Madeira Wine Festival. Fire victims helped by emigrants. CR7 top European footballer.

Madeira Wine Festival

Madeira wine festival photo

The annual Madeira Wine Festival starts tomorrow with a performance in the Municipal Gardens at 9.00pm. The first few days seem to be themed “13th European Folklore Week”. The wine festival lasts until the 11th of September and a full program can be found here.

Portuguese immigrants in US fund-raise for fire victims

One of the positive stories to come out of the recent fires is the efforts of a group of Portuguese emigrants in the USA who joined together to help the victims of the fires in Madeira. Joana Godinho, who is responsible for collecting the funds, told press agency Lusa “Something simple for us can mean a lot to someone who has lost everything. Apart from anything else, foreigners have much higher wages. We can easily give €40 for a microwave. It’s tougher asking this of someone in Portugal who takes €500 home at the end of the month”,
Portuguese Red Cross logoGodinho decided to start collecting money by contacting friends and Portuguese charities in the USA, but soon realised that international bank transfers were a hindrance to the aid. “There is always a transfer fee that can be as much as €30 on the amount that is transferred. As they are also accepting goods to re-equip the homes of those who were made homeless I saw that it would be easier to buy the things on Continente ‘online’ and send them to the Red Cross”, the TV producer said. The Red Cross accepted the proposal and said that what they needed most were cookers, ovens, microwaves, irons, dishes, bed clothes and towels.
Meanwhile the Diario reports today that €62.5 million of the €154 million estimated to be needed to tackle the damage caused by the recent fires has already been secured. The region has also established two credit lines worth 22 million. The numbers came out of yesterday’s meeting in Funchal between the government and the municipalities affected

CR7 Europe’s leading player for second time

Cristiano Ronaldo receiving European footballer award

Cristiano Ronaldo was named Europe’s leading player by EUFA last week. He collected 40 votes – convincingly beating second placed Antoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid/France) with 8 and Gareth Bale (Real Madrid/Wales) with 7 votes.
Sorry to be football bore, but the EUFA website lists the Madeiran’s achievements during the 2015-16 season:

Madrid’s all-time leading scorer in the Liga

Five hundred career goals for club and country

Madrid’s all-time record goalscorer

Most goals in a single group stage

Second to Lionel Messi in FIFA Ballon d’Or

Second top scorer in Liga history

Decisive penalty in Champions League final

2015/16 UEFA Champions League top scorer

Portugal’s all-time most-capped player Goal of the Season poll winner

Most all-time EURO finals appearances

Scores in fourth EURO final tournament

Joint-most EURO final tournament goals

Dramatic UEFA EURO 2016 triumph

Spanish Liga: 36 appearances, 35 goals, 11 assists
UEFA Champions League: 12 appearances, 16 goals, 4 assists
UEFA EURO 2016: 7 appearances, 3 goals, 3 assists

Blog now mobile-friendly

We have been working on a mobile phone version of the blog which has now been released – any feedback would be welcome. Tablets should still see the full post.

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Jardim Orquídea

Jardim OrquideaA one-off blog to promote the fund-raising for Jardim Orquídea. This seems to have become something of a focal point in the aftermath of the fires. If Jardim Orquídea could be recovered at least to part of its former glory at some point, however long it takes, it would be a remarkable achievement. Click on the link below to view the sad story……

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8% of island destroyed. Arsonist arrested. São Vicente.

Fire damage figures

Image of burned forestryThe Diario reports this morning that last week’s fires consumed an estimated total of 6,266 hectares (63 square kilometers) in three municipalities of Madeira – Calheta was the most affected “county”, followed by Funchal and Ponta do Sol. The Institute for Forestry and Nature Conservation is finalising the figures, but they believe that 3,200 hectares of forest was lost in Calheta, whilst the figure for Funchal was 1,666 hectares (22% of the county). 1,400 hectares were destroyed in Ponto do Sol. Half of the Ecological Park above Funchal was lost.

The newspaper observes that last week’s fire was not the worst in the history of Madeira. The most serious was recorded in 1979, when the fire covered the central massif of the island from the Machico to Ponta do Pargo. In 1988 another fire consumed about 10,000 hectares, and in the summer of 2010 the flames devoured 8,800. These previous fires, however, did not have the same impact on urban areas in Funchal, where lives were lost and houses destroyed this  time.

NASA Earth Observatory photo

Meanwhile a NASA satellite photo clearly shows the damage the fires have inflicted on the islandNasa Capture 19.8.16

A larger scale photograph taken on the 11th of August is available here

Another arsonist arrested

The Diario reports that a 50-year-old man was arrested by the police early on Tuesday morning in Vale Paraíso (Camacha), where an area of 1500 square metres was consumed by fire. The judge decided that he will await trial in custody due to the chance of him either absconding or continuing with the same activity.

Festas de São Vicente

Link to São Vicente Facebook page

The popular (and free) São Vicente Festival kicks off this weekend. Link to the Município de São Vicente Facebook page above. The full program can be found here

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