Hospital. Machico. Local derby. Bird photos.

Hospital name change reversed

The Diario today reports today that the decision to rename parts of the Dr Nelio Mendonca hospital – the main medical facility on the island – has been reversed. Just as the original name change caught workers and visitors by surprise, the latest episode came out of the blue when the name ‘Central Hospital of Funchal’ disappeared from the main entrance overnight. The board of the hospital recently resigned and a number of their decisions have been reversed. Still a lot of construction work going on there.

Machico mix-up

The Diario also reports that the Câmara Municipal de Machico has been forced to delay work on the facilities at the popular Miradouro do Pico do Facho. The improvements to the popular viewing point have apparently lost out due to an administrative error that has meant funds having to be diverted to pay for biologists at the Whaling Museum in Canical whose contracts were not terminated correctly.

National win local derby


National have the local bragging rights after beating Marítimo on penalties after extra time in the quarter-finals of the Taça de Portugal a couple of nights ago at Estádio dos Barreiros.

Bird photos


Pleased to see that the Trip Advisor forum picked up on the good news reported here in December that the organisations promoting tourists being photographed posing with birds of prey have been banned from the streets of Funchal. However, as the comments came in it became clear that the practice had not been stopped completely, as a few contributors reported that some operators were still in business. If anybody notices these would they be kind enough to take a photo and contact the blog (form at the bottom of the page).


Dreadful few days in Paris. Matt sums it all up in the Telegraph:


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  1. Yesterday in Diario it was reported that despite several warnings the operator is still there and has been referred to the Court of the District of Madeira. The criminal complaint is particularly directed the Director General of the company ‘ Fotosouvenir Wood ‘ so basically they are defying the ban and there is a tribunal court hearing….

  2. I wonder if you are aware that TAP seem to have stopped direct flights from London. Have to go to Lisbon and change plane. Won’t fly with them again despite visiting every year since 2002.

  3. I do hope not Frank as the flight we have booked from Heathrow tomorrow at 0640 is still scheduled and we have already checked in!!
    TAP no longer have a Tuesday winter flight direct from Gatwick though

  4. Eu sou Charlie

    I think TAP still have direct flights from LHR to Funchal, had heard the LGW flights have been dropped. But, BA are now flying LGW to FNC now.

    Je suis Charlie

  5. We have booked our coming summer flights with TAP. Thanks to Frank we have looked up online and our flights are now later in the morning and via Lisbon! So far no email from TAP.

  6. I think the TAP winter schedule from Heathrow is still OK for direct flights, but yes, once they switch to the summer schedule (which was usually from March to Sept, I think) they’re no longer going to have a daily direct flight. Very bad for me, but BA and Easyjet will get more custom. It’s a real shame but hardly surprising, they must have been losing so much money to keep that daily flight running. Very often I’ve been one of only about 12 people on the plane and one time, that was including the crew… they gave us all a glass of champagne because they probably only had to open one bottle! I hope it’s not a complete end to direct TAP flights though…

  7. We flew TAP to Heathrow on the 19th December. About 40 passengers, arrived 22.40 hrs, long que for immigration. Eventually arrived in baggage claim at 23.15 hrs- no cases.
    After a lot of chasing very unhelpful baggage hall staff we eventually received our bags at 00.15 hrs. It seems the staff had walked out!
    A service destroyed by stupid staff. Made it clear would never fly TAP to Heathrow again! This summer we are booked BA for our flights. With Easyjet, Norwegian and Monarch we have plenty of choice, but it is a shame to see TAP destroyed through bloodie mindedness!

  8. you need to realise that it is not TAP who handle the baggage, it is the ground staff who are employed by the air port. Deciding never to fly TAP will make no difference, it can happen at any airport with any airline and often does.

  9. Thanks Joanne, I am a regular traveller and have been employed in the industry. The airline is responsible for luggage form check in to the collection point (luggage belt)
    Groundforce are TAP’s agent at Heathrow, it is TAP’s responsibility to make sure they offer a service which they certainly did not on this occasion

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