Ronaldo world player of the year again.

A short blog this one, just to report/celebrate that Madeira’s favourite son has tonight (Monday) been voted the best player in the world for the third time. Quite remarkable.


The FIFA website reports:

For the second time in a row and third time overall, Portugal and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo was crowned as the best player on the planet after an incredible season that included the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup for Real Madrid. Cristiano became the first Portuguese player to achieve the biggest award 3 times in his career, beating fellow nominees Lionel Messi and Manuel Neuer to this year’s award. Cristiano’s brilliant 2014 included 31 goals in 30 matches in Spain’s La Liga – a haul that saw him finish as the 2013/14 top scorer – as well as a record 17 goals in the 2013/14 UEFA Champions League campaign.

Tuesday: no prizes for guessing the front pages of the newspapers here today.


By coincidence Alberto João Jardim technically “dismissed” himself as Regional Governor of Madeira yesterday, although apparently he will continue with some governmental duties until April.

Opta, the football stats website, reports that Cristiano Ronaldo has had 57 shots on target in La Liga this season, one more than Aston Villa have had in the Premier League

19 thoughts on “Ronaldo world player of the year again.”

  1. Brilliantly done.
    When retires he can display the 3 balls on strings outside his pawnbroker’s shop and supplement his meagre pension.

  2. Very vain and not that great a player when he lived here I don’t think, but he has worked so very hard it is well deserved – boy done good! Congratulations Ronaldo! Enjoy it!

  3. I do not agree. We have not seen him at the most important tournament, the World cup in Brasil and he has not been the leader to help Portugal to be successful.

  4. anybody ever heard of this :

    for next year please be aware that from the 29 November 2014 a new national law will come out that prohibits any property to be rented without an official license, registration number and a AL sign installed on the front door. Any advert online must also have this license and registration number.
    Holiday makers renting properties without this mandatory requirements, if confronted by local authorities may be forced to leave the place and the owners will be forced to pay a fine that can reach €30.0000.

    We do have an A.L. registration en even have registered with the tax office.

    Is this serious or something else ??

  5. It’s good to see a crackdown on owners renting out without the proper licencing, not before time. Hope they make the ones without the correct paperwork pay back taxes. Good move by the authorities.

  6. When I mentioned “I have not seen him …” I obviously mean that he was not outstaniding at the World Cup in Brasil, even like Messi. It can be that he has scored a hattrick in the play offs against Sweden, but he should has led Portugal through the qualification to the World Cup without playing play offs (when you look to the other teams Portugal has to play against)..

  7. noud – looks like you are quoting this from somewhere. Where did you see it? There have been similar articles in wwwDOTtheportugalnewsDOTcom/ but I haven’t seen this much detail, and that paper is not great for accuracy.

  8. We had to submit a return to the Camera relating to our AL licence providing tax information, proof of our UK pension income (we are non resident) by the end of December.
    If your gross rental income exceeds €10000 per annum you will have to submit a quarterly IVA return. This means you will require IVA invoices from all of your suppliers.
    There will be closer liaison between the Tourist Office (who receive a monthly return from all AL licence holders) and the tax office. Anybody not complying, agents staff ect face substantial fines. Guests risk being evicted! I understand the Authorities are monitoring rental advertising sites seeking out non compliance!

  9. @Ellen… not from that site but from Trustpilot…. the ownersdirect section.
    @Richard. we only had to provide the camara with our tax information and that was that….
    We also are non residents and our tax-advisor told us that , as we are non residents, we had to submit a relevant copy of our Livro de facturas every month. The first 10000 euros of income, out of letting your house, is not taxable. Also costs are not deductable. So I do not see the need to send iva invoices of any supplier.
    When you are over 65 you can have a very big tax reduction when you are resident in Portugal. But you do pay tax over your total income with deduction to avoid double tax in the EC.

    The tourist office in this case is realy not involved.

  10. As a frequent visitor to Madeira I love reading the blog while in the UK. I thought the following might be of interest. I have booked three flights in 2015 to Madeira , all with TAP. I have recently discovered that the two flights from Gatwick( June and September) are no longer DIRECT and involve flight significant time changes and stay overs in Lisbon. I have received no contact at all from TAP . However,I understand from my telephone call to them ( which was unacceptably difficult) that they do not intend to refund anybody. Those booked on the direct flights have without consultation been re booked via Lisbon. Three other airlines currently have direct flights from Gatwick and I should have liked to have rebooked with one of them! I HOPE YOU MIGHT MAKE OTHERS AWARE VIA YOUR BLOG OF THESE CHANGES!

  11. Hello, Are there still coffee mornings in the Eglish church? I can not find it on there website! I remember there was something mentioned about it before.

  12. A.L. – us. Camara asked for proof of initial permit/certificate start of activity – despite it being a matter of record – being declared to the Tax office:
    Proc. No. and Requer No. given.
    Into effect from 27-11-1024.
    So you must submit your “Documento Comprovativo da Declaracao de Inicio/Reinicio de Actividade” that you gave to the Tax office (informing them that you were in business here) when you gained your license.
    THEN the Camara (via Turismo de Portugal, I.P. will issue you with a (new) numer de registo – four figures/AL. This must then be displayed on your web site etc…….and the A.L. sign you should already have displayed (gained with licenece instructions) either by your entrance gate or door.
    Your local Camara will have the authority diploma to show you and explain……

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