Our Lady of Fatima arrives on Madeira ; Socrates invited to form new government

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Tobi … Nativity scene (presépio) in Camacha shopping. Tobi sent it in over a week ago, so Christmas is getting earlier each year. We had a great discussion about these a couple of Xmas’ ago, with lots of photos being sent in, and stories attached.

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The ‘How well do you know Madeira?’ weekly teaser took a strange turn yesterday, with two new entries received, with a slightly revised theme. Best described as ‘How can we stop Vela winning how well do you know Madeira?’. Coming soon!

Madeira aquaculture in sharp growth. The Regional Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources anticipates that the volume of Madeira aquaculture exports will increase around 80 per cent this year, going from 283,104 exported tonnes in 2008 to nearly 500,000 tonnes. AQUACULTURE – AKA AS FARM FISH?

Madeira: hole in one. Property values in the Ponta do Pargo region are expected to boom over the next few years, on the back of the decision to give the golf scheme the go-ahead, and shrewd property investors have already started to take note. BS OR GOOD INVESTMENT? Anyone thinking about investing in such a venture should seek independent financial advice.

Pilgrim image of Our Lady of Fatima arrived yesterday on Madeira – It is here until May 13, 2010 the image will go 96 parishes. The pilgrim image of Our Lady of Fátima arrived yesterday afternoon on Madeira. It will stay seven months in which the image will go through the 96 parishes on Madeira. The Bishop of Funchal received the pilgrim image in the Chapel of the Apparitions in Fátima. Once at the airport on Madeira the image went to Funchal by ‘Popemobile’, the same vehicle that carried Pope John Paul II during his visit to Madeira. It was taken in the evening to Sé Cathedral, the first of the parishes to host the image. It will stay there until the 18th October, and then start it’s Madeira tour. Memories of the first visit to Madeira. Big spread in the Diário yesterday, with black-and-white photos, of the first visit in 1948 of the icon Our Lady of Fátima.

This was taken at the Largo do Colégio last night. It looked packed out on the TV coverage.

Cavaco Silva, president of the republic, invited José Sócrates yesterday to form his new government. The new assembly should convene on Thursday. Thank the lord for that, as Uncle Bertie has had nothing to rant about for a couple of days. We don’t want all that aggression getting pented up now do we (before the word police pay a visit, I do actually realise that I have used a word that doesn’t really exist).

Belenenses 0 Nacional 1. Good win, but a bit of luck needed. Nacional are now in equal 4th place in the league along with Sporting. Great recovery after a poor start to the season.

Some news stories from Elaine, … with our thanks :

From late Sunday, delegate of the National Elections Council received about 60 phone calls requesting information or complaints. Complaints about transport, constraining or conditioning voting intention. Transportation complaints in Calheta, Caniço, Caniçal, Nun’s Valley, Ponta da Pargo and Agua de Pena.

Jornal da Madeira headline ‘Totalista’. "Today begins a period of great internal debate," said Jardim. An internal reflection on the next leader who will be chosen by the party members. Jardim did not like the fact that the first question asked was about Santa Cruz. A member of the Mayor of Funchal’s entourage said, "Let no-one try to detract from another great victory for the PSD," and "we increased the number of votes, increased council members and I think it is the public acknowledgement by the population, but also gives us more responsibility for the next four years." "Another major defeat for the Socialist Party and the rest, and a lack of performance by the socialists." —–The entire regional news in the J. Madeira was about the elections.

‘Caso Marote’ trial now March 2010. Embezzlement, abuse of power and economic participation in business of the ex-vice-mayor Rui Marote. 4 defendants on trial too, all close to Funchal Council, mainly the Environment Department. Last court session about this case was July 2008 after an investigation in 2002. Marote and the Chief of Supply are accused of damaging the council’s interests for the benefit of the football club and the company Placar Vertical. Others were involved in favouring suppliers of cleaning materials.

90% of the police have trained to use the new ‘Glock’ pistols but the holsters require adapting. The rest of the police force will have completed training to use the 800 new 9mm guns by the end of the year. Initially, only officers with duties concerned with private security, criminal investigation or the inactivation of explosives will use the guns, then the other police when the holsters have been adapted to prevent unauthorised people grabbing the guns. The new guns are lightweight, versatile and safe and are only used proportionally in non-lethal ways, to immobilize fleeing criminals who are a threat to the security services.

