IoM briefly setting out the relationship: “FNTC acts independently of the resort developer and registers your interest in the resort.
    3. A reply dated 1 July 2015. “At this stage we are unsure when the Resort will reopen but our current understanding is that it will close only for a short period.” And: “FNTC, as administrator of the Madeira Regency Palace timeshare club, has no control over this closure or when the Resort is likely to reopen.”
    This is all a bit evasive, though not a denial of involvement. I do wonder whether FNTC should not be protecting us timeshare holders a bit better.

  194. We paid by bankers draft, so i t presume we are not entitled to claim anything back for our 6 unused weeks still.! We are now getting invites from PESTANA vacation club to visit Maderia…!!! are they linked in any way ?

  195. Hi Alec, no money back for us I’m afraid. We are also getting invitations from Pestana and I wondered the same thing.

    So much for client confidentiality!

  196. Our claim has been rejected by Barclaycard, on the grounds that we were unable to provide proof of payment. Whilst we can understand their point of view, has anyone been in this same position and subsequently been successful with the Financial Ombudsman? Any help would be much appreciated

    • Hello William K.Please go to Financial Ombudsman , we had very little proof of purchase due to scant paperwork . Initially Barclay card rejected us saying they had no copy of statements etc , once FO were involved the story changed and we received a small payment. They then advised us how to proceed as we had paid initially with Barclay card and then upgraded to a larger unit and paid the difference on another credit card resulting in successful claim .Good luck !!

  197. Är det någon som vet, har kontaktat och jag blev rekommenderad att säja upp avtalet och med förklaringen att kontraktsbrott är orsaken?

  198. Obviously everyone’s MRP contract details are different. However I just thought it might help someone to explain what we did to get all the outstanding money we invested in MRP back.

    . Applies if you paid by credit card

    .I don’t know how many years back you can claim but we went back to Sept 2009.

    .Be patient , it took us 10 months from start to finish. Keep a copy / note of every conversation.

    .As you are trying to claim money back treat the claim the same as if you were making an insurance claim and always remember insurance company assessors are not there to pay out they are there to find reasons not to do so. Therefore take every excuse away and include every piece of documentation you have . If you haven’t got bits ,try getting statements from banks , contact FNTC although they have taken a giant step backwards they do admit to be being the administrators for MRP therefore they will have copies of various stuff linked to your contract..

    .Every letter you write to do with your claim send ‘signed for’ delivery. ( Out of many I sent I forgot this only once and guess which one went missing? )

    .It’s important that you write to the administrators in Madeira. ( They will not answer but it shows that you have taken reasonable action requesting your money back. Ideally do this twice leaving 4 weeks in between. Frustrating I know, but it takes the argument away that the first letter didn’t arrive. Remember that although you sent signed delivery, this does not apply to the letters when they are delivered in Madeira. It does however prove that you have sent them.)

    . Now there seems to be 2 basic systems that the banks use for dealing with the claim.

    1} If the transaction is less than 2 years old it appears that they will class this as ‘a cash claim back’ in our case they(Visa & MasterCard) paid us out almost immediately but imposed a 110 day period whereby if the acting bank in Madeira had opposed the pay out they would then claim the money back from us. ( no response from Madeira I believe is good news and is handled as no opposition )

    2} Card transactions over 2 years have to go through the section 75 route. This is generally handled by completely different section within the bank and in our case it took approx 5 months before our paperwork was past on to them !

    . In our circumstances we were lucky in so much that although our original payment was made in 2009 we upgraded in 2011 ( with MRP giving us full part exchange value for the 2009 transaction) and again we upgraded in 2014 again getting full part exchange value. Now this meant that as we only used one week out of 20 from our final 2014 contract before the MRP closed we could claim that the original 2009 and 2011 payments were stage payments towards our final 2014 contract. This worked. (note :all payments were made by credit card)

    All may not be lost if you didn’t pay by credit card. If you paid by bank transfer there is another department that handles that. We still have a claim in for some weeks rent that we paid this way. Write a letter to bank asking for their help with claiming. They won’t give any promises ,however in our case they agreed to try . We had to agree to pay the UK bank £50 and the bank in Madeira 105 euros to investigate claim. In our case we deemed it worth the risk. This action is still outstanding but I thought I would share this with you .It might not a dead end if you paid this way

    Good luck ,be patient , Some bits of this may seem to be over kill, but we succeeded .

    • Good advice, but I have to disagree with the last segment – if you have paid for any part of the transaction by credit card, ALL the transaction is covered. We paid about 10% of our deal by card – the deposit – and the rest by bank transfer. It was less than two years old, and the credit card company (BC) coughed up the whole amount. (Eventually!!)

  199. Seems following a report on Breakfast TV that the EU have passed a law saying with this type of overseas property theft not theft that we should as we paid direct transfer for 10 years go after the insurance company in the Isle of Man ( part of the EU) seems they are liable for actions against them for miss handling the share certs and guarantees.
    Yet to be proven but just a may be

  200. Hi all ,

    As a previous MRP timeshare owner I am always interested to read the Diario de Noticias .They reported on the 26th April 2016 that , (and this was Google translation) the filling of the MRP was sold at auction for 250,000 euros.
    Can Admin, or anyone else who knows about this give me any more details please, as I wasn’t able to understand all the facts from the translation.

    Regards PC.

  201. Andy , agree with you howerever our credit transfer was against another contract not connected to credit cards at all, so stand alone. Be interesting to see if successful.

  202. PC apparently it was all the internal furniture , fittings ,linen, kitchen equipment etc etc. Rumour in Madeira is that it was sold to one of the ‘family’ . Apparently the staff had been promised it would be sold for over !.000,000 euros and that this money would be used to pay them some of the wages owed. Looks like another con if true.

  203. Hi CR,

    Thanks for your reply. I am sure that the rumour will prove to be quite correct. Knowing the amount and quality of the contents as a whole, should have brought in far more than the price reported .
    Maybe all the assets will eventually be back in the hands of the person who brought the demise of the business in the first place.
    The Company MRP Ltd was set up in the British Virgin Islands so maybe the funds to purchase has come from there. Offshore, where no questions can be asked, and no names divulged. All will eventually unfold.
    Although I and others have had some funds back through Section 75, a lot of timeshare owners have been left with nothing. So sorry for the staff who all worked so hard, and we had come to know over the years. As you say just another con if rumours are true.
    Please keep us all up to date if you hear anything else.

    • Hi di hi fellow campaigners. We bought from building plans and were one of the first to buy. We were members of the Regency Club also.
      At the Club LC was held in check by his father and other family members. When their influenced waned is true character soon emerged and the nightmare started for staff and owners alike.

      I seem to remember MRC being funded by European grants, our money. Those controlling these grants are at fault if safeguards were not established. We the timeshare owners have been cheated by all parties and we are now being cheated by the Madeira Courts. Our ownership rights have been illegally taken away from us by the lie our timeshares were not legally registered. It is sad to see Court Officials becoming corrupt. Our assets have been corruptly sold. Madeira is part of the EU and this action is against EU law. It is time for the EU to step in and determine if they approve of its citizens being robbed by the authorities of the Island of Madeira is this way. All those involved in this crime should be tried and sentenced including Banking Officials endorsing what is after all blatant fraud

  204. Totally in agreement with you Peter. We also purchased at MRP off plan. Stayed as guests of owners at Regency club in 1998 , saw the building of MRP in its building site state, liked what we saw and entered the agreement.
    With our contract we received an elaborate brochure, with details of Groupo Camachos, and their acquisitions and aspirations for the future.
    We also felt secure in the knowledge that our Timeshare would always be secure as there were trustees in place to protect our interest.
    This company First National Trustee Company. We also received a brochure about them, FNTC, on the front cover. BUYING WITH CONFIDENCE. Stating that they acted as independent trustee for over 235 clubs around the world. As Trustee at the MRP they would ensure that the” ownership of your timeshare is secure, and protect your rights for as long as you are a member of the club and help with smooth running of the club” So the question is, where were they when we the timeshare owners needed them, and were they acting in the interest of us the owners, or the owners of the MRP.?
    I tried unsuccessfully to contact FNTC when the resort closed, and others have been told that FNTC could not help them.
    There seem to be lots of grey areas surrounding the whole scenario, from the Company being set up offshore in the BVI in 1999, which with hindsight should have set alarm bells ringing. The business being carried on in Madeira, and the Trustees FNTC offices In the Isle of Man.
    Although I am pleased to have been able to recoup some money from section 75, I am still very disappointed with the way the people responsible for the downfall of MRP and MC have been allowed to seemingly just walk away from it all.

