São Jorge accident. Gastronomia do Caniço. Drugs boat.

The Diario and RTP-Madeira report today on an accident in São Jorge yesterday lunchtime, with a car falling 40 metres after the driver lost control whilst descending a steep section of road on the north coast of the island. Four people were in the car, including a 72 year-old, and one 14 year-old girl had to be cut free and remains in critical condition. The car actually climbed the protective side wall of a “switchback” section of road and came to rest on the next section below. Emergency services from Machico and Santana attended and the road was closed until later in the afternoon. All four were transported to the main Nelio Mendonca Hospital in Funchal where they are under observation (photo: John da Silva).

Gastronomia do Caniço

This week sees the start of the well established Gastronomia do Caniço food festival. Not actually sure about the start date, as there two posters doing the rounds, one giving the 26th as the start date, whilst the other shows it commencing on the 27th. The Journal da Madeira has the official opening scheduled for 20.00 hours tomorrow (Wednesday), with the performance of the Philharmonic Band of Canico and Eiras. A number of other bands will perform each hour, with the last at 23.00. The the following days’ programs include more bands and a comedian. At the close of the event, “Total Karaoke” is planned to animate the city center (I think I might just give that a miss!).

As usual local and regional cuisine is available at the seven restaurants promoting themselves as part of the festival.

Drugs boat future still undecided after ten years

The boat was used in drug transport.  It was detected and was placed under sequestration in the marina of Calheta.  Until today.

The Diario today also covers the story of a boat sequestered as part of drugs operation. It remains at the marina in Calheta, where it has now been for exactly a decade. Locals are concerned that it is becoming a bit of an eyesore, after it had to be lifted out of the water when it started to take leak a few years ago and was thought to be in danger of sinking.

Euro strengthens

Sterling seems to taken a bit of punishment this last week:


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Tourism promotion. Mariza. Pétanque.

Tourism budget nearly doubled

The Diario reports today that the General Assembly has approved an amended budget for the Associação de Promoção da Madeira – the body responsible for promoting the Madeira Islands overseas. An additional €3.7 million has been injected, nearly doubling the budget to €8.4 million. “This increase in funding for the promotion will allow the implementation of a strategy that simultaneously affirms Madeira’s notoriety, activate the winter markets, reduce seasonality and increase the demand for existing operations,” says the Regional Secretary for the Economy Tourism and Culture (not sure about “notoriety”!). Traditional markets, primarily the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Holland, will be targeted using on-line and digital platforms. The Scandinavian market is also singled-out, specifically as a winter market. 18% of the budget will go on attracting more Portuguese visitors.

AP Madeira is a non-profit association, founded in August 2004 by the Regional Directorate of Tourism and Commercial and Industrial Association of Funchal. It arose from the perceived need to create an entity that, in collaboration with the Regional Department of Tourism, focused exclusively on promoting the Madeira Islands, working with hotels, travel agencies, car rental agencies, official agencies and tourist entertainment companies.


Big occasion on Friday night when the hugely popular fado singer performs in Santa Catarina Park overlooking Funchal bay. Probably the best known fado singer after Amália Rodrigues, who died in 1999, Although Mariza is considered a member of the “New Fado” movement she does perform more traditional fado. Great voice! Tickets on sale: www.blueticket.pt * Fnac * Worten * Media Markt * Diário de Noticias da Madeira.

Pétanque arrives in Ajuda

As part of their campaign to keep citizens active, the local authority, Câmara Municipal do Funchal, in partnership with the local TV company, RPT-Madeira, are holding a Pétanque competition on 23rd August (16.00) at Jardim da Ajuda (presumably the event will be staged in the gardens above the Forum shopping centre?)

English Church music concert

The English Church has requested that we publicise the forthcoming concert:

Cartaz Orgão Concert 2015 (2)

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Increased dengue risk.

Quick blog!

According to the Diario online tonight the authorities here in Madeira have today admitted that they have observed recent increased activity of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which is responsible for transmitting Dengue Fever. Apparently activity has been monitored as growing since week 22 of 2015 according to the Regional Health Department. In its latest figures it states that in week 31 (commencing 27.07.2015) they recorded the highest peak of activity this year. In week 32 (commencing 03.08.2015) there was a slight decline in activity (down 4.6% on the previous week).

Before people become too alarmed, the statistics reported this year are only one third of the levels recorded at the start of outbreak of 2012, but obviously visitors should take every precaution.

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