Madeira has not yet made any plans for next year’s commemoration of the first century of the Republic. The Azores has a set agenda but not Madeira despite meetings by those responsible with Jardim. The Museum of Photography, Museu das Cruzes and the university are expected to participate. The program will run between 31 January and 5 October 2010. I suspect this is actually to mark the 1910 revolution and the end of the monarchy, or would one actually celebrate a non democratic republic? Der

New white Madeiran table wine ‘Primeira Paixão 2008’.  By the two winning  winemakers; Rui Reguinga, Winemaker of the Year 2008 from the Journal of Wine, and Francisco Albuquerque. It is made from Verdelho grapes and 1,800 bottles will be marketed from next week. They will be sold in Lisbon, half a dozen Madeiran restaurants and in the ‘Primeira Paixao’ shop. The wine has 12.5% alcohol content with citrus and floral aromas. The Verdelho grape is probably the best grape on Madeira for white wines and is grown at Vargem, Estreito de Câmara de Lobos and bottled by Adega de São Vicente. The wine has been well received by the critics and given the best score for Madeiran table wines by Joao Paulo Martins, author of the guide ‘Wines of Portugal’. Francisco Albuquerque hopes to produce a red table wine next year depending on the harvest.

Luxury liner ‘Seadream II’ in port today for 12 hours. 60 passengers on board although she is capable of holding 110 in 54 outside cabins which vary in size from 18 to 42 square metres. She is a different type of cruise ship from the large ones and has good sporting facilities, especially for nautical sports. She was built in 1984, first named ‘Sea Goddess II’, then ‘Seaborne Goddess II’ and has previously visited Funchal three times.

Aigle Azur first flight today from Paris. Weekly flights from 24 October at a promotional price of 220 Euros, round trip, including taxes. I am sure the Diário already reported it’s maiden voyage a week ago, but who cares? Der

Live ammunition training at Ponta do Pargo on Thursday October 15th. Training in anti-aircraft fire, so do not touch any ammunition/artefacts – warning by the Military Commander!

Islands with more quality of life. According to the journal ‘Sol’, the Azores and Madeira are a better place to live than mainland Portugal. More satisfactory in terms of identity, culture and leisure, tourism, diversity and tolerance, happiness, health, economy and employment, education and training, urban and housing and environment. The Algarve is ahead in tourism, but education here is almost equal to Lisbon.

Santana Theme Park birthday celebration. About 1,000 people attended the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the park on Saturday evening.

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  1. The Statue arrived last night in Funchal , i met guests who drove from the airport , and they said all the sides of the motorway bridges etc were packed with people, and as i was trying to get out of Funchal the staue came down the otherside of the road at about 8pm.

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    How did you get hacked, well you could have filled in details in a realistic looking email supposedly from Windows Live Mail, that’s how it happened to a friend of mine, used the same email address and password on another site, have a weak or easily guessable password.

    Ignorance is no protection, set strong passwords, have more than one email account so anything you sign up to has a separate account, use Outlook or Outlook Express instead, there are others you can use as well so that you aren’t relying on web based email accounts.

    Make sure all your security is tight, up to date anti malware and firewalls, these hackers do what they do as emails are cheap and easy and every so often someone falls for their con tricks to make it worth their while.

    You won’t be hacked from just reading the email, but you might now get spammed.

  3. Why am I sceptical about the golf course development? How long can the investors wait?
    How over-priced and unsaleable/rentable will the properties be? Long way from Funchal and the airport.

  4. Well I am ever hopeful about the golf course as we still own some land near enough to be useful!

    On the other subject of crowds – the Portuguese lessons in Ribiera Brava did themselves proud yesterday with an attendance of 20! and I have to say an excellent teacher and when you consider it is free!! Uncle Albert should give us a visit!

  5. Hi Tom. Yes thanks for your mail I do have a good security set up and password not easy but all now changed. I had just sent a reply e-mail to the hotmail people, no info included, just a reply required as security check-more fool me! Apparently big problem also caused by publication of hotmail accounts with passwords included

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