    • Well PC, we have found, to our deep regret that timeshare is the biggest con wherever you are. We were mis sold a timeshare, the owners were prosecuted, two went to prison. Having been ordered to compensate all involved, they declared themselves bankrupt, but the trustees claimed no responsibility for the behaviour. Furthermore, the resort is still being run by some of those who must have been involved. It seems timeshare owners have no protection, no matter where they are.
      Having paid by cheque for our flexi weeks at MRP, we have given up all hope of ever recouping our unused weeks.

  205. Hi Theresa,

    Sorry to hear you have lost out in timeshare twice. with no chance of recouping any money.There doesn’t seem to be any justice for timeshare owners. You mentioned the Trustees denied any responsibility with your first timeshare. Were the trustees FNTC by any chance.? The same who were supposed to be trustees for us at the MRP, and ensure our timeshare ownership was secure.
    Unbelievable that your first resort is being run by people suspected of being involved, but some unscrupulous people seem to be able to stay above the law and be untouchable.

    • We should not need FNTC to get criminals jailed all we need is the established laws of Portugal and Europe to be applied without favour and corruption. In this particular case I include the long suffering hotel workers in this remark. They are also suffering because those in control favour LC and not them.

  206. Just a word of warning obviously up to you whether you follow. FNTC do not accept that they were trustees for MRP at time of closure however they do accept that they were the administrators of contracts. Although MRP is closed recommend that if you owned timeshare (not flexi etc) and if you have not been able to take your allocated weeks for at least one time, that you write to FNTC and inform them officially that you now consider MRP as being in breach of contract. Inform them that what ever happens in the future you will not be responsible for coughing any more money . I did this recorded letter and enclosed sae . They replied with an official letter stating that ‘surrender has now been processed as requested’
    That says to that it was worth doing otherwise it appears your original contract is still sitting there on their books. You never no what some legal bever in the future might try and reclaim from old members.

    • Cannot agree. What we have here is imprudent lending and irresponsibility by the Banks involved without any check on what the money was used for. They accepted MRP as collateral without making any effort to inform the Limited in Time owners.

      Any meaningful analysis will show that the money was NOT spent on the Palace and it is likely the Palace always made a profit certainly the members were not informed of any loss. Even the simpletons running the Court system in Madeira should be able to see the money has been appropriated, stolen from the Banks and it is the banks that should be directly responsible for their own negligence. Fraud on this scale suggests dishonest Banking.

  207. Thanks CR for the advice. We did write to FNTC and Orlando Carvalho the Judicial Administrator, by trackable post, stating that there was Breach of Contract, and that we considered any Contract we had was at an end. We gave them 28 days to disagree. They never replied.This was in July 2015.
    According to Peter Franks previous post no 350, the court in Madeira deem all the contracts to be invalid as they were never legally registered anyway.
    My concern was the same as yours that the Contracts could be resold. or the Contracts deemed still enforceable Reading the Timeshare Consumer Association information online, regarding a Company called Aroma Thyme. When the Lakeside Timeshare resort in the UK went bust, this Company tried to re write the Contracts for the owners who had lost their weeks. The information suggested that this company had some connection to FNTC.

    • Whatever the Court may pretend the Banks have loaned money in excess of the net value of MRP. No one has said where the money went or what it was spent on. Where are the Audited accounts. This is fraud why has the central Government not launched a police investigation. Where is the money now. Recently, LC tried to buy the Club back. Has he bought his boat back at a discount . It would appear the Camacho has money why not recover this Bank debt from him. Corruption in high places, perhaps. Your taxi driver has the answer, he lives there and knows.

  208. Just to relate our experiences in all of this: We contacted both FNTC and Orlando Carvalho the Judicial Administrator in Funchal and received no help from either.

    Our claim (under Section 75) was rejected by both Barclaycard AND the Financial Ombudsman because we had no paper proof of our transaction – in September 2000 – by credit card. Hindsight is a wonderful thing they say and the moral to this story is obvious!!

  209. Hi William K,

    It was just fortunate that I had kept our file dating back to 2003, and attached to the sale document was the original merchants slip. It was rather faded and Barclaycard did quibble over this, but it was legible when enhanced and copied, so they couldn’t wriggle out of it.
    They did quiver over a couple of other points but I had done my homework and covered all their possible objections before I phoned them and filled in the form. They paid up very quickly. It also was not a card I currently have, but they paid out anyway.
    My only regret is that in 1999, bought the first timeshare apartment off plan and unfortunately the merchant slip is missing, so I am not sure which card I would have used. But…. we have 6 years from the date of the breach of Contract with was 30th June 2015, and never say never. I still keep hoping that somewhere in the depths of a drawer or the loft I may find the evidence I need to make a claim.
    So sorry that you were not able to gather the paper evidence. The cc companies obviously don’t keep records back that far either.

  210. Thank you, Maxine and PC for your concern. There seems to be no obligation for banks to keep credit card transactions for more than 6 years. In my case, Barclaycard said that they COULD go back to 2001 – one more year and I would have been in luck!

    I understand that no appeal is possible following the Financial Ombudsman’s decision – or does anyone know different, please?

  211. William K , I guess that even if you could appeal against the Financial Ombudsman decision, you are still unable to prove you used the Barclaycard for the transaction.Bad luck that they said they could have gone back to 2001, just to rub salt in the wound.

  212. Hi,

    Are any of the ex MRP owners going to be in Madeira between 15th and 22nd of June this year.

    Maybe we should all meet up somewhere, and have a beer.?

    • Hi PC
      It was lovely to bump into you in Espettus last week. I wish I’d spotted your post a few days earlier so we could have arranged to meet up properly, and a shame you were just leaving as we arrived, but nevertheless good to see you. We hope you’re enjoying Porto hospitality as much as we did.

  213. Hi Andy,

    Yes, a coincidence to meet in Espettus, and lovely to meet you. The meal was excellent as usual but we were saddened to hear from the staff of their decline in business as a result of the MRP demise.

    We much enjoyed the Porto hospitality, both resorts an excellent choice. Enjoyed all the more using our section 75 repayments. Marcio who was on the reception desk at Porto Mare was also a former MRP employee, and he was very surprised to see us there.

    We also used the courtesy bus and came down to the Cliff Bay on Monday to see another Marcio who we had known for about 8 years from the MRP. He worked around the lower pool area. He was amazed we had tracked him down, but we had bumped into a colleague of his also from MRP, on the way to Espettus. He told us where some of the former staff were working. Thank goodness they had been able to find employment.

    We were so pleased to be back in Madeira, and enjoyed a very relaxing enjoyable week, in the sun. Unfortunately now back in a humid and wet UK.

