Jacaranda Trees

Walking around Funchal recently (both the photos below were taken yesterday) you can’t but help notice the Jacaranda in bloom (possibly slightly past their best as the green of the first leaves is beginning to show through). Technically these are termed Blue Jacaranda, although the colour, certainly to me, can appear more purple. Generally classified as Jacaranda mimosifolia it is also known as the Black Poui, or as the “fern tree” which is certainly descriptive of the leaf form after the flowers bloom. World-wide they are more frequently associated with South Africa and Australia (where in some areas it is regarded as “invasive” as it hinders the growth of native species) they contribute enormously to the character of the Madeiran capital.


At the same time you have to wonder how long before “Health and Safety” sees these and other tress in Funchal being removed and the cobbles replaced  with perfectly level pavements in order that nobody makes a claim after a fall!

jacaranda Golden Gate

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  1. I`ll add my thanks to Martin – we will definitely be using the service as everything we looked at was v. expensive. On a side topic the Telegraph today has a piece entitled Portugal:the land the wine buyers forgot (lifestyle/food and drink/wine). It makes a good point, that is is quite difficult to find Portuguese wine in the UK. Port yes – unfortified wine not so much. Several of the commentators point out that probably the Portuguese drink it all themselves!

  2. ’twas indeed a glorious full moon rise last eve….followed by the melodious dawn chorus and spectacular sunrise this morn……a perfect Madeira night and day!

  3. Apparently last night was a “supermoon” – bigger and brighter than usual, as it comes closest to the Earth (356,400km or 221,457 miles). The phenomenon, known as a “perigee full moon” means the Moon appears up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than when it is furthest from the planet. Also associated with madness, lunacy and natural disasters.

    The BBC website has some impressive footage: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-17972782

  4. Thank you Admin …. that explains everything then and eepecially my strange feelings this morning as I awoke with a headache (too much moonshine),,,,,then, feeling as mad as a hatter, I leapt out of bed and stubbed my toe on the dog who barked at the cat who jumped on the bed and woke Deb – sheer lunacy and what a disaster!


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