Forged banknotes, Big game competition, Caniçal degrading, Fines by Multibanco, etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Tobi … 25 Fontes, Rabiçal. At times this week I wouldn’t have minded being in that enticing cool water.

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 4/7/2008

108 forged Euro banknotes with a face value of more than €14,000 have been seized by the Judicial Police after attempts to pass them off in Funchal were spotted. A man and woman were detained. This happened last month, but the police have just released details. Most people here don’t have notes of that high value, so I am not surprised it attracted attention.

Early in 2007 in a court case about corruption in the council (Câmara) of Ponta do Sol, the former president was jailed for 6 years. His appeal was heard last week in Lisbon, but the judges rejected his arguments and the original sentence was maintained. 

The world championship for Big Game Fishing was held yesterday, with entrants worldwide competing for a prize of $400,000 for catching the biggest Blue Marlin, with Madeira having 16 entrants (teams) out of the 122 subscribed. The competition took place simultaneously in various locations around the world, including Madeira, where the competition started at 8.30am and finished at 5pm. Madeira has already won this competition 3 times.

The season 2009/2010 will see the end of financial support for division III of the Portuguese football league. In it’s place, the regional government wants to create a ‘Madeira League’, and this will be used to guarantee the continuing appearance of Madeiran football clubs in divisions II.

In an article titled ‘Drug Addicts Degrade Caniçal’, the Diário does some investigative journalism and concludes that the social problems affecting mostly youths and some minors is worsening. Citing three bars in particular by name, but with a wider accusation of bars of operating outside their permitted hours where drugs and alcohol are consumed, and upsetting neighbours with the noise. When the police are called, it is alleged by locals that when an arrest is made the suspect is then released once out of sight. The police say that their job is to ensure public order and security, and that during a recent 15 day operation that included Caniçal and the bars mentioned, nothing illegal was found.

Other News :

‘Fines in an hour, by Multibanco’ – until now it was only possible to pay fines for ‘on the spot’ motoring offences in cash. From August you will have the option to pay by Multibanco, through a portable machine, using your bank card. Each police squad will be given at least one of the 21 machines, though it is not clear whether they will be in a vehicle or stay at the police station. The equipment was funded from the the €2.3 million in motoring fines that are collected on Madeira “yearly”. It makes it sound like the €2.3 million is an annual target for fines … wouldn’t suprise me!

Hotel room occupancy is up 6.9% on Madeira compared to the first 4 months in 2007. The increase is attributed to increasing numbers of visitors from Britain, Germany, and Portugal. Occupancy levels hit 69% in April (the highest in Portugal), and the average income per room increased by 9.7%. In 2007 Madeira received 970,000 tourists, bringing in an income of €280 million, but in 2008, the forecasts are for over a million tourists, and a minimum of €300 million of income.

Under the heading : Weird Pigeons I have known.

Weird things pigeons, but there is a very tame one that has been visiting me recently and bringing me pieces of dry sweetcorn and leaving them on my balcony wall. It left twelve pieces yesterday along with a lump of something less pleasant, and when I came back from my afternoon walk it had eaten 8 of them, and I saw it eat the remaining 4 pieces this morning. Any message in there somewhere?

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  1. Just found a note in the "news" section on the easyjet website that says winter timetables were released on 30/o6/08 for Bristol, east Midlands,Newcastle and Manchester, so hopefully they just have not got round to publishing Stansted and Gatwick yet rather than the routes being cancelled.

  2. If hotel occupancy is only 69% at this time, why is there such a need to continue building more and more hotels which will never be full!!

  3. 69% is good Josie, (much much better than the Funchal buses at 18%). I suppose all the travel companies have relationships with their prefered hotels, so a full house is unlikely except at new year, carnival, and maybe flower festival.


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