    Regards PC

    • The address to which I wrote following the closure of MRP was:

      First National Trustee Company Limited, 4th Floor, 45 Monmouth Street, London, WC2H 9DG , GB

      Tel +44(0)207 224 3533
      Fax +44(0)207 224 3553

      I had a reply from the director. It was evasive, saying he’d write again when he had news. Nothing since.

      Has anyone had anything more positive?

  214. Bill , unfortunately you will not get anything positive from the FNTC . They, unlike their name suggests are not the Trustees and apparently never were for the MRP. All they are is administrators of the paperwork. ie. just a large filing cabinet. They will not assist you. If you paid by credit card and have kept all records of your transactions then contact your card company as they are jointly responsible . Sometime ago I listed our actions and how we we able to claim back over 90% of what was outstanding to us. It took about 12 months so be patient and keep a record of all actions and communications. Signed for delvery on all letters etc.. Good luck.

    • What we had was inappropriate lending against our assets by Banks without any checks where the borrowed money was going. The Palace was always profitable . Money was lent that well exceeded any value. The money was stolen and has not be recovered from the criminals that stole it. They have taken our investment instead. I think NOva Bank has gone broke once more in the past few months and Millennium is not far behind

  215. Does anyone have any further information about the closure of the Madeira Regency Palace in Funchal, and whether compensation is to be paid to the owners.

    We contacted the administrator, Dr Orlando Carvalho, earlier this year but have had no reply.

    I understand that some owners have been compensated by their credit card companies but this is not an option for me as I no longer have the receipt (I purchased in 2001), and the credit card company no longer have the transaction.

    We were in Funchal w/c 10/10/2016 and went to the Madeira Regency Palace.The driveways into the site were cordoned off, and we were politely ordered off the site by security guards.

    Any information about how best to pursue our claim would be welcomed.

    • Hi Richard Sadly we are part of a multi facet swindle by the Banks
      Millennium and Novo . I understand the Millennium wished to keep the Palace open because it was making money and the Novo demanded it be closed. The Novo was is a Madeira Bank. The Prime cause of the problem was both Banks loaned money to the Camacho family. Irresponsible lending with no checks on how the money was being spent and whereabouts in the Cayman Islands it was going. It is absolutely certain it was not spent on the Palace. In all this our Time Limited ownership was ignored by the Court and the Banks. The Court officials tried to pretend it was not registered correctly if it was not then we have become victims of an elaborate swindle by Camacho. If this is the case He and his cronies should be charged and sentenced for a time share swindle. The Court appears to be corrupt and is attempting to have its interpretation both ways without taking any action against the local mafia . In the mean time Novo has gone bust in a big way.
      The name of the game is to carry on doing nothing in the hope the owners will forget about. I have written to the Court President and Daario Newspaper . No reply suggest a criminal conspiracy .

    • After the rescue by the Central Bank Espirito Santo was rebranded NOVO , did not work out. NOVO Bank was split into two. Good debt and Bad debt I do not know the direction the so called Camacho Debt went and the stolen ownership of the Palace. The 2015 Auction of the NOVO Bank by the Central Bank failed. The Chinese are somewhat involved in keeping it going. Suspect they are involved in the smokescreen to acquire the Palace and cheat us out of our time limited ownership. At the time of the closure it was rumoured that the Chinese had acquired the Palace but did not want Timeshare owners. We are being conned and cheated. As are a lot of Businesses in Madeira. In my view the peoples of Madeira are being neo-colonialized by the Chinese.

  216. Is there any way of finding out who the remaining timeshare and flexi weeks creditors are, and possibly bringing a group action ? Have the records been lost, like Russia “losing computers” when investigated about the 2018 World Cup ? We are owed 6 flexi weeks worth about £3000, bought 10 weeks in Feb 2013. No reply from administrator Carvalho who may have died or moved on, or from the Presidents office. A shaming program on UK TV about this may prompt some action from the Madeira authorities.

    • We were conned as well buying £3,000 worth of weeks in 2014 6 months before they went under and pocketed all our money we paid by debit card so have no redress through the banks. If you paid by credit card you may be able to get something back from your credit card company

    • Hi Simon
      If you have been following the blogs you will see there are lots of people like yourself, all of whom (at least, those who contacted them) have been ignored by the administrators. Frustrating to say the least!

  217. No one is ever conned David into buying anything if you are a grown up! We bought and were very pleased with the deal BUT we paid by credit card and got a refund for our 2 remaining weeks….Always pay by credit card whatever you buy..if there is an extra premium for this …it is called insurance!

    • What a stupid smart arsed reply. Look what a clever woman I am.
      Of course people were conned out of their money and time dependant ownership. How they paid is not a consideration, the augment here is about theft and fraud and its tacit approval by Madeira authorities . EU law should be invoked and the person responsible sent to prison and the assets recovered from the British Cayman Islands and those who guaranteed our ownership.

    • Sad Shirley, perhaps you do not intend to, but you come across quite smug. Not everyone wishes to live on credit and many people were brought up to pay as they go and not pay later. Those people have lost out on holidays they thought they had bought for several years ahead. Perhaps a word of sympathy rather than a school teacher type attitude.

      • Well put Teresa. I paid by credit card, but only the deposit; I got everything back but only by luck; and I’m an accountant with an IQ of 149. Very sorry for those who have lost out.

        • My husband is also an accountant. We never did believe in using a credit card, preferring to pay as we go. Having now lost our future holidays, using a credit card, I now do have a credit card and use it for anything large or bought on line. Paying off immediately is the secret I guess, no interest and lots of protection.
          This was a fraud and the worst of it is, this company continued selling when it knew it was in trouble. On our last visit we were invited to purchase further flexi weeks, thankfully we declined.

      • Sorry Peter …I really did not to mean to offend you or anyone or sound smug and feel sorry that you are so angry understand..but this is 2016 and hope you have all heard of and watched Martin Lewis…please please pay by credit card and pay it off straight away to avoid credit charges and YOU WILL be insured if anything goes wrong.

  218. We may have paid part of the original by credit card (cannot find the record of this), most of it by bank transfer. This company conned a lot of people, despite what Shirley says, and was trading whilst insolvent. The administrator Carvalho seems to be a man of mystery, and no effort has been made by him or anyone else to contact all the smaller creditors. It would not surprise me if one of the big creditors (banks) buy the business / assets on the cheap, and make a good profit selling it on. We need someone in Madeira to do some digging for us, the smaller creditors, anyone willing to help ? I will not revisit Madeira as my experience is tainted by this.

    • YES YES it is they have failed to bring the criminal to justice and regarding our time limited ownership they have pretended our timeshares were not registered. Plus they have ignored European Law on this matter. Our rights under European Law which Portugal as a member state have been put in the dustbin in Madeira

  219. Hi, on 1st December, Simon asked whether it was possible to find out who the other Timeshare creditors were of the MRP, with a view to start up an action group.
    An early post on this blog, no 48 was by a lady called Alison, a fellow timeshare owner , who had lost out as a result of the closure and demise of the MRP. She set up a Facebook page, Madeira Regency palace members group, with a view to giving members information and trying to recoup their money, I was asked to join, but declined, and successfully claimed back my money under section 75.
    This Facebook page still exists, although there seems to be a new Admin, Margie Dingwall. It is a closed group, but you can probably join by contacting her if you are interested. I have no idea what they have done so far, as information is only available to members of this closed group. There are 155 members currently,

  220. I know it is not the fault of the people of Madeira, Andy, but an episode like this does the reputation of the island no good. This is the one and only time we have paid a lot of money upfront for future holidays, I would normally never touch timeshare or these flexi weeks with a long stick. This was a moment of weakness, and good selling by “Suzie”. There is so much stuff on Airbnb now, everywhere in the world. I know you could get stung with that, but we have had a good experience with it at a reasonable cost in the last 3 years. For the money to just disappear, and not hear anything from the so called administrator (or even the president’s office) is very frustrating. I will contact my credit card company to see if they have a record of our deposit, around February 2013. It seems very unfair that the credit card company has to pay for someone else’s fraud, but those are the rules as they stand.

