Birds of Prey photos. Encumeada closure. Seixal festival.

Empresa Fosouvenir Madeira garante já ter informado a CMF.The long running saga of the attempts to stop operators using the streets of Funchal to pester tourists to pose (and pay) for photos with various birds of prey (see previous blogs) seems to have drawn to a close. The subject has drawn a lot of attention in the local press and social media after the local authority finally decided to outlaw this cruel activity. However, despite the recently enacted legislation, just one outfit, “Fotosouvenir Madeira”, continued to operate in the the city centre. Under the threat of prosecution it has now written to the Camara to say that it “regrets that the company is not cherished by the local authority” and that it will “cease its operations”.

Work on Encumeada tunnel postponed

The Diario reports today that Alberto João Jardim (thought he’d gone?) has personally intervened to “soften” a plan to close the second longest tunnel on the island beneath Encumeada for between six and nine months to conduct urgent repairs to the road surface. The floor of the VE5 has increasingly prominent bumps and visible depressions due to geological dynamics seen in the rocky mantle of the central mountain range of the island. Apparently the closure, and resulting chaos as the main North–South link was severed, was considered too much of a vote loser at an electorally sensitive time. The work will now be undertaken with traffic lights.

Seixal: Festa de Santo Antão

This weekend the picturesque village of Seixal celebrates St. Anthony, the towns patron, with the annual festival. Link to their Facebook site here


Just noticed that the pound seems to have gone mad over the last couple of days, rocketing over the €1.30 mark. Guess who changed some money earlier this week…


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  1. Good news about the birds. Can someone now shoot that bloke that goes around blowing (and selling) bird whistles!

    The £ was trading at €1.3134 this afternoon. Stuck a load on my Eurocard at over €1.2817 which was nice.

  2. Hi,

    Does anyone know if there is a consumer protection office on the island (shoddy workmanship but won’t accept responsibility)?

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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