Rubbish strike, Camaras don't interest, Smoking ban update, & Flor do Mar.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Pirex … ‘Papagaios’ or parrots at the Botanical Gardens

Front Page News : source Diário de Notícias 17/11/2008

Football takes up most the front page space again after Nacional’s disappointing draw on Sunday, but after that the main story is about the effects of the forthcoming strike at the tip and recycling facility in Meia Serra.

Calling the strike ‘a time bomb’ of unpredictable consequences, particularly as it has never happened before. Funchal is expected to have a huge problem with other towns affected also. The strike at the ‘Treatment Station for Waste Solids’ is set for tomorrow and Thursday, and will effectively stop the 70 rubbish collection lorries using the facility. The Diário has come up with a statistic that 700 tons of garbage will be left lying in the streets.

With the exceptions of Funchal and Santa Cruz, hardly anyone (if anyone at all) bothers to attend the câmara meetings. I think this is a bit of a space filler rather than a headline, as nobody attends meetings 1). if they don’t know about it, and 2). they don’t have a grievance, or cannot raise it. Even if you could raise a grievance it would probably be ignored.

An ex candidate for the presidency of Portugal has criticised the current president Cavaco Silva of political discrimination between Madeira and the Azores, because he did not intervene or comment in the recent matter of the expulsion from the legislative assembly here.

The new law that banned smoking from most bars, cafes, restaurants, and other public places, at the beginning of this year has resulted in just 24 complaints of breaches in the first 10 months of 2008. Only one of these was through the official complaints book system, and in the main occurred in places that had spaces for both smokers and non-smokers. The Diário raises the point that the number of compliance inspections (40) exceeds the number of complaints.

Other news :

I really couldn’t find much else of interest yesterday, and the Diário website was also playing up so I had to go out to look at the printed edition and there still wasn’t much.


Anyone watch Flor do Mar last night? I watched the whole hour and a half, and quite enjoyed it, just understanding enough to keep me interested. Some beautiful scenery footage, presumably shot from a helicopter. Disappointed not to see my house though, but will try again tonight. If anyone did watch it who speaks Portuguese, just one question that would help me. What was the connection between what happened on the ship and the main story?


As there is plenty of space left today, just thought I would discuss briefly the emerging benefits of competition, something that was noticeably lacking 5 years ago.

I still don’t think there is much competition between the 3 supermarket chains, as I get the impression that price is not a big issue amongst the majority of locals, it’s more about convenience, and maybe loyalty. I predict in 2009 that will change. Pingo Doce continues to be expensive despite their pretty hopeless slogans to convince us otherwise, but some prices are definitely better than they used to be, and I exclude fresh produce from that.

Modelo, with it’s loyalty card, is definitely best for most packaged and frozen items, but in terms of store management it has much more to accomplish. Always running out of stock, stuff in the wrong places, unpriced, mispriced and often with items priced differently than the amount charged at the till. But they do send out details of prices on their very large leaflets, so maybe they are the best at marketing.

Hiper Sã is nice, good clean tidy stores, and in my view is the best for fresh products, but not necessarily the cheapest. Anyway we already knew all that, so that was not the purpose of mentioning competition, it is more in the electrical goods and DIY / home improvements sectors that things have moved along nicely for the benefit of the consumer in recent years.

On the electrical side we have pretty much lost Modelo, although I think larger stores do still carry limited electrical products, Hiper Sã, who are nothing special price-wise, but have a pretty good reputation for service and after sales service. Then there are the smaller shops and chains, with nothing special standing out. But since the appearance of Radio Popular, there is some real competition between them and Worten (with their massive new store in Funchal), and from the amount of promotional material they send out you can see they are competing tooth and nail, but outside of the promotions I am still to decide which in general terms is the better.

And then we have the DIY / home improvements sector, with the two main players at the chain store level being the old hand Maxmat and the well spoken of newcomer IZI. Again there is lots of promotional stuff coming through the letterbox, but now the IZI honeymoon is just about over, do we have a clear leader?

Anyway, during my minuscule 5 years here much has changed, mostly for the better in my opinion, but of course it is sad to see the small shops going out of business … but that’s business!

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15 thoughts on “Rubbish strike, Camaras don't interest, Smoking ban update, & Flor do Mar.”

  1. Went to Izi when it first opened and was crowded out. It had loads ofstuff, but would it maintain supplies? Went there again last weekend, and the shelves were still full. Got cheerful help with a query too. So far so good, in my opinion – got to be better than Maxmat, with their soviet style shelves (empty!) and unhelpful staff.