  221. PC, thanks for Facebook link. We paid £ 916 on debit card unfortunately in Feb 2013, and the balance of £4121 in May 2013 by bank transfer, total £ 5037. We have used half our 12 flexi weeks originally bought, so owed about £2,500. It is too late to get any redress from my bank, I will try writing a letter in Portuguese to the President of the island, not very hopeful I will get any response. The Administrator Dr O Carvalho may have fallen into a ravine whilst walking along one of the levadas 🙂 – or at the very least his computer fell into the ravine !

  222. Given what appears to have been going on, perhaps our Timeshares and Flexi weeks were not registered!
    Falling into a ravine sounds good, that’s how we feel.
    The family who owned the hotel should also be brought to justice. No doubt they are living off the fat of the land somewhere, on Timehsare investors money. As retirees we have learned, we are never too old to learn a lesson. Sadly this one cost us dear.

    • It is the Banks that are pretending the time shares were not registered. So lets assume they were not registered than we have a case of serious criminal fraud being endorsed by the Madeira Government. This crime should be investigated by the EU.

  223. Hi Simon , so sorry to hear you did not pay for any part of your flexi weeks using a credit card. I agree it is unlikely you will get a reply from the President of the Island, although it is worth a try.
    The only reason I contacted Dr Orlando Carvalho was to get as much information as possible to give to my cc company as evidence there was no chance of the Company being resurrected, and being able to use my timeshare apartment again. The address I contacted him at was in Alcochette, in Portugal. He may have moved from there now, who knows.
    I am not on Facebook, but a friend who is, showed me that Dr Carvalho has a Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, why not have a look, see if you can find out where he has gone.? I think I did read somewhere on this blog in an earlier post by someone, that neither he or FNTC were going to contact any of the Owners regarding the outcome of the Administration.
    Such a can of worms, as people have said, and no one seems to have been brought to justice,or anyone accepting responsibility for the demise of such a lovely Hotel.

  224. Thank you Theresa, Peter, and PC. I will try a letter to the Presidente, Mr Carvalho is very elusive. It would be very helpful to have a list of the smaller creditors to bring a possible group action, these should be on the RP computer, which could be anywhere, maybe destroyed. I hope you did not lose too much Theresa, the whole thing is a disgraceful episode. The European banking system is thoroughly corrupt, using tax payers to bail them out, depositors money is bailed in, when the Central Bank should rescue a commercial bank in difficulty by printing enough money to cover the bad debts. RBS owed money to German banks in 2008, so in effect the UK tax payer was helping to rescue German banks. My brother lives on Majorca, I have told him and he agrees, not to have too much money in a Spanish bank. The Italian banking system is under pressure now, hopefully the UK tax payer will not be paying to rescue them directly, or via the back door of the IMF. Europe Central Bank should print the money to cover the losses. Madeira borrowed like crazy from these wretched banks until recently, the ordinary citizen usually pays for this corruption.

    • At the Palace it was irresponsible leading without any checks where was the money was going. IT WAS NOT SPENT ON THE PALACE whatever they may pretend. They the Banks claim the Palace was put up as collateral for their loans. Are they saying they lent all this money far more than the Palace was worth without checking on ownership and timeshare ownership. The Government levied Taxes on the Palace and the Tax returns also detailed ownership including timeshare owners. The Government has colluded in an elaborate swindle. No wonder President Jardim had his daughters wedding there, did the Camachos give him a freebee

  225. I have access to a Portuguese lawyer. Is anyone interested in trying to get him to get a list of the smaller creditors from the silent administrator Mr Carvalho, so these can be contacted by the lawyer ?
    The administrator may respond to a lawyer’s letter, although Camacho and friends have sailed off into the sunset with our money, so it is unlikely we will get anything back. It might be worth each of us spending a small amount, say up to £100, if we can find the other creditors and get enough of them interested. I have no idea what other people have lost, and who do we go after, Camacho, or the Administrator who might offer say 10p per £1 from the recoverable assets, assuming the Administrator will recognise us.

  226. Hi Simon, As it was a Bank that stopped them trading it can be assumed the MRP is now owned by one of the Banks. Money was owed for vat and social security.

    The staff were owed wages. It was reported that they had been told that the contents of the building would be sold at auction in excess of 1,000.000 Euros and they would be paid from this. The auction some time in April 2016 only made 250,000 Euros, so they didn’t get any money. It was a rumour in Madeira that it was a ‘family’ member who bought the entire contents for this tiny sum.

    From memory, the letter I received from Orlando Carvalho, in Portuguese did state that anyone wanting to go onto the creditors list had to register by a certain time. I have not kept a copy of the letter unfortunately. Andy Bell who posts on here also had the same letter, he may still have it, if he reads this he may be able to help with dates.

    I do wish you well in your research, but am unsure whether any small creditors will get anything or where the funds would come from now. The preferential creditors are paid off first, and will have been.

    • Exmos. Senhores.

      Assunto: Insolvência de Pessoa Coletiva Cunha Santos & Camacho; Proc. N.º 439/15.7T8FNC do Tribunal de Comarca da Madeira, Funchal-Inst. Central- Sec. Comércio-J1

      Exmo. Senhor,

      Na qualidade de Administrador de Insolvência da empresa supra identificada, sou a prestar a seguinte informação:

      A Cunha Santos & Camachos – Turismo, S.A., foi declarada insolvente por sentença datada de 09-03-2015, cujo processo corre termos na Comarca da Madeira, Funchal – Inst. Central – Sec.Comércio – J1 de Funchal;
      O prazo para efetuar as reclamações de créditos terminou no dia 20 de Abril de 2015.

      Face ao exposto, e na eventualidade do contrato de time-sharing ter sido celebrado com a empresa Cunha Santos & Camacho – Turismo, S.A., os créditos deverão ser reclamados através de verificação ulterior junto do tribunal.

      Google translation
      Dear Sirs. Ladies.

      Subject: Insolvency of Person Collective Cunha Santos freehold Camacho; Proc. No. 439/15.7T8FNC the United States District Court for the Wood, Funchal-Inst . Central- Sec. Trade-J1

      Sir, as Administrator

      of the Insolvency of the firm above identified, I provide the following information:

      The Cunha Santos freehold Camachos – Turismo, S.A. , was declared insolvent by a judgment dated 09-03-2015, whose proceedings are terms in the District of Madeira, Funchal – Inst. Central – Sec.Comercio – J1 of Funchal;
      The deadline for making claims ended the day April 20, 2015.

      In view of the above, and in the event of the contract time-sharing have been concluded with the company Cunha Santos freehold Camacho – Turismo, S.A. , credits are to be claimed through subsequent verification by the court.

  227. Hi Andy,

    Happy New Year, to you and yours. Thanks for posting the letter for Simon.
    I guessed you would have kept it.Hope this clarifies the situation for him, and others in the same situation.

    Regard PC

  228. Hi PC and Andy, thanks for your replies. I was not aware of having to register by 20 April 2015, I thought Mr Carvalho would tell us to do that rather than leaving many people in the dark. Obviously the big creditors like the banks get what little is left of the assets.We will use credit card for everything in future, had good experiences using Airbnb for rentals in the last few years. No more dodgy timeshare or flexi weeks, hopefully these are dying along with the crooks who sell them. Dial and Exchange in Gargrave, Yorkshire near where we live did their best, but were regretful at being linked to Madeira RP. Just very sorry for those that have lost more money than us, I did not expect much if any back when it was announced the RP was to close nearly 2 years ago.

