Tabua Rockfall, Jardim embarrasses Madeirans, Football fixtures, New gas terminal, etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : A picture from the rockfall at Tabua on Saturday night. The biggest rock is about the size of a large car, but fortunately the break from the cliff was not far off the ground, so none of the rocks travelled far once they hit the ground. The white wall on the right is the Galp petrol station.

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 8/7/2008

The violations by a group of youths on children and the elderly, reported a couple of days ago, has really stirred up a hornets nest. The group of adolescents were throwing liquid concoctions over their victims, filming the incident on mobile phone cameras, and putting the footage on Youtube. The Diário reports that a number of other offenders have been reported to the police, and that a number of new facts have emerged.

In a related incident, three girls threw eggs at people inside the English Church, whilst a boy filmed the incident. All the internet videos have now been removed from Youtube, although some online chat between the groups members has been found and reproduced, and is somewhat disturbing. As many of the gang identified are ‘minors’ in law, the most they can expect in punishment is community service.

President Jardim’s comments and behavior during his visit to Venezuela have ruffled some political feathers, with him being likened to Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan leader (which I can promise is not flattering). Some of the comments made by AJJ seem designed to stir up trouble and are even xenophobic, but the sentiments are too difficult for me to translate and understand precisely, so it’s best I don’t try. United opposition parties have branded the ‘state visit’ as a failure that has humiliated the Madeirans living over there, has undermined and embarrassed the government of Portugal, and AJJ was accused of doing his dirty laundry in public.

The fixture list for the new Portuguese football season have been released. The local derbies between Nacional and Marítimo take place on the 2nd November and 15th March (subject to a few days variation). The season starts on 24th August. The fixture list is on the following link, but it’s quite hard to read online:

Other News :

A man who made a ‘bomb threat’ phone call to a court in Funchal in February was given a two year jail sentence, suspended for two years. The man claimed he was frustrated with the court due to its failure to deal with his claim in an accident, which has been postponed several times, and that motivated his action.

The police labeled last weekend as ‘black’ after a death and 22 injuries occurred in 39 accidents on our roads. The death that occurred in Faial is the same place and bend where 5 other young people had previously died. 17 of the accidents happened in Funchal. Heavy rain on Sunday was the cause of some of the problems.

Exams results are coming out for the 12th grade students on Madeira. Over 70% of the students passed in maths, but over 53% failed in Portuguese Language. I can sympathise with those struggling in Portuguese!

Shops and supermarkets are going through a good month so far with shoppers with full pockets due to the pay packets for June which also contains holiday pay. The new Modelo hypermarket in Machico say that since opening they have not had a quiet day, particularly for the shelf stackers and the 12 cashier posts which have all been open every day so far. Modelo with all the cashier posts manned … pull the other one!

A new natural gas terminal is to be constructed in “the firth” of Ribeira dos Socorridos, costing €85 million, but saving 32% in CO2 emissions. The platform will amount to 15,000 m2, with a reservoir of 20,000 m3.

The construction will go out to tender, with the aim of completion of the works in 2011. The Electricity Company of Madeira (EEM) will front the investment, with European funding contributing €55 million to the total cost.

The first half of 2008 saw over 196 thousand tourist movements in Funchal, coming from the passenger ships. That’s a new record, and is up 26.6% on the same period in 2007.

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