Madeira: heavy rain forecast Wednesday morning; Rainy Easter in Portugal; Google Art Project includes Madeira;

International, National Portuguese and Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

Madeira: heavy rain forecast Wednesday morning

Both on the north and south coasts of Madeira Island. To keep up to date with the weather see The Instituto de Meteorologia site:

Rainy Easter in Portugal?

From the Instituto de Meteorologia site:

“Portugal mainland is under the influence of a depression that will condition the weather during the Easter holidays, causing atmospheric instability throughout the mainland, accompanied by a drop in temperatures.

According to the forecasting Center of IM, we will have showers on Wednesday and the possibility of thunderstorms, most likely in the interior regions north and center during the afternoon and may be snow in the Serra da Estrela by the end of the day.

For Thursday, 5, it is expected a worsening of conditions of instability, with the occurrence of showers, sometimes heavy and accompanied by hail and thunderstorms in northern and central interior regions. We could have snow above the 1000 meters. It is also forecasted a slight decrease in air temperature.

On Friday it is expected a gradual decrease of the conditions of instability, although it still provides the possibility of showers in the whole country, more frequent in the south. Above 1000 meters it will be snow showers and the cota will be climbing for 1300/1500 meters along the day.

For Saturday and Sunday IM continues to predict the possibility of showers, although less frequent and less intense.

IM suggests the monitoring of this information through its web page” see above

Google Art Project includes works of art depicting Madeira

The Island Of Madeira (1831-39) John Glover in the National Gallery of Australia Canberra

Watch this amazing film which shows the potential of the Art Project!

“The Art Project is a collaboration between Google and 151 acclaimed art partners from across 40 countries. Using a combination of various Google technologies and expert information provided by our museum partners, we have created a unique online art experience. Users can explore a wide range of artworks at brushstroke level detail, take a virtual tour of a museum and even build their own collections to share. With a team of Googlers working across many product areas we are able to harness the best of Google to power the Art Project experience. Few people will ever be lucky enough to be able to visit every museum or see every work of art they’re interested in but now many more can enjoy over 30 000 works of art from sculpture to architecture and drawings and explore over 150 collections from 40 countries, all in one place. We’re also lucky at Google to have the technology to make this kind of project a reality.”


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