  229. Got a call from Margie Dingwall today who lives on the island. She suggested section 75 consumer credit, not an option for me as explained earlier. She is upset to still get calls about the RP, she worked there and suffered loss also when it closed. This is the end of the line for me, but I am surprised administrator Carvalho has made no effort to contact the smaller creditors, even to say “there is no money” like the Labour guy said when they left government in 2010. Or like Manuel in Fawlty Towers, “I know nothing”. Silence speaks volumes. Apparently there was another scam involving the RP around 2009, when investors were offered a 10% return on their money, not necessarily buying timeshare, just investing in the business. Needless to say, some lost their money then, so how were the same people able to carry on in the same way ? Moral, be vary wary of investing big in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy etc, rent somewhere (more flexible, no council tax or security costs) and don’t buy too many accomodation weeks in advance. Can get scammed in the UK, but at least all the contracts are in English !

    • Did she not work for Citro as her PA selling the 10 % investment scam as well as timeshare which we are told did not exist in the UK they would say both knowingly participated in fraud for their own gain.

  230. Yes, she did, and I thought maybe selling timeshare there as well. The Madeira Regency Palace members group Facebook page, before it became a closed group. She was posting on there, and at one point there were counter accusations going on between her and the person who started the group up, as to who was honest and who wasn’t, and whether she had taken the client database when she left MRP.
    But now, she is part of that group, and seems to have a lot of knowledge of the client data base from the MRP, as she keeps adding people to it.So I think it’s a matter of ‘who can you trust’ who was involved with the MRP.?
    How did she have Simon’s information, to be able to phone him, unless she reads this page, and then accesses the client database, that she has.? Is she clairvoyant.?
    It is sadly all a can of worms.

  231. I contacted her from info provided on this blog and searching on the Internet. She seems honest and decent, Ligia and/ or Marilyn are being accused of taking the list with them. Margie is trying to help people on the Fbook group, that is my impression, I have no idea what she did in the past, she says she lost money when the Palace closed. She insisted I can claim back because I used a debit card for part of the transaction, I think it is very unlikely now after nearly 4 years. Best thing is to get as many people on the Facebook Group as possible so we are united, apply more pressure than as individuals, in the hope of getting something in the future. Margie has received grief, and if she is disrespected, she will just close the Facebook Group so we will have no idea who else is involved.

  232. Also if Margie was part of the fraud, why would she set up a Facebook Group and try to help people who have lost money, apart from any feelings of guilt ? On Facebook, she comes across as very angry with Luis Camacho, who was recently jailed for not paying taxes. Suzie, the woman who sold us the flexi weeks should help in that she had records of who bought what, but she sailed off into the sunset. It is not clear who did what, and undoubtedly some of the admin staff at the RP were innocent victims, others were complicit in enabling, covering up, or losing / deleting records.

  233. On reflection, PC, Margie did ask for my flexi weeks certificate numbers when she rang , and I wondered why she would ask this if she was genuinely helping the creditors. She would not be able to verify this unless she had some access to the client records. She certainly lost personally when the RP closed, but she says we can all claim via section 75, or if a debit card used which is not necessarily true. I don’t think I can after paying a deposit by debit card after all this time, nearly 4 years, nearly 2 years since RP declared insolvent. One of her motivations may be to use the client records to get those people to support her new business in Madeira.

    • Flexi weeks is just a scam with no legal basis. The PRIME swindle is robbing timeshare owners that have legal rights in Portugal and the EU.

      Camocho swindle us. The Banks thought us easy meat and swindle us. The Banks in turn are either in debt to or owned by the State any decent Government with standards would intervene in this matter.

      • I do not agree that Flexi Weeks was a scam. It was holidays, paid for several years in advance. The difference between Flexi and Timeshare, both of which I have had, is that Timeshare allows one to go to other resorts and Flexi just means you have paid for the same place for however many years in advance. As we loved to walk and loved Madeira Flexi suited us just fine. Either way, in the case of MRP folk have lost their money!

        • I can see why you lost your money if you believe what you say, Flexi weeks was just buying an hotel booking in advance without any guarantee when the weeks could be taken . It has less protection than an hotel booking. You also appear to support those who knowingly swindle you, one of whom is keeping a client base of mugs.

          Timeshare is limited time ownerships that worked very well for people holidaying in Madeira with other Principals.. It would have worked for us if we had not encountered Government corruption at the highest levels and a Novo Bank that illegally closed out timeshare and is descending into further chaos today. They were not involved at the Club, there the Millennium Bank reinforced our ownership.

          • Not sure who you are calling a mug, Peter. I am NOT supporting the woman, just saying it as it is. I have certainly not joined the Facebook group, which I view with great suspicion. We had a little cash to spare and thought we would pay for our holidays up front, as one never knows what is ahead. Being honest and generally trusting, we did not even think we would be cheated.
            We have learned from this experience that everyone is out to get what they can and to hell with those who are cheated, including Maggie, who must have known something was wrong. We no longer trust anyone unless we know them well. We don’t even purchase on the web without checking out the company first. I also now use a credit card.

  234. Hi Simon,
    Margie did not start up the Facebook group. Someone called Alison, who apparently had lost money as a timeshare owner started it up.
    She and later her son were the Admins. Now of course Margie ?
    It was with a message from Alison that I declined to join the group. I wanted an end to my Timeshare and to get some money back, and I wasn’t completely satisfied that some of the old timeshare reps were not involved in some way in this, to maybe try to rewrite the Contracts, of the people who joined the group, and divulged their contract numbers..
    I had received a couple of emails regarding timeshare opportunities in Spain and two other places, which I disregarded. No more timeshare for me. Ever…..
    I don’t know what Margie did or did not do, or whether she did lose out from the MRP. I only know that before the FB page became closed Margie was being barracked by other people who were questioning her about taking a client list. There was so much nastiness on there that Alison threatened to close it. She decided to make it a closed group instead, but how Margie came to be Admin is anyone’s guess.
    And, your assumptions could be correct , she may be wanting details, so she can send holiday details out to MRP members through her business Ding’sTravel. Wait and see if you get any more offers of holidays. She now has the details and contract numbers of 161 members on the FB page.

  235. On her business Facebook page, there is something called Member Travel Services Agency, 5 year holiday option 4 weeks free 2 City breaks £1995. Not sure if this is just advertising, or something she is selling, if she used to be in timeshare products. Margie is getting nasty threats from people, cannot be sure if these threats are from someone she used to be associated with at the Palace, or disgruntled creditors of the Palace. The person making the threats tells her not to mention the name Marilyn again, Marilyn used to work at the Palace ? Therefore unlikely to be one of the creditors making these threats in my view.

  236. Hi Simon,

    I would just keep an open mind about it all.

    From memory, Marilyn Citro was part of the Guest Relations team at the Palace and Margie worked in the office, together with the Timeshare Reps.

    Now, the reps were selling flexi weeks right up to the time the resort was closed. This of course is unethical as they would have known the people wouldn’t get their holidays, but did they care.

    Whether Margie was also still selling or not, I don’t know. Maybe she is getting threats from people she sold to, or maybe from former colleagues who believed she took information with her, when she left.

    There were accusations flying back and forth on the open Facebook page , between her and some others. That is why Alison made it a closed group .But why Margie is Admin ?

    I would suspect she is getting sales leads from somewhere still, as she is running her own holiday company. But, it is all speculation, as only the people themselves really know the truth.