  2. Hi Der, i did watch Flor do Mar last night , and just about managed to understand bits, the acting etc is not a touch on the UK , but that makes it quite amusing to watch, i bet you saw more of the island last night than what you have in the 5 years youve been here????

    I must say i always use Modelo for the loyalty card , and pingo doce for certain things that i cant get in modelo, or are alot cheaper than modelo, i hardly use Sa at all now , and find it the most expensive. Fresh meat in modelo in cancela is good and the Butcher speaks good English.

    Nice to see carlos back yesterday….

    Is this new soap going to be on every night????

  3. I tried tuning into the new Novela last night over the internet. But alas no luck.

    I think even if you don't understand the dialogue during these soaps you can still have a chuckle at the bad acting, wobbly sets and dramatic climaxes!

    I have to admit to watching a few in the past and even named my daughter after one particular soap we used to watch in Madeira!

    Portuguese TV is generally quite poor I think. I would guess it is because of their limited budgets.
    When we watched Quem Quer Ser Milionário it would take the entire programme just to answer one question. The tight budget is really evident however when you start watching the locally produced programmes on RTP Madeira.
    It's cringe worthy sometimes at the type of programmes they put out at peak times.

    But hey who needs TV when you have a deck of cards and an endless supply of vinho!

    Alberto João Jardim ~ Democratically elected by the good people of Madeira for the past 30 years.


  4. it's on again at 9.47 tonite Tobi / Carlos, and according to my magazine every single night until the end of the month, but with Portuguese TV you need to take the schedules with a very large pinch of salt. I will watch a bit until it moves away from Madeira. I don't watch much TV, but I didn't particularly notice any poor quality bits?

  5. A quick article I found on the demi god that is Ronaldo.

    Who are the three best players in the world? For Cristiano Ronaldo, there is only one candidate.

    'I am the first, second and third,' the Manchester United star said with a smile after arriving in Brazil for international duty with Portugal.
    The 23-year-old conceded AC Milan's Kaka, Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Liverpool's Fernando Torres were 'good candidates', but he believes he has surpassed all of his rivals for the FIFA World Footballer of the Year and Ballon d'Or awards.
    Asked if he had done enough to be named the best player in the world this year, he told Brazilian newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo: ' I think I did all that was needed and I want to keep doing more. My goal is to win everything that comes before me.'
    In a typically confident interview, the former Sporting Lisbon ace said he was ready for plenty of attention from Brazilian women ahead of Wednesday night's friendly in Brasilia.
    'Oh, I'm ready for harassment (from women), I'm used to that in Europe, and here it is the same,' he said. 'It is a friendly game here and a good opportunity to relax.

    Well he certainly isn't lacking in confidence is he.?
    I take my hat off to him. He got his lucky break and is now, in a cocky manner, reaping the rewards.
    Poor boy. Multi million pound contracts, glamourous awards, beautiful women. I'm not in the slightest bit jealous….mmmmmm.


    Alberto João Jardim ~ Democratically elected by the good people of Madeira for the past 30 years.


  6. Martin, you must have mussed a blog a couple of days ago, but especially for you here it is again:

    The new TV novela (soap opera) filmed on Madeira starts tomorrow night on TVI (channel 4 for most). It is called 'Flor do Mar', and I think it is on at 9.15 or less possibly 11.15pm, but that needs to be confirmed. If you are not in Portugal but want to take a peek you can do so online through, 'Live TV', 'Portugal / TV1'. It's pot-luck with the broadcast quality though.

    You can check out quite a few Portuguese channels through the same link


  7. No surprises Carlos, CR needs a reality fix … these spells only last a couple of years, and he will be the laughing stock in the UK if he blows it.

    Where have you been the last few months, you said you were going away for the weekend I recall?

  8. Ellen it's the same problem for me. The other channels load fine and then for TV1 I always get an error message. At least it's not just me!

    Tobi: How are you? Still with the Caring Company?

    Der: I went for a long weekend don't you know! Lol
    Alberto João Jardim ~ Democratically elected by the good people of Madeira for the past 30 years.


  9. It must be high demand for the soap thaats crashing the connection, it will pass in a day or 2 lol lol ,

    Yes still working carlos , so you back here for a while now , or you going on another long weekend, you promised us poncha when you were over.

  10. Hi
    have been an avid reader of your blog for a while now, always entertaining!
    We have had an apartment overlooking funchal for 7 years now, and get out as often as we can, I will say we came over about 2 weeks ago feeling, like most people in the UK depressed!!
    However 5 days later in Madeira we realised how beautiful madeira/life really is, keep up the good work, already looking forward to being over for 2 weeks around Christmas


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