easyJet emergency landing. Farmers’ Market.

easyJet emergency landing on Porto Santo

Various newspapers report this morning that a plane full of British holidaymakers had to make a “terrifying emergency landing” after the captain reportedly smelt burning in the cockpit. Flight EZY8704 took off from Tenerife at 12.41pm yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon destined for London Gatwick, but, after just one hour, the plane was diverted to Porto Santo. There were several British children on-board as the plane began its steep seven-minute descent and one woman began panicking and hyperventilating.


The captain told passengers after landing safely they had smelt burning and requested an immediate emergency landing. A total of 167 passengers and six crew were on the Airbus A320 (the same model as the Egyptair flight that sadly crashed recently). The Mirror reports that the passengers were “left stranded” on Porto Santo, whilst other sources report that they continued their journey on another flight. Update: (thanks to Inelso on Twitter!) – the passengers left yesterday and the plane itself returned around 9.00am this morning after an inspection.

Farmers’ Market – cannabis seized


Following on from the last post, the Diario reports that the police seem to have had some success with their operation at the Farmers’ Market. The PSP are reported to have seized 1.7 kilograms of marijuana, and the GNR found instances of counterfeiting and illegal use of trademark, seizing 937 pieces of clothing of various brands with a total value of 18,740 euros. All this, and they announced the operation in advance – some of the market traders must not read the local press!

Pound strengthens

Sterling has recovered against the Euro during May, reaching a three month high. No doubt we will see more fluctuations as the “Brexit” referendum nears:


Microsoft Windows 10 automatic update

imageNothing at all to do with Madeira, but a quick “heads-up” for those not wanting to upgrade to Windows 10. After months of getting used to closing the  “Get Windows 10” annoying pop-up window, Microsoft have changed how this works. In the last week, PC World report, closing the pop-up now treats exiting the window as consent for the Windows 10 upgrade. So after more than half a year of teaching people that the only way to say “no thanks” to Windows 10 is to exit the pop-up — so they had to press that “X” over and over again during those six months to the point that most do it without thinking — Microsoft just changed it so that very behaviour accepts the Windows 10 upgrade instead, rather than cancelling it. Big brother! Same story on the BBC website here.

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Farmers’ Market policed. Zika virus.

Police monitor Farmers’ Market traders


Todays Diario reports that  two different divisions of the local police, together with representatives of other regional authorities, will today begin monitoring traders activities at the Farmer’s Market. This is in response to “complaints against the service provided by some traders, repeated breaches of regulations and suspected illegal behaviour”.

World Health Organisation highlights Zika risk

imageThe World Health Organisation yesterday reported that the Zika virus is likely to arrive in Europe this coming summer, with Madeira being highlighted as being one of the areas at “high risk”. The  Daily Mail has the story here, claiming that the virus could arrive “within weeks”. The Black Sea coast of Russia, together with Georgia, where the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes that are responsible for most of the infections are also indigenous, are the other high risk areas. Many popular tourist destinations including France, Italy and Spain are also classed as being at ‘moderate risk’ as temperatures rise over the coming months. Less sensational online reporting on the Guardian and the Independent websites.


As a follow-up to the previous blog, something of a spat seems to have broken out between the airline and the regional authorities, with the latters accused of “nonchalance” towards keeping the route open, and the latter claiming it is not their role to become involved in a dynamic market.

English Church

The English Church have asked us the publicise a lunch planned for this coming Sunday

English Church fund-raising lunch


I haven’t run the risk of getting into trouble with the Telegraph recently so I thought I would try my luck and replicate another brilliant Matt cartoon!


Matt cartoon from the Telegraph

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Everjets and other flight changes. Cristo Rei. Pico do Areeiro.

Everjets suspends flights

Everjets logoThe newly arrived low-cost airline Everjets has announced that it will suspend flights between Madeira and the mainland, according to RTP Madeira. The last flight to Lisbon is scheduled for today (Friday) and after that date the company’s online system is not accepting reservations. The company operated scheduled flights to Madeira for exactly six months and the decision to suspend the service is apparently related to weak demand. In response to RTP, an Everjets spokesman said: “The operation has been adapted to market needs that are actually lower than those provided by all involved in the project” – a literal translation – work that out if you can! There was obviously something wrong with the business plan,  as they recorded an average of 34 passengers per flight – just under 20% occupancy. When it launched the operation Everjets had a daily flight Funchal-Lisbon-Funchal (two on Mondays and Fridays) and two weekly flights to Porto. It is apparently possible that a re-jigged service may appear fairly quickly.

Norwegian Air/Corendon

First Corendon aircraft landing at Madeira AirportThe highly-rated Norwegian Air service between Gatwick and Madeira seems to have disappeared. Can’t establish much about this, other than the destination is no longer listed by the low cost carrier. Meanwhile the Dutch airline Corendon started a new service to the island last Friday from Amsterdam. This will operate from May and October, weekly on Fridays, using a Boeing 737-800 with capacity for 189 passengers.

Air rage

Continuing on the same aviation theme, the Telegraph last week had an interesting feature on air rage. Apparently it is four times more likely to occur if an aircraft has premium seating rather than a single-price cabin.

Cristo Rei

Cristo Rei statue in GarajauThe area around the Cristo Rei statue in Garajau remains closed to the public after a large piece of the left-hand “sleeve” fell off earlier this week. Curiously nobody knows who will pay for the repairs as the actual ownership of the 88 year-old statue is not clear. Despite being so exposed to the elements the statue had not previously suffered any significant degradation, so this, according to the Diario, will be the first major repair. Interestingly the Cristo Rei statue, although much smaller and much less well-known, is older than Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro which was completed in October 1931.

Pico do Areeiro – Pico Ruivo path closed next week

Pico Areeiro to Pico Ruivo footpath PR1

The Diario reports today that part of the pedestrian route PR 1 Vereda do Areeiro (Pico Areeiro – Pico Ruivo) will will be closed from the 16th to the 20th of May for maintenance.

Festa da Cebola

The onion festival takes place in Caniço this weekend. Details here.

RSS feed

RSS feed symbolWe have discontinued the old RSS syndication feed link from the blog – apologies to anybody who was still using this for getting updates. Unfortunately it can be used in reverse nowadays by other sites doing what is termed “scraping” content and automatically placing it on their website where it appears as their own words.

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