    At least as you are unable to get your money back due to your method of payment, you now have access to a large group of people in the same position as yourself, who are in effect creditors of the MRP.Hopefully this will help you.

  237. Yes, Margie insisted I had redress because a debit card used, one of her motivations maybe to sell more stuff if/when people get their money back. Nasty threats in theory to her on Facebook, as you say I keep an open mind, the whole business very murky.

  238. Would not touch so called flexi weeks or timeshare with a long stick now, just pay max 3 weeks in advance by credit card. The whole time share industry needs strong standards and regulation, very difficult to do across different EU countries, when even buying a house has different contract rules depending where you are. The RP was scamming people in different ways from the early 2000s, you were sensible and lucky Theresa.

    • Not so lucky Simon, we lost 3 yrs of flexi. However, we count our blessings, as many people lost a lot more than that. Last time we visited Margi did try to get us to purchase Timeshare, but to be fair to her, she did not push when we said no.

  239. Peter, I have no idea what Margie’s role at the RP was, and I do not care whether she was complicit or not, the long and short of it our money has gone with very little chance of getting any back. My sole motivation in joining the Facebook group was to find others similarly affected. It appears Margie may have ulterior motives in running the Group in order to promote her own business. The Facebook Group does not seem to be going anywhere or doing anything constructive, other than people mourning their losses, and Margie suggesting section 75 redress to people ,which does not help many. I still think Timeshare is sh**, never fancied it even 30 years ago, a dying product with potential high annual maintenance charges in the modern world with sites like Airbnb, Kayak,Trivago giving so many holiday options now worldwide. Timeshare was probably ok in the 60s and 70s when you had that, or tour operators like Thomson. It has had its day. Unfortunately got conned with the flexi weeks, moment of weaknes , I have never, ever bought more than 3 weeks accomodation in advance apart from that.

  240. Interesting, if the rumour Susie has heard is true,that the Pestana Group have purchased the Madeira Regency Palace.
    Not surprising though, as I have read that Luis Camacho was involved with the Pestana group when he was in his early 20’s, and friendly with Peter Both, who started up the Pestana Group selling timeshares on the Island. There is an interesting biography in Portuguese, online biografiasmadeira.BlogSpot Luis Camacho . This tells of his business life. Not the latter part though, no one has added that as a comment yet.! It’s more a matter of who you know, than what you know.

    If this is the case and Pestana do re open it as a timeshare, will they resell the apartments or try to renegotiate the contracts of the people that have divulged all their old MRP contract details .?

    Some folk who lost their timeshares are still so upset that this has happened and can’t see past paying up front for a 10-30 year holiday plan, with rising annual maintenance costs. They could be ripe for the persuasion to buy again.

    In 1999, when we first viewed the MRP, timeshare was a cheap holiday option, but with rising maintenance costs and exorbitant flight only costs, it is now a very expensive way to holiday.

    There are many other excellent 4/5 star hotels on the Island where you can get a 7 day flight, and bed and breakfast package for much less, and you can go wherever and whenever you want, without restriction.

  241. The Madeira Regency Palace Facebook Group – I joined it last Sunday and left on Wednesday. I am certain Margie is primarily using it for her own potential financial gain, because she has access to the RP customer list. She has deleted post/comments from others in the Group when I wanted to have a private communication with them, to try to verify her motivations and what is going on. The Group is going nowhere, other than her recommending Section 75, so she can say she has ridden to the rescue, and then offer more products and services to people in the Group. She may even have set up false profiles in the Group, to direct me and others to speak to these “people” for good advice, when it is her speaking all the time. I cannot prove that she has set up false profiles, but a possibility. She claims to have received threats of violence, maybe so, even that may not be true. DO NOT go anwhere near the RP Facebook group, it will only bring you more aggro. I have deleted my Facebook account as well, I don’t like using Facebook because it is too easy to have too much in the public domain. Peter, your analysis is correct. Often someone like Margie who lost out when the RP closed wishes to recoup that by exploiting others. She was very aggressive when she rang me a few days ago, the first time I had ever spoken to her, I was very calm and reasonable with her, but I did not warm to her at all, it seemed odd for someone to behave like that when in theory they are genuinely trying to help people recover their losses .

  242. Simon, I feel an apology is in order, in view of the fact that I gave you the details of the Group in the first place. I of course was never able to see what was being said on the FB page, as Alison who was the first Admin, made it a closed group, after all the nastiness concerning Margie Dingwall, and others. Alison was suspicious that she did not want any of the previous MRP admin/reps accessing the page, in case they tried to sell more timeshare to people who were already out of pocket.She thought some may try to get on in the guise of members, so she asked everyone for their MRP Contract numbers to show they were members. Or , that is the reason she gave. How and when Margie Dingwall took over as Admin I don’t know, or how she managed to , but Alison and family are not there now. ? Presumably only the other members can tell you, why and what happened, but it seems you tried to find out, and your attempts were blocked. Which made you suspicious, so you left.

    It seems Peter is correct in that Margie now has a group of gullible people, who trust her and just listen to what she has to say. They will be ripe to re assign into another timeshare scheme, and to appropriate some more money out of them. if any of them were able to claim under section 75, as they had paid more than £100 using a credit card, then they could have done this on their own, as soon after the resort closed in June 2015 .I and many others did so.

  243. No problem PC, it took a bit of digging to find out what was going on. Facebook allows an administrator to delete comments by others in their group, and unlike many blogs, there is no record that there was a comment made in the first place, unless you get to read it before the Administrator deletes it. I don’t think an Administrator can modify anyone else’s comment, although Margie seemed to spend a lot of her time on this Facebook group. I have never really liked Facebook, for different reasons that I have never liked the timeshare concept, because too many things can be out of your control like rising maintenance charges, or the landlord changes.

    • Hi Simon,

      I also feel I have an apology to make here too. I genuinely started a closed FB group as Margie was ambushing the open group i started to help other members when the RPH went bust.

      All too quickly i realised she had been given access to the closed group and she was using psuedo names to offer assistance and advice to people. I closed the group as i did not want to become personally responsible in any way for the advice that she was giving which was incorrect. Sadly what should have been an important information exchange assistance tool was lost because the majority were so blinkered towards Margie being the font of all knowledge with respect to timeshares. This has saddened me greatly as it has left a large number of people helpless. However as is the case with self preservation we have now all had to retort back to everyman for himself. Personally, we are not set to gain from our situation as we did not pay by plastic so section 75 rules do not apply, however the bank have offered us an advisor to look at the paperwork etc. i am also proactively looking into how the database containing personal and financial information could have been copied and removed from the RPH by Mrs Dingwall. A previous security scam stemming from the cashpoint machine thst used to be in place at MRP resulting in my card details being used to purchase items in Canada has left me very sceptical as to how information is stored and used. I am in no doubt that Margie has the database as unless she has a fanatical memory she can clearly recall who and when she sold to everyone. She also managed to send everyone an email prior to MRP closing. Anyway apologies for the rant and good luck to all with their claims. Personally after the way this fiasco has been handled I have no desire to ever set foot on the island of madeira ever again as to openly rip off so many people when they (the management team) were fully aware of the financial position of the hotel.

      • Did not contact me because I had written to Mrs Citro and Camacho expressing my concerns. The machine in question did not belong to the Regency your card must have been highjacked elsewhere in the complex . If you contact me by email or are a Member of MROA, they have posted copies of my letters and concerns. Also in all this we have Susana Jardim, Administrative Director at the Palace. Who told me she was a relative of the President. She went to work for the fntc on the Isle of Man. The keepers of our legal documentation. The corkscrew is so bent by those involved we will not get the cork out of the bottle.

