Fallen Angel. easyJet announce Manchester and Edinburgh flights for 2015. RBL Dinner. Banana festival

Angel of Assicom Square

imageThe blog’s Instagram site (link below) was started as an experiment – a small sub-site with exclusive photos reflecting the archipelago – but it has quickly become popular, gaining more and more followers. A recent photo (replicated opposite) immediately attracted a lot of “Likes”, not least one from a sculptor who worked on the project. This prompted a little research into the history of the “Fallen Angel” as I guess most people call it (more correctly “Anjo da Praça da Assicom” but also referred to as: Monumento ao Trabalhador (Monument for the worker), Anjo da Ilha da Madeira (Angel of the Island of Madeira), and Homenagem da Assicom (Tribute of Assicom)

Funchal - Anjo da Praça da AssicomThe large bronze statue representing a human figure with wings hanging in a steel frame is on the large roundabout outside the Regency Palace Hotel in lower part of Pornais, between the Forum at Ajuda and Praia Formosa. Designed by the sculptor Ricardo Madeira Velosa, it was inaugurated on September 24, 2004. Pornais is an otherwise rather ugly area with a lot of characterless (and largely empty) high-rise development further up the hill.

AssICom is the acronym for the Construction Industry Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, founded in July 18, 1932. The inscription below the statue reads “Homage of AssICom; To all who collaborated on the development of the construction and public works sector during the recent years in the autonomous region of Madeira”

easyJet announce Manchester and Edinburgh flights

As Debs mentioned (thank you) in the last “Comments”, the budget airline is to begin flights to Madeira from Manchester commencing14th February 2015 operating twice per week on Mondays and Saturdays. easyJet will use a 180-seater Airbus A320 and expects the to attract around 14,000 passengers over the first 12 months. Edinburgh flights start slightly earlier – 3rd February and it looks like this will fly on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Detailed prices were not available last time I looked but press statements quote “from £64.00 return” (link below).
imageeasyJet employs more than 320 staff and bases eight permanent aircraft at Manchester – Madeira will be it’s 35th destination. Ali Gayward, commercial manager at  easyJet, said: “We’re pleased to add Funchal, Madeira to easyJet’s growing network of destinations from Manchester Airport which now spans the UK, Russia, Middle East, Iceland and Europe. We believe the beautiful island of Madeira will prove a popular addition to our network thanks its array of beaches, rich culture and affordable accommodation”.

RBL Annual Dinner

Regular contributor Sue Marloye-James has asked that we mention the up-coming Annual RBL Dinner details below:


Madalena do Mar Banana Festival

14th Banana Regional Exhibit The 19th and 20th of July sees the village of Madalena do Mar, in the municipality of Ponta do Sol, pays tribute to one of its most important and best known products, which is also one of the main regional agricultural productions.

17th July: World’s largest sailboat arrives in harbour

Photo below of the STS Sedov, the largest sailing ship in the world being escorted into the port of Funchal by a pilot boat this morning (Thurs) – it will remain here until the 19th. Under the command of Captain Maxim Rodionov, it has 54 sailors on board, 102 cadets and 46 trainees from universities in Murmansk and St Petersburgh. The ship participated in the Tall Ships race in 2008 which marked the 500th anniversary of the city of Funchal. The STS Sedov has four masts, weighs 6148 tons and is 117.5 feet long. During its two day stay in Funchal it will be open to the public.


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  1. I always thought the bronze hanging man was supposed to
    represent Icarus, the Greek god who flew too close to the sun.
    (He always makes us feel sad.) Why else does he have wings?

  2. We have quite a bit of money on deposit in BES in Funchal following sale of our apartment, could anyone advise what the feeling on Madeira is? We are in UK and obviously concerned with the limited news we are getting.

  3. Colin – I heard through a normally reliable source that BES has been struggling recently – or more specifically, their parent company was experiencing difficulties. Having said that I think deposits are protected in a similar manner to the UK – up to a maximum per account holder. The Portuguese banks have had to undertake re-capitisation in line with EEC guidelines so in theory should be safe.

  4. Latest from Forbes = Euro protection of 80,000 euro:

    If it were the bank itself in trouble (and we have no evidence at all that it is) then we would be worried about the fragility of all other banks in the same system. For as we know under a system of fractional reserve banking a bank depends for its liquidity (and thus, eventually, its solvency) upon confidence. If one bank goes down because of that bank becoming either, insolvent or illiquid, then we’re back to the dark days of Lehman Brothers and Northern Rock failing, calling the entire banking system’s survival into question.

    However, if the problems are at some higher level in the group, perhaps in the financing or real estate holdings (or anywhere else for that matter) not of the bank itself, but of that holding company, then we needn’t be quite so jittery.

    ” The bank deposits will be protected (up to 80,000 euros here in the eurozone) and it would be beyond belief that the Portuguese Central Bank (or the ECB) would not provide unlimited liquidity to the bank itself. ”

    That the Espirito Santo family and their holding company might have some problems is not a reflection upon the strength or otherwise of the Portuguese or even Eurozone banking system.

    Update tomorrow…..

  5. Went to the Banana festa last year and enjoyed an evening of music,dancing and of course all things banana. This time going to try the lapas festa in Paul do Mar next weekend.

  6. The limit of protection for bank failure is 100K. It appears that is per bank, not per person. Joint accounts do not count as a separate person, as they do in some countries – but are attributed between the account holders in question. Accounts held in foreign currencies are converted to euros and then valuated.

    For a discussion look at:

    My advice is to spread out amounts over 100K between several banks, but check first that this will protect you.

    P. govt is trying to make it clear that they will not bail out BES, and sentiment throughout the EU is more and more that investors (i.e stock holders) should carry some/all of the risk/loss. However, in Cyprus ( and I am not suggesting it is this bad here in this case) the 100K guarantee held, but amounts above that were penalized. And – these rescues often start with gov’t denial and then capitulation.

  7. Colin M, I suggest you open an account with another bank and move your money, you rarely get the true financial position of a bank until its too late to take any action.

    Can anyone give me any information on local events happening 31 July – 7 August (limpet festival etc)

  8. Our bank BCP have just confirmed that for Savings Accounts the protection is for E100,000 per person, i.e 200,000 for 2 person joint accounts or even 300,000 if there are 3 named account holders. Money held in share accounts or current accounts is not covered. This is in line with the Europe wide directive issued in 2011. For more info see moneyfacts.co.uk.

  9. Thanks for that clarification Phil…..we have now opened a new SAVINGS account in a.n. other bank ,,,,,, just in case, thanks for the advice.

    Have to say though that BES has given us brilliant low cost service over the years and we would be sorry to leave them completely….

  10. Admin – I am slightly annoyed that I am getting unwanted and disgusting spam which is traffic directed from this site. I know this to be the case as this is the only place that I use my middle name. I hope that you can get some better filters or whatever to stop it.

  11. Thanks for you reply Vic. Think it was Martin (one of them) who mentioned a specific company but will keep searching.
    Joanne, a very sweeping statement to make. The only way would be if the admin was passing on all the email addresses from the site and I’ve not received any spam with the address I signed up with. Email addresses aren’t publicly viewable.


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