Porto Santo air tours, cheap laptops for kids, drug stories, driving offences …

TODAYS PHOTO : Thanks to Alan … Hanglider shot from Madelena do Mar (there is a hangliding club up there somewhere if anyone is interested?)

Source : Diário de Notícias 25/4/2008

As expected, lots about the revolution, democracy (or lack of) and freedom, to mark 25th April. Also a special mention for decolonization, for those poor people who have to leave Madeira because they cannot earn a living here. I generally nod-off when I get to the politics section, so excuse me for not saying any more.

If you fancy visiting the airspace of Porto Santo this weekend, get yourself off to Porto Santo airport for a flight around the island. The Flying Club of Madeira is offering trips for €30 in a Piper Cherokee 180C, or in a Zlin 142 for €80 … choose carefully though, as the latter will be doing some acrobatics, including flying upside down. The trips will continue until sunset on Sunday, and you need to sign up near the xray machine at the airport, near passenger embarkation.

After yesterday’s blog about the TAP ‘€1’ flights to Portugal, the Diário reports that 3,000 of the 20,000 seats were sold within the first 12 hours of the new offer being available. (did you read the response to yesterday’s blog from TAP’s greatest critic?)

When you are out buying your next laptop computer paying through the nose, think of the 4,000 lucky children here who have subscribed to buy one for just €150. Probably lacks bells and whistles, but for most daily and school needs it’s just the job.

A grandmother from Venezuela was on Thursday sentenced to 6 years in prison for smuggling in over 6 kilos of cocaine to Madeira airport last October. Her ‘defence’ was that she needed the money to pay for cancer treatment, and that she was smuggling the drugs for someone else. The court took this into account and it seems that the sentence was lighter than it normally would have been. I expect as a prisoner, she will probably get the cancer treatment free now.

In another drug story, a man in Amparo was arrested with nearly 4,000 doses of heroin and cocaine stashed in his vacuum cleaner sack. It doesn’t actually say that the sack was in the hoover at the time, but if it was, then surely when the police knocked on the door he would have switched the hoover on to ‘blow’ so he could have got rid of all the evidence, and made the neighbourhood and the police very happy, all at the same time.

In national news, the government announced changes in the law regarding driving licences. The licence can in future be suspended following 3 very serious offences, or 5 serious offences, and I think the last one was ‘a lot of not so serious offences’. Surely there must be something a little more specific than this? Imagine going before a judge with 2 very serious and 3 serious, and several not so serious offences and trying to work out whether the driving licence was suspended or not … I know! … they need a points system!

A shocking story in today’s Diário … don’t miss it on blog 201!

Our football teams are in action on Sunday:

Nacional v Academica, 16:00

Sporting v Maritimo, 20:30 (SportTV)

Have a good weekend!


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  1. IT,s 10.15 am,Sunday
    The weather at Madalena do mar is sunny, no clouds,very light breeze. The swallows(I think?) are whizzing around the roof tops. It looks like another sunny day.

  2. Hi Der

    Just to let you know that the pic above is of my man Tom and he is paragliding, not hanggliding as you mentioned. Yes there is a club for both sports and people can take tandem (paragliding) flights with a chap called Hartmut Peters from Arco Calheta. My kids both did a flight week before last and thought it was excellent and I am due to go for a flight myself in the next week or so. So if anyone wants anymore info on the sport let me know and I can put you in touch.

  3. Cos he is the only pilot here with a yellow paraglider! Take a look at my website Der and see this months lead article on paragliding. It also gives info at the end about tandem flying and where to book and also has a fab video from the JustACRO pilots when they came to Madeira in February. The video is awesome with some great acrobatic flying and is a great plug for the sport and of course Madeira!

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