  244. It has been an eye opener then joining the group. It seems that all is ok on there, as long as everyone toes the line and doesn’t ask too many questions of each other. That is not allowed by Admin.?

    I was suspicious of it from the start, as before it became a Closed group people that asked too many questions were not encouraged to join.

  245. Hopefully some of the people she has on the group will read this blog and come to their senses.
    It is amazing how one person can hold the attention of so many, without them questioning the integrity of the Admin and group, which is controlled by stealth.

  246. Hi Alison
    Margie Dingwall is wrongly advising people about section 75 including me. There is a possibility some vulnerable people could be fleeced again in trying to recover something. She has broken any EU laws regarding data protection in taking the client list, which may include bank and credit card details. She may sell or pass this information to people even more corrupt than her. The Madeiran police need to be informed, if they are of any use. I suppose Margie could claim people contacted her, but there is certainly enough evidence to show she manipulated the Facebook Group. My email is if you want to contact me directly. I tried to contact Clive Rumbul on the FB group via email, Margie intervened to stop it, Clive left the group or was removed from it. She deleted messages from someone else. Margie suggested I contact Clive for advice, it was possibly her impersonating Clive. I really think there needs to be a new entry on to warn ex clients of the RP about the true intentions of the Facebook Group.This blog is getting very long with all the comments on it.

  247. Alison, I am sorry to hear about all the problems you had with your Facebook page, that you set up, as a group to genuinely try to help people.
    When I was at the MRP in June 2014, I had my suspicions about the problems that were occurring there, as the reps were all trying to come up with new types of sales to temp people to part with more money.
    Margie Dingwall was in the bar, with some people and recognised her. I think she had left by then, and was surprised to see her I asked her whether there was a problem there as the maintenance was not being used to maintain our apartments. She was very ready to say there were problems, and that if I contacted her she would tell me what was going on. I did not bother, and enjoyed my weeks holiday.
    Holidaying again in September 2014 and the reps tried to get me to part with more money to reduce my number of timeshare weeks left to only 10. This I declined . However, in the August I had a LinkedIn email request from Margie Dingwall , which I ignored. I realised though that she had my email address.

    As she was working with Marilyn Citro, she must have had access to the computer and the data base with all members details. Surely it would not have been difficult to have printed this undetected, or sent it to her private email .?

    With regard to your card problems, after using the ATM near the library in the MRP. I drew cash from a card which I rarely use, at this ATM, whilst there on one visit. The card was only used once and not used again in the UK. 9 months later money was transferred from this card to Western Union, sending money to Europe.

    My cc provider said that these details could have been taken up to 2 years prior to the scammers using the card. , but this was the only time I had used it. This machine may not have belonged to the MRP, but this did not stop someone from attaching an undetectable skimmer device to the cashpoint to collect card numbers , pins etc. to use later.

    I still visit Madeira, as I love the island, and have made many friends over the years I have been visiting. I cannot blame the people, for what happened at the MRP but do feel that a lot of conspiracy is covered up at a high level, and it’s not what you know, but who you know.

  248. Some of my comments have been removed by the moderator here. I will say that the RP Facebook administrator is manipulating the Group primarily for their benefit, they may have access to the RP client list containing sensitive information like credit card and account details. This probably breaches EU data protection laws. Alison my email is if you want to communicate direct. My concern is that people who have lost out because of the RP closure do not lose out again.

  249. Does anyone know the name Carmo Correia? We received an email from her at the ?Pestano Group inviting us to sample a free holiday. Puzzled where she got the contact address and just wondered if anyone else had received such an invitation or new anything about her.

  250. I had heard that some of the MRP reps were going to work for Pestana, after the demise of the resort.
    Maybe somehow the client database found it’s way to the Pestana group.? Didn’t know all the MRP reps, maybe Carmo Correia worked there too.

  251. I have been moderated out on this blog because I made comments about the Facebook administrator. I hope the moderator here has the courage to allow this comment to be published.

  252. Simon – no comments are deleted here unless they are filtered out by spam software.

    Those containing a hyperlink, such as an e-mail address, are approved manually in order to make sure the link is not harmful – this can take a little time. I think you will find that your e-mail address is now published.


      Hotel administrator Luís Camacho was sentenced to a year and a half in prison for the crime of abuse of fiscal trust. The penalty, which was effective, was known on December 14 at the Local Instance of the Region of Madeira and punishes the diversion of approximately 161 thousand euros of IRS discounts from the employees of the Regency Club Hotel that were not delivered to the Tax Authority in the period understood Between September 2012 and March 2014. Do you honestly think…ALL OF YOU sceptics..that this is made up..Margie told us that this was likely to happen 2 years ago when we met with her…. this article was in their press…

      The sentence, signed by Judge Jorge Alexandre da Silva, is mild in its approach to the defendant’s conduct, which had previously been convicted four times for failing to meet tax obligations. “Not paying taxes is not an isolated option, but a constant of life” by Luís Camacho, stresses the magistrate who judged the case, adding that “the defendant’s action arises as a result of high levels of illegality and guilt” because “acted In a socially selfish way, disregarding the deep social interest of taxes he failed to pay. ”

      In his defense in the case, the former administrator of the Regency group still argued that his priority was to keep the company Hotelmar (owner of the hotel unit located at Rua Carvalho Araújo) functioning and guarantee jobs, leaving the payment of taxes for second plan. But the judge considered that such motivation does not excuse the practice of crime, otherwise all companies in difficulty would soon choose to stop paying the taxes.

      Jorge Alexandre da Silva explained in detail why Luís Camacho should be arrested, instead of having a suspended sentence or other punishment that did not deprive him of his freedom: “The suspension of execution of the prison sentence, in a situation with the outlines of Seriousness of these proceedings and in a personal context of the defendant where it is manifest that he systematically and militantly omitted, in these and other circumstances, the fundamental duty to pay taxes, would be deeply detrimental to the needs of reproach and prevention of this crime. It would be a particularly prejudicial ‘jurisprudential guide’ for the community in which the accused is inserted, for it would give a clear idea of ​​permissiveness on the behavior in question, an intolerable notion that economic crime compensates. It would give the society the ominous sensation that, in the face of repeated actions of this nature and successive convictions of the defendant, reaching very high values, the courts are complacent with these conduct. ”

      The judge acknowledged that the defendant is well integrated into society but pointed out the four times that Luís Camacho has already been convicted of abuse of tax trust and explained that “the courts must bear in mind the growing social reproach of this type of crime, listening to the strong Social prevaricators against the finances of the State are effectively disapproved and sanctioned. ”

      In June of 2015, Luís Camacho had already been sentenced to effective arrest for not paying taxes from Hotelmar, but referring to periods prior to the trial whose sentence was known on 14 December. However, the businessman appealed to the Court of Appeal, which acquitted him on the basis of errors in the notification and accusation of the accused. The former ‘boss’ of the Regency group can still appeal the latest ruling.

      Sent from my iPad


    Hotel administrator Luís Camacho was sentenced to a year and a half in prison for the crime of abuse of fiscal trust. The penalty, which was effective, was known on December 14 at the Local Instance of the Region of Madeira and punishes the diversion of approximately 161 thousand euros of IRS discounts from the employees of the Regency Club Hotel that were not delivered to the Tax Authority in the period understood Between September 2012 and March 2014.

    The sentence, signed by Judge Jorge Alexandre da Silva, is mild in its approach to the defendant’s conduct, which had previously been convicted four times for failing to meet tax obligations. “Not paying taxes is not an isolated option, but a constant of life” by Luís Camacho, stresses the magistrate who judged the case, adding that “the defendant’s action arises as a result of high levels of illegality and guilt” because “acted In a socially selfish way, disregarding the deep social interest of taxes he failed to pay. ”

    In his defense in the case, the former administrator of the Regency group still argued that his priority was to keep the company Hotelmar (owner of the hotel unit located at Rua Carvalho Araújo) functioning and guarantee jobs, leaving the payment of taxes for second plan. But the judge considered that such motivation does not excuse the practice of crime, otherwise all companies in difficulty would soon choose to stop paying the taxes.

    Jorge Alexandre da Silva explained in detail why Luís Camacho should be arrested, instead of having a suspended sentence or other punishment that did not deprive him of his freedom: “The suspension of execution of the prison sentence, in a situation with the outlines of Seriousness of these proceedings and in a personal context of the defendant where it is manifest that he systematically and militantly omitted, in these and other circumstances, the fundamental duty to pay taxes, would be deeply detrimental to the needs of reproach and prevention of this crime. It would be a particularly prejudicial ‘jurisprudential guide’ for the community in which the accused is inserted, for it would give a clear idea of ​​permissiveness on the behavior in question, an intolerable notion that economic crime compensates. It would give the society the ominous sensation that, in the face of repeated actions of this nature and successive convictions of the defendant, reaching very high values, the courts are complacent with these conduct. ”

    The judge acknowledged that the defendant is well integrated into society but pointed out the four times that Luís Camacho has already been convicted of abuse of tax trust and explained that “the courts must bear in mind the growing social reproach of this type of crime, listening to the strong Social prevaricators against the finances of the State are effectively disapproved and sanctioned. ”

    In June of 2015, Luís Camacho had already been sentenced to effective arrest for not paying taxes from Hotelmar, but referring to periods prior to the trial whose sentence was known on 14 December. However, the businessman appealed to the Court of Appeal, which acquitted him on the basis of errors in the notification and accusation of the accused. The former ‘boss’ of the Regency group can still appeal the latest ruling.

    For all of you sceptics …please read above…Margie indicated that this would happen when we met with her in 2015 !

    Sent from my iPad

  254. Shirley, this may have been the case with Luis Camacho. The point we are trying to make is Margie possibly using the client list from the RP (against EU and Portuguese data protection laws) and driving the Facebook Group for her own benefit. People including me have had experience of her manipulating the Facebook Group.

    • The point I am making…met with her in 2015 ..and she predicted a lot!
      I trust her and did not purchase any of her holidays ideas etc.. was not pressurised at all….Everyone on this site needs to purchase anything at all with a credit card…I have been called smug for advising…even accountants on this blog have been very naive ……I rest my case. ,!

  255. I think you are missing the point in all of this discussion Shirley. Simon has explained what he and others feel in his post above.We understand about the crimes Luis Camacho committed The original hearing outcome was posted on here by Admin on Friday 26th June 2015, that he had been found guilty, for everyone to read. If now he has been imprisoned then so be it, justice has been done.

    Why you think Margie had special powers to predict these outcomes I am not sure.

    It is the data protection and her knowledge of previous members personal information that is worrying. She requested me to join her on LinkedIn the year prior to the Hotel closing. So where did she get my email address etc from.? I had never spoken to her up to that time.

    I thought the Facebook group that Alison set up was a good idea, as at that point I had not got my money back under Section 75. I was tempted to join, as it was a good way of a group making headway. Alison did not want any former employees, reps etc from the MRP joining, so the group could move forward without interference for personal gain. However, Margie did make comments, prior to the group becoming Closed, and there were angry standoffs and accusations between her and others that we did not know their true identity, and offers of more holidays.

    Once a closed group I no longer had access, but I did notice that Alison had left, and a member who was a personal Facebook friend of Margie’s had added her, so she was there. After that she very quickly added many new people, I guess the ones she had the details for who thought she was helpful and plausible. So now she runs the group,

    Not sure which accountant you are suggesting has been very naïve. or why you would mention this. but the only one I know of on this blog got his money back in October 2015 under section 75, and I would call that really smart in view of the fact that the resort closed in June 2015

  256. After the Facebook experience, I cannot be sure you are who you say you are Shirley, people can post on here using any name. A strong accusation I know, or you are very naive in believing that Margie is all sweetness and light. Margie was probably using false profiles on the FB group, certainly deleting messages between members to influence direction.

  257. Absolute rubbish Simon …I am real. .! And give my full name unlike you on this site. And I repeat yet again…anyone who buys anything with a bankers draft , cheque, debit card or cash are utterly naive at best!

    • I spoke WITH Margie not TO her in 2015 and she can confirm with you that I am real. On Facebook with her …you will be able to check me out as I have nothing to hide and got my last 2 weeks investment back because I paid with a credit card. Margie knows this.

      • There is no point in being smug and aggressive. That gets nobody anywhere. Many of us are in the same boat and whether or not we paid with cash, bankers draft, debit card or credit card is immaterial. We were cheated by people who must have known something,to put it mildly, was not quite right.

  258. Still not over the closure of MRP…..I will say again it was cruel that reps were still selling weeks up until the announcements, knowing that many would lose their hard earned money or have he’ll trying to get some/ all of it back. It is presumed they were under instruction to keep selling till the end. We saw the cracks appearing in the wall when family members began to fall out and all of a sudden the MRP bus was no longer stopping at the cliff and then not stopping at the club or the other way round. I had suspicions all was not well when the maintenance of owner apartments was non existent. Our very last year there in 2015…thread bare towels……the maids were embarrassed… was awful. Okay towels are trivial on the scale of things but I so MISS this hotel….and my greatest wish is that all who invested get compensated where possible. We like others lost out too:(

  259. Cheer up. We have discovered that just because we lost our money, hence many years of holidays, the world has not ended. We miss it too! I just hope those involved do not sleep soundly in their beds; my bet is they do.

  260. Now that the Pestana Group has acquired the Madeira Regency Palace (although when originally asked denied) Due to open next week Monday 1st May.

    It is being marketed as Pestana Royal fully inclusive luxury resort with lots of opening offers (as I have received emails through third party)

    Does anyone know or has anyone heard if they Pestana are going to offer MRP original owners/members holiday weeks years outstanding or concessions etc? As back in 2015 when I first contacted FNC isle of man they stated if a company bought the hotel and was going to use as a hotel then members timeshare would be transferred. As this has been a relatively short period which no ownership maybe 18months until Pestana have purchased would this be applicable? Or because Pestana have bought and gone all-inclusive would this still be the case?

    Any thoughts anyone?

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  262. Angie,
    This is the first time that I have looked at this blog for about a year.
    How interesting to read everyone’s comments. I shall email Simon and see if he has further up-to-date news. We joined in 1999 before the hotel was built.
    However, as I was working for a fraud investigator, I had them checked out and was given a clean bill of health at that time.
    We had 15 years’ worth of brilliant walking holidays. We bought with shares in RBS that were later negated, so basically, I think we did well.

  263. Hi Angie,
    It is my understanding that nothing will be honoured as it is not a ‘like for like’ timeshare arrangement. Sadly…think we would have all been happy with a swap to the same room/suite in a Pestana hotel!

    We are curently looking at a couple of options now 1) right of ownership of rooms as we were clearly sold timeshares that we were told were investments to not just us but our children for the future and that the timeshare formed a value of our estate. In Margie’s words we had bought a little bit of portugal. 2) we are looking into the credentials around data protection, names & financial details etc and miselling of financial products by members of the MRP management team. Not holding my breath but the evidence of corruption gets more interesting by the minute!

    • Apropos all of this, has anyone (else) received an offer, via RCI, to consider a replacement accommodation at Club la Costa’s resorts on the Costa del